Effects of Being Raised by an Alcoholic Parent.

This is a guest post by a lovely lady Almany Parsons. She is from Florida and currently a stay home mom with her 2 sweet girls and teaches online for VIPKID. She has a great knowledge in Psychology so I thought why not use it for a good purpose. Growing Up with an Alcoholic as READ MORE

It was our Durga Puja

Our uncle Mr Ashis Mukherjee is an amazingly talented person. This year once again the local people came to know that. How? Obviously because of his artistic talent.. If you do not believe me check out this video… Will you believe if I say the colonial Durgotsav this year won 7 awards only because of READ MORE

3 things that I have learned the hard way

1: Time Management is Necessary A good time management is always necessary as it lets you complete or accomplish more in a short period of time, which as a result will give you a lot of time for yourself. And ‘me’ time is very necessary as you can pamper yourself, think of what to do READ MORE

Say No to Suicide

Approximately 1 million people commit suicide each year. Suicide is an edgy endeavour to avoid enduring that has turned out to be horrendous. Blinded by sentiments of self-hatred, sadness, and disengagement, a self-destructive individual can’t perceive any method for discovering help with the exception of through death. In any case, regardless of their longing for READ MORE