Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” by Thomas Merton.

Well this is not about others paintings but mine.

I don’t only write but paint as well..

I remember last year after my accident when I was bedridden it left me devastated. One and half months later when I could stand up I asked my mate to get me a canvas and colors. He never asked anything he just got me those.

I don’t know what came to my mind I created this.. 👇

This was the starting.

After that I have made many but never found a gallery to exhibit them and in this case my instagram account deserted_queen helped. People from all over the world appreciate my work.

Today I thought of writing this because I really feel glad when galleries in India rejected, they supported.

Today in this post I will add some of my works. I hope you all will like it.

This one I made when after accident I was tired of myself. So I named it ‘Tired’.

I made this from a selfie of mine which looked dull after I cried… So I named it, “Sorrow”.

I made it the day I got up from my wheelchair and started walking. I named it, “Freedom”.

So what do you think about them?

Let me know if you want to see more works of mine.


29 thoughts on “Art”

  1. You are gifted and your painting speak to me Monidipa !
    Don”t let your creativity be bogged down by clouds of negativity.Hope to see you share more of your beautiful work and Best of luck to you !
    P.S. – Please do protect your work by watermarking and copyrighting .

  2. It is commendable on your part to not have given up on your passion despite unfavourable circumstances. I hope to see more of your beautiful work in the future , i hope you are protecting your images here using copyright or watermarking !

  3. Love your art work, it’s so beautiful and natural! I absolutely agree that at difficult times, we realise our strengths. You are incredibly talented! Keep up the good work!!

  4. From your pain and suffering you found a way to release your inner thoughts through painting. The first one is my favorite but they are all beautiful.

  5. Everything On A Plate

    These are some really lovely paintings you have shared and we can certainly associate FREEDOM with them!

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