Empath Vs Narcissist

Last evening, I was with one of my friends who used to talk to him, I was searching for something on her WhatsApp, accidentally I saw his no, his WhatsApp account, his DP. I can’t see him from my no because he has blocked me.

You know whom I’m talking about.

He has put up a new DP and it seemed he was enjoying. Damn! I was absolutely correct the last time when I said that he might have forgotten me. Right now it feels as if the wound that had been closed had opened. My anxiety has increased. He seemed so happy that now he had got rid of me from his life.

Life is weird you know, when I left Gujrat and went home to Mumbai due to lockdown during the pandemic on 17th May 2020, Z kept on texting when I’ll come back to Gujarat and etc. For 1 full month, he texted lol. You might have read the entire incident on What Is The Outcome Of A Relationship Between a Narcissist And An Empath which happened with me, so you might be knowing what I am going through.

I am going back to Gujarat at the end of August because the lockdown over there is over. It is the same place, where I had so many memories, good and bad both. I am afraid that I will again fall into depression. Heck, when was I out of it!

I am afraid that I will not be able to handle it. I am again going to have the same mixed emotions (missing him, hating him, hating myself, etc.) all over.

I can’t leave my job because there is a job crisis due to pandemic, many people don’t have work. I can’t think of being jobless, though I have freelance work still a full-time job is essential for me.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to take it because I am not good at speaking about my problems. You know it is not easy. I have trust issues. I am afraid that it will affect my mental health. I know he had gone back to his city (Gurgaon, Haryana, India), he is happy there, having fun, and here I am left wondering that WHAT WAS MY FAULT, WHERE DID I GO WRONG. I’m afraid, sad, worried. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO…

Emotions can be hard for empaths!



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  1. Oh dear, I hope that it all goes well for you. It is so difficult when you are suffering from a heartbreak to go back to the place where it all happened. Find a project that will occupy your mind for the next few months.

  2. Time will heal, time will always heal. But you do need to let the heartbreak take its course. Yes, it will be hard to see the places you went to together, but try to make new memories there. Go out with friends in the same places, to bury his memory and make new ones.

  3. It’s good to hear you are able to go back to Gujarat. Hopefully you will find enough distractions to keep you occupied. It’ll take time for the wound to heal. Surround yourself with loved ones who will help boost your confidence x

  4. Heartbreak is a process. Somedays you’ll feel okay, somedays you’ll be a mess. The only thing you can do is to learn to accept and embrace the process.

    In all of it, think of what would have been if you had gotten married– how miserable you’d have been and how you probably would have ended up bitter and divorced.

    Be thankful it happened sooner. Then use your pain to become better. Learn that skill or language you’ve always wanted to. Start up that business– just improve on yourself and believe it’ll get better.

    You’ll find someone who’ll make you smile and you’ll back and wonder how you ever fell in love with someone who was undeserving of your love.

    In the end, you’ll be just fine.

  5. So sorry to hear what you have been going through. No one deserves to feel like that. It’s probably a good time to focus on work achievements (both with your job as well as your side income) to get through this time as logically you must know this time will pass and you will move on to much happier times. Best wishes to you.

  6. Break ups can be pretty hard, I hope everything works out for you. It is always good to concentrate on you and not on the negatives.

  7. I’m so sorry that you are going through this difficult time. But please know that this too shall pass. My mom always told me that when one door closes another opens. I hope your open door is around the corner. All the very best.

  8. oh dear! I am so sorry! I wish you well with coming back in late August, you are strong and powerful and everything will be for the better. I believe in you!
    I strongly think your loss of him is also your gain, you don’t need him in your life. And congrats on lockdown being lifted, it must have been so hard being under it for so long

  9. This is the first time that I am on your blog, so I don’t know the whole background, but I feel you. We’ve all been there. Heartbreak is horrible. But the good thing is, although you probably can’t even imagine it now, the time will heal all and it will get better. It always does. Hang in there. And try to focus on making yourself feel better!

  10. Breakups are always hard and they hurt a lot. They also teach us a lesson and make us stronger. Thanks for sharing and helping others with your story.

  11. Dealing with all of these what ifs seems very hard for anyone and I can only imagine how hard it can be for an empath as well. There is no right thing to really say that can ease your anxieties but if I may, perhaps ask for help. You sound like you still have friends there in Gujrat. Tell them what is going on..you would be surprised how many people are willing to help protect you from a former lover or just the anxiety brought out by ghosts of relationships past. That is what I did once and I was shocked how many people took me under their wing and protected me from a narcissist and ex lover

  12. Just remember he is a narcissist and you cannot be with him without him bringing toxic values to the relationship. You are so much better to leave now!!!! And the hurt will turn to joy when you realize that you are no longer being manipulated and destroyed.

  13. You are very strong Moni. We all know you are going through a very tough phase of life. I would suggest you to spend some time with family. This really going to help you alot.

  14. This seems to be a tough relationship indeed, but remember you’re strong and you can do it! Sometimes it’s better to cut things off when something bad is happening to you, even though it’s easier said than done.

  15. Awwww I am so sorry! Heartbreaks are always so hard. One way of getting your mind off of things is self care! Do you, boo!

  16. oh geesh. Always hard to find yourself blocked and the anxiety it causes regarding reaching out to them or letting it go. I’ve had a similar experience before.

  17. Heart break is hard and its a process. You need to take sometime to let it heal, the scars will be there but it wount feel that bad. I am an empath too so I take everything to heart. The scars we carry its what makes us, well us. Take care of yourself.

  18. I feel most women are empaths and we are too soft-hearted and allow ourselves to feel this way. I can understand what you must be going through, but just be strong, take these things as part and parcel of life and don’t get too anxious. Calm yourself and slowly and steadily, let it go.

  19. I feel you! I know how hard it is to go back to the same place and relive those sweet n bitter memories! However, time heals everything. Try to take a new project which will keep your mind busy. Hope things get better soon ☺

  20. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    Heartbreaks are never easy. It took me a while before I got over my first heartbreak. I am stronger now, but the only thing I don’t like is to go back to the places that caused me much pain. I wish you all the best and always remember that things happen for a reason.

  21. I am sure you know it already, but I am telling you again – it was NOT your fault. I might not understand what you are going through, but I assure you that I have been there and things only got better from there! And now, when I look back, four years down the line – I am so glad that it got over! Toxic relationships deserve no place in our lives. It hurts to let go but it’s for the best! Loads of love <3

  22. Don’t force yourself if you are not yet ready. If this place will bring you bad memories and you are not sure if you can handle it, then it may be best if you skip visiting for now and let time heal wounds for you.

  23. One thing to remember is that narcissists like showing off a “happy” life on social medias. But in reality, many of them are angry and bitter. So I like to think that as much as my ex shows off for his friends and family, he’s decidedly no where near as happy and satisfied with life. He is putting on show for others and trying to make others believe the breakup worked out for him.

  24. Girl, you’ve got to focus on YOU now and stop pining over a man who has moved on from you. I know it’s hard with a breakup and you will grieve this but don’t let this affect your job, mental health and happiness. You see that he’s having fun? Well, have your own fun too! Explore your city safely, meet up with friends and have lunch or a picnic. Live your life and attract a better person to you. Love xx

  25. Oof, I felt that deeply and I’m sorry about your heartbreak. It’s a tough time right now for everyone and I know everything will eventually get better soon. Keep fighting, keep loving and everything that’s meant to be will be.

  26. I’m sorry about your heartbreak. It’s a tough time right now for everyone and I know everything will eventually get better soon. Keep fighting, keep loving and everything that’s meant to be will be.

  27. So sorry to hear that. Especially when you thought the wound was closed, and it just got reopened, and you have to deal with all of those emotions again. I wish you the best!

  28. I’ve been there before I know how hard and hurt it is but I am sure that you will overcome it, just trust the process.

  29. There are so many triggers after a breakup, and all I can say is that it does get better with time. This stage will pass and you will overcome. For now, try find things to distract you.

  30. I read your previous post.it’s so sad that you are still hurting.
    For starters stop following him on social media,stop checking on him cause that will continue hurting you.and find something to put your mind to.

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