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No matter how many times someone says that they are living a perfect life, they are totally happy with it, the truth is everyone has some regrets, some desires, some wishes which even words cannot express.

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There are some desires that no matter how much we try, neither can we achieve them, nor can we move ahead of them.

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Every night, when we go to the bed, we think about that unfulfilled desire, and we have a throbbing pain in our heart, we feel like we are missing out on something, and yet we sleep.

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We sleep and yet life goes on. 
But I guess that is how life works.

This picture is dedicated to a a friend’s daughter

It goes on and on and on.

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  1. Beautiful as always…Yes life goes on….some desires will remain unfulfilled..but as long as we stay happy it’s good..
    Beautiful art as always….I always look for your posts…always so vibrant ,colourful
    Thank you

  2. So true, but I just decides not to hold on those unfulfilled desires, those that I can’t meet up anymore, so that I can press forward to those I’m able to reach. Thank you, your post remind me to stay happy always.

  3. I think there are always things that we want and do not have, and sometimes it makes people feel badly. Every night before I fall asleep, I try to think of 3 things that happened during the day that I was grateful for. It definitely helps keep things in perspective that we could have it much worse! <3

  4. Beautiful message, and beautiful images! It was a rough year this year, and especially this summer, with a death in the family – yet I always tried to stay grounded to keep my sanity.

  5. Such beautiful sentiments! We are always going to have some things that feel unfulfilled but hopefully we can focus on what we are accomplishing! The artwork along with this post is beautiful as well!

  6. Sometimes we have regrets but must learn to moved on, and live the life we chose. Make those regrets as your guide to become a better person.

  7. It can be hard to try to sleep when things are on your mind. I definitely find that to be true in my life. If I’m thinking a lot, I find it hard to fall asleep quickly.

  8. The images are great on this blog! They have a fantasy effect to them…but yes life can sometimes feel like it gives and takes away which can be emotional! But as long as we have breath, we can still pursue those desires/wishes whilst still being content with what we have.

  9. You are right. Everyone has some hidden wishes which will never be fulfilled but life goes on. Life never stops for anyone and because of anyone. And yes! I am totally in love with your words and artwork. This artwork is beautiful

  10. Love the artwork – especially the NYC city skyline! I think that even though we all have problems and regrets, we can all try to live the most positive life possible.

  11. It’s true there is no such thing as perfection. I like to say I am a recovering perfectionist. There is only so much we can accomplish in one day and that is why we have to be grateful for the opportunity of a new day. Each day when we wake up we have new possibilities and opportunities ahead of us.

  12. Sleep is the one place we think we’ll escape life’s problems, but then we wake to find that life truly does go on. Thank you for such a beautiful display of photos, and story.

  13. I can’t decide what is more beautiful? your words or these images. I can’t agree more with the fact that its both happiness and sadness that makes us whole

  14. Passportofawanderwoman

    It’s so important that we live our lives on our terms, and it’s okay if some things are not fulfilled. Whats important is that you learn from everything you do. Great post.

  15. he abstract artwork and title, her thoughts, really resonated with me. This post with the art and poetic things to ponder about life is quite beautiful and delicate, which speaks to me.

  16. First, very beautiful artwork. Second, I love the message behind this. I can relate so well to it. I have so many unfulfilled desires that I would love to accomplish, but I can’t. Life must go on and I need to learn to let go of some of the desires. Again, very beautiful.

  17. If we have some regrets or something that we really wanted to have or to do but never had, we can simply learn from it and strive to change or achieve it in the future. Life goes on and the moment we stop, we lose.

  18. you are beyond right. what an incredible message you are sharing with us. happiness is indeed key, we need to learn to be happy with everything and nothing.

  19. Obviously no one lives a perfect life. People might portray a life which is very different on instagram and facebook as compared to their actual life. Everything we see is not the truth.

  20. These are so wonderfully made. I always believe happiness is the key, be happy about everything and nothing.The message behind the art is subtle which I know most people like it, many people should learn from this. Especially City Art with the message it goes on and on.

  21. That was powerful. Aren’t we all just looking for something… To fill a whole. And unless we find that something, every night will just fall into the next and the next and the next…

  22. I adore my life, but you’re right. There are obviously a few tiny things in this life of mine that I wish were improved, but I definitely make the best of every situation presented and work with what I’ve got because if I focus on the negative, well, then that’s not going to make life all that enjoyable!

  23. I do think that if you work hard enough on your dreams and desires, you can make them true. Of course, unless you want to become an unicorn, which can never happen. The key is such to set smaller goals towards your big dream and work towards achieving them.

  24. Such beautiful works of art there. I am always impressed by the art that you do. It’s simply beautiful. And there are always regrets in life. But we do have to keep going on and finding ways to do things better. You definitely speak truths here.

  25. Honestly, I am so blessed. Everything major that I have ever desired has been a prayer answered by God. I have a husband, children, and am teaching my children from home. I think everyone has small regrets in their life, but I am thankful to not have any big ones.

  26. Amazingly beautiful artwork and your words are heart touching. There are many desires which never be fulfilled but we have to move on because this is a rule of life.

  27. I love your pictures! There are things in our past that can’t be undone and somethings that can haunt us, but we can decide to live life differently and move forward. When those things in the past surface again, remind yourself that that’s not who you are.

  28. the artwork is amazing, just saying… Of course there are always desires for something we don’t have yet, but that’s a good time to reflect on what we do have and be appreciative for it. You can’t go by what people share, their true story tends to lie behind the four walls of their home, and those who live their have the best sight of who they are.

  29. All of these art pieces are gorgeous! I would love to have them in my home!! My favorite is the quotes and underlying meanings you put next to them that make them so much deeper and more meaningful. My favorite it the woman in the dress describing how life still goes on once we go to sleep, it is absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  30. This is so beautiful words and powerful. I think happiness and contentment on what we have is the key of having a happy life.

  31. Such a nice post and love those artwork’s that you used in this article. No one is perfect in this world but for me happiness is the key for everything.

  32. The artwork is truly amazing, the quotes went well with it. I enjoyed reading them and looking at the art. Thanks for sharing this!

  33. The art tells it all. I like it and its very realistic. We have to be happy by moving with our past. We dont have to judge others because we dont know what they are facing. This is a great article.

  34. Love the art you associated with your thoughts. Everyone has a different combination in life, we all have the opportunity to serve others, choose to be content, and enjoy the little things.

  35. Meaningful and beautiful art! Have you ever thought of opening a YouTube channel to show people how to express themselves through art? I haven’t seen any of this type of channel, just a thought.

  36. We sleep but life goes on…so true! I loved all the paintings and your interpretation of the art is beautiful and inspiring. 🙂

  37. Everyone of us even those who are successful still have a feeling of regrets in their life and I think to avoid this kind of feeling is to be happy and contended in what you have.

  38. I agree. My regret would be not buying property when I was younger and prices are much lower. I could have afforded it. It’s just that I thought, we had a large property and my brother and I can just divide it eventually. That’s my only regret, I guess.

  39. I know the feeling of having dreams and letting life pass you by. For me, it is a scary feeling. That’s why recently, I’ve been making steps to make those dreams come true. One step at a time.

  40. I love your paintings. Your blog post was insightful and definitely touched on being authentic with one’s feelings about one’s station in life or just their day to day. Thank you for sharing.

  41. Of course everyone does have regrets, but it’s our decision to linger on them or live in the moment and the future. I’m very happy where I’m at and I don’t let the pains of my past hold me back!

  42. Beautiful artwork and such a deep level of honesty. I love when people are able to admit that in our carefully curated worlds, life is not perfect. That doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful.

  43. Beautiful! It is true that we will always have some kind of regret along with wishes and desires that will go unfilled, but the best thing is to cherish every moment. Life is a gift. 🙂

  44. As the saying goes, life is not perfect! We all have wants and desires. Your artwork is stunning. My most creative thoughts come right before bed and then of course I cannot remember them in the morning, but am too tired to write them down.

  45. Catherine Santiago Jose

    This is such a beautiful post and I do love all the artworks being used in every stage. A lot of us sometimes thinking about this every but for me, I think acceptance and happiness are the keys for us not to have regrets.

  46. Catherine Santiago Jose

    You are always giving us a beautiful article to read that also relate to our daily lives. Sometimes it happens but happiness and contentment is the key to have a happy life.

  47. I love the way you expressed such meaningful words and used the artwork as well. Love art and deifnitely got me thinking. Its true that you can be 100% happy all the time, meditation has helped wonders for me!

  48. Illustrations to your posts rock as usual! I don’t know if it’s truly regrets what prevents me from sleeping some nights, but I guess most of times people can’t a true piece in what they are and have become and tend to put the blame on what they are not (or decided not to be)

  49. This couldn’t be truer! Especially in today’s world that’s dominated by social media. The comparisons we can’t help but make to other people’s seemingly perfect feeds and the day-to-day things we’re dealing with. My goal for the past month has been to simply be content each day. Content with the things I have, the people I love, and the direction I’m heading. It’s made me so much happier. xx

  50. What an interesting and insightful post! I really enjoyed your perspective and look forward to reading more from you in the future!

  51. Very beautiful artwork – the paintings as well as the words. It’s true that the unfulfilled desires haunt us for life, but it’s also true that life goes on at its own pace.

  52. I think you are looking too much in the negatives of live. You should be more inclined towards positives. You can’t go to bed thinking that your wishes will never happen and fall asleep feeling pain. You should think about how you can achieve your goals!

  53. I agree! we all have unfullfilled desires, but that’s not necessarily something sad or shouldn’t make us unhappy. Life is limited, time is limited, power and all the resources are limited too. So we should always be aware of our limitations and not frustrated by them.
    Your illustrations are mesmerizing, btw.

  54. This is such a great message to people that you have the power of control of your own life. I love the art that comes along with it.

  55. The pictures are beautiful and go perfectly with the wise words. We do need to acknowledge smaller successes to be more happy in life.

  56. Such beautiful words and so very true. The beauty in life is that it continues to go on- time waits for no one, but it also gives us the amazing opportunity to start over every day, each new day is a new start.

  57. this is so true, but nobody in this world is perfect and it is man’s nature to crave for something which sometimes leads to greed but we just have to accept it and deal with it. life goes on!

  58. Beautiful post to read and I really enjoyed reading this. I am sure that everyone of us have a lot of regrets in our lives but no matter how we regret it we can no longer back on that moment and what we can do is to go on and continue to strive to have a better life.

  59. Most of the times I lay in bed at night and fall asleep immediately. I don`t have time to allow my mind to wander. I am happier than before though.

    PS: I have always wondered how you create these gorgeous illustrations, what inspires you to do them. I think it will be quite interesting to describe the process.

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