Madly in Love

She wasn’t afraid of his possessiveness… She enjoyed it… But what he didn’t know was, that it was his mistake to make her believe that she was his life..
As he never knew that she was mentally sick… And his life would b a living mess if he ever left her nd looked at some other…

Sketch by: Deserted_Queen/Entity

© Monidipa Dutta

30 thoughts on “Madly in Love”

  1. Being possessive is not nice, it is a sign of not being confident. I think that every relationship can survive mental illness though, if both partners are willing to work together on it.

  2. Wowza intense post. I am not a fan of possessiveness in a relationship…one should not be so obsessed with another human being like that. They are human and will disappoint at some point but also it can hinder trust. Great sketch though thank you for sharing!

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