The Art of Smile

Every person knows how it feels to be broken from inside yet keeping a smile on face. These quotes are dedicated to those lovely smiles which hide the pain so efficiently.


“Strong people are the ones who can smile for others’ happiness.” 
―Veronica Purcel

“I hide hurt behind a fake smile. I wear it all the time. Everyone says how I always look so cheerful. Shows what they know I guess.” ―Ellen Hopkins

“Lorraine once told me, smile big when you’re sad. Smile big when you’re happy. Smile big when you’re bored. Because regardless how you feel, your face could use a stretch.” 
―Marley Jacobs

“A fake smile may fool the crowd but it never eases the pain.”
―Kelly Brook

“He who wears a smile instead of worrying is always the strongest.”
―Vikrant Parsai


“Keep smiling because no one care’s how you feel.” 
―Altaf ul Qadri

“Too often, behind that smile of mine, I hide a thousand tears.”
―Alex V.

“Many smiling faces hide a bleeding heart.” 
―Bangambiki Habyarimana

“A smile is the best way to deal with difficult situations. Even if it’s a fake one. Used properly, you can fool anyone with them.” 

“Smile, even if it’s fake. Laugh, even if you hurt. Don’t let anyone get to you, you’re beautiful regardless of what anyone says to you.”
―Anurag Prakash Ray


193 thoughts on “The Art of Smile”

  1. Some of these quotes are so sad! I am honestly so bad at hiding my emotions. Everyone knows when there is something wrong with me!

  2. Beautiful pictures here as always. I think the one thing I would focus on here if I were to focus on anything would be smiling because eventually, it will turn around your mood. Praxis said our mood follows the actions we take. So when we act happy, eventually we become happy. And a smile is a good part of that.

  3. I think all of us can relate to this on just about every level. A smile can be the outer manifestation of how overjoyed we are, but it can also be the mask we hide behind.

  4. These are some haunting quotes. I can see how a smile can hold so much pain, which is sad. Me, I tend to wear my emotions on my face and can’t mask them, so people generally know if I’m upset.

  5. Such beautiful sentiments, and wonderful quotes! My children need to learn how to do this – I smile through my pain all the time, and it really does change your attitude!

  6. These are some great quotes! My mom always told me that a smile is the first thing a person notices about you, so make it memorable!

  7. I also think that smiling helps to feel better. It is hard for me to put a smile on my face in front of others. But smiling to myself in times of despair does help with feeling a little bit better.

  8. Thank you for compiling this wonderful quotes. My favorite is “Smile, even if it’s fake. Laugh, even if you hurt. Don’t let anyone get to you, you’re beautiful regardless of what anyone says to you.”

  9. This post resonates with each and everyone of us. We so often try to build a wall and hide our true feelings. Smiling is a very effective way to let others know we are fine, even if we are already broken inside.

  10. Smiles are so powerful in many different ways. I once met an individual in school, when they were in their dark days and then years later we bumped into one another and they told me what that smile and wave that I gave them one day meant to them on a deeper level. It made me a better person, and I smile at everyone now – even if they are rude to me. You never know what someone is going through, and a smile can be just what they need to make their day better.

  11. I always really like your posts. I was reading an article the other day that someone from Ireland wrote titled “20 weird things about America” and one of them was that “Americans are obsessed with smiling” and i was like ummmm….okay???? and maybe we are but I always though of Americans as rude…not too smiley. Anyhow, strange right? But for me smiling is everything.

  12. A smile is a beautiful expression to bless the world and others with. It brings a positive vibe out in the universe which is what we need more of. I like the top quote of smiling for other peoples happiness.

  13. Interesting quotes. I like that they aren’t all happy because just cause you smile doesn’t mean you are happy. Life is up and down but hopefully more up than down!

  14. These quotes are somewhat bittersweet I feel. It’s both encouragement and sad at the same time. I’m an introvert so I always try to keep away from people so I dont have to fake a smile for very long

  15. These quotes make me so sad. And I can relate so well to them. I think most people can. And the thing is, even though everyone is so fake happy, none of us are alone and yet we feel so alone.

  16. Sometimes other people they don’t know what’s you feel inside. You keep it smiling although you feel kind of mess and broken. This post brings me a positive attitude to become a strongest person. Love you post!

  17. Those are amazing but sometimes sad quotes. Smiling is very important! Even when you have bad day you should meet someone or do something fun as smile on your face will put your minds in a better place !

  18. Your paintings are very beautiful and expressive. And these quotes on smile are heart touching. “Strong people are the ones who can smile for others’ happiness” would be my favourite. You need a very beautiful heart to smile for others’ happiness.

  19. It is actually proven that when you smile you instantly feel better. Smiling is connected to the part of the brain that controls happiness, so when you smile your brain increases your levels of serotonin.

  20. Catherine Santiago Jose

    It so beautiful and I do love every quote that you used in this post. I am not good at hiding my emotions before but I was able to learn it when I become a mother because I want my kids to see me smiling or laughing instead of crying.

  21. Having a chronic illness has helped me to be able to learn to smile even if I don’t feel like it. Sometimes smiling and laughing can even make you feel better.

  22. I don’t show my emotions that easily, so I can relate to some of these quotes. Even when there are some days I don’t feel like smiling, it helps me get through difficult times.

  23. Some very sad quotes here. I do think smiling, being positive and grateful, is a habit for some people. The more you practice it, the easier and more natural it becomes. Of course, that isn’t true for everyone. I love your artwork, btw, particularly the woman with leaves blowing about. Lovely.

  24. Some of these are very sad. My favorite one is “Strong people are the ones who can smile for others’ happiness.” Sometimes we fake-smile because we’re hiding our pain, but what about smiling, not for us, but for others? Who knows if it will make someone’s day, or if a smile is what another person needed in *their* time of pain? Something to think about… Thank you for posting this!!

  25. they say that happy people are often the ones who have been through the most. if they can smile, so can we. we just have to find a reason to smile 🙂 have a great week!

  26. This post, and these quotes, remind me of my former work-life, when I hated so many aspects of my daily work-existence – mostly my boss (who, I now realize was a classic bully), but also the long commute and the overall poor working conditions. I forced myself to paste a smile on every day, and challenged myself not to take it off until I was safely in my car to drive home, even though so many times during each day I felt like crying. I am so glad I eventually quit that line of work for happier, healthier, saner working conditions! 🙂

  27. It does make everything better in a sense if you smile…beautiful collection of pictures and quotes which reminded me to smile more often!

  28. I’ve always found that smiling when I don’t really feel like it does make me feel better. I do think we have to be careful though. At a certain point, people see through a fake smile and question your sincerity.

  29. A good smile can give someone a good day. I always try to smile even in times of hardships because I do believe that smiling will help you to ease the pain.

  30. It is somewhat depressing to think of a sad person hiding how they feel. But at the same time studies show how we feel effects our we position or move our body, and the opposite is true as well. Smiling while depressed can technically have a positive effect on your mental state.

  31. I love the last image – the one you use often. It can express so much – joy, pain, sorrow, confidence. It’s such a great one for people to interpret how they see it.

  32. Really love these quotes because it really shows me back then when I would always smile in public but deep down, I’m pretty much broken. Cheers for this post, made my day.

  33. While everything is true, we ought to smile no matter what circumstances we are in. It is just another way to attract positivity regardless of how you feel. Keep smilin’ 🙂

  34. This post is so inspiring. Not everyone knows the “art of smile”. Love all the quotes especially this one “He who wears a smile instead of worrying is always the strongest”. Indeed only strongest persons know how to smile when they are in worry.

  35. Sudipta Dev Chakraborti

    Beautiful quotes and lovely art works. This post lightened up a hectic Monday afternoon. Glad to come across it. Thank you for sharing such profound thoughts.

  36. I find that a smile is a good start to feeling positive. It may start as fake at first, but eventually when you just stick to it, you’ll find yourself feeling lighter somehow. 🙂 And then you’ll have a real smile.

  37. Anurag Prakash Ray’s “Don’t let anyone get to you” sums it up for me. I don’t use smile to hide my hurt or tears, but (among other things) as an expression of my attitude towards destructive criticism or unsolicited advice. By the way, really like your artwork.
    – Nandita

  38. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and cover it with a bandage of jokes and a fake smile, so this resonates with me. A lot!

  39. I think all of those quotes show an interesting perspective on all the things a smile can mean. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but we all feel the pressure to keep on smiling no matter the season in life sometimes.

  40. Even though some of those quotes are depressing, they are true. But even on the worst days if I can fake a smile for my kids it helps me feel better to get through it for them.

  41. Nice quotes but reading some of them made me sad. I believe spreading smiles can help someone be happier even in a difficult situation.

  42. Wow! I needed to read this today. It makes slightly easier to read something like this in the days when I am down. Specially the last one, Thank you

  43. Wow these quotes are so so sad! 🙁 Yeah I can actually relate to some actually – sometimes we need to smile even when our heart is broken and that’s so hard; but more often than not, there’s sunshine after the rain. So yeah, I usually keep my eyes on the sunshine (or the rainbow!). Thank you for sharing this.

  44. A beautiful post, with some amazing quotes. Thank you for sharing – this is an emotional post, but I enjoyed reading it SO much. Love it.

  45. Once again, your artwork perfectly captures the heartfelt nature of the quotes. I have experienced how hard it is to endeavor to smile and fool people into thinking everything is fine when it isn’t – and other times, I’ve failed miserably and just could NOT force a smile!

  46. love this post. SMILE 🙂 many kinds of smile. one smile can make the world a lot better. Smile is contagious, once you see someone’s smile, you cant help to smile also., even if he/she’s a stranger to you! 🙂

  47. I am so grateful for reading your post. Regardless of what I go through, I always manage to keep my smile. Only my true friends sometimes can read through and see my pain hiding behind the smile. I love all the quotes

  48. “A smile is the best way to deal with difficult situations. Even if it’s a fake one. Used properly, you can fool anyone with them.”

    That one has to be my favorite quote; one that I actually employ.

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