Modernism: Breaking Boundaries in Artistic Expression


Modernism, a revolutionary wave,
Where traditions break, and new paths pave,
In a tumultuous era, its banners fly,
A world of innovation, reaching for the sky.

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A Little Introduction:
Modernism, a movement bold,
In the late 19th, early 20th century, it unfolds,
In response to changing times, it arose,
Aiming to challenge, to provoke, to compose.

Modernism aimed to break away,
From the shackles of tradition’s sway,
In art and culture, it found its voice,
Exploring new forms, making a choice.

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Notable Artists and Movements:
Pablo Picasso, with his Cubist creed,
Fragmented forms, in every deed.
Georges Braque, by his side,
Cubism’s pioneer, in art’s ride.

Violin-and-Candlestick-Georges-Braque-1910.jpg (800×415)
Inside the Artist Studio of Georges Braque

Salvador Dalí, with his surreal dream,
Morphing realities, in an absurd stream.
Jackson Pollock, with his drip and splash,
Abstract expressionism’s wild dash.

Modern Rhapsody, 1957 – Salvador Dali
7_1968_CCCR-Press Site.jpg (1184×666)
Jackson Pollock | MoMA

Wassily Kandinsky, with his abstract play,
Color and form, in a rhythmic display.
Claude Monet, with his impressionist flair,
Capturing light, in a colorful affair.

Image.jpg (1100×688)
Wassily Kandinsky: Pioneering the Abstract Art Movement
cmo-oil-lan-82215-1-.jpg (3000×1954)
Claude Monet | Halcyon Gallery

A Poem by Me
In the world of modernism, we find,
A whirlwind of change, in every mind.
With every stroke, every line we see,
Modernism whispers, come be free.

Through Picasso’s cubist lens, we peer,
At fractured worlds, so crystal clear.
In Dalí’s surreal dreams, we dive,
Into a realm where realities thrive.

So let us embrace this era bold,
In every painting, every story told.
For in the heart of modernism’s embrace,
We find a world of endless grace.

monet-charing-cross-bridge.jpg (1200×772)
Claude Monet‘s oil on canvas Charing Cross Bridge (1903), sold for $27.6 million, making it the evening’s top lot.

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Featured Image Courtesy: Mili Das

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