Essence of Shopping

Let me start with a small story today. As every lady knows that if you are upset regarding something you should go for a good shopping, your mind gets refreshed. Same with me. Today a classmate of mine commented that I should always use make-up as I don’t look good without it. This is me without any make-up. 👇

Obviously as a fact ofcourse I got upset. When I returned home I was unable to concentrate on anything else. That comment was stuck into my mind. So after a long thought when I finally realized I am seriously upset about that comment I decided to go for a shopping. I drove to Central Park mall as that is closer to me. After roaming around mindlessly I found some good clothes to buy..

Even after I bought them I still wasn’t satisfied and again started searching for something which would catch my eyes..

In the meantime I met a colleague of mine who was also there for shopping. Obviously I didn’t tell her the story, I just told her that I was feeling low so I had to shop, and apart from those two nothing else was catching my eyes.

I don’t know what she understood but she asked me to follow her to the exclusive section. And surprisingly I never knew there was a exclusive section for women’s wear.

When we reached there and started searching I finally found some other good branded clothes that at last catched my eyes..

Well, when I showed them to my colleague, she was amazed that how come she never saw these. She showed me another top which she asked me to try. So I went off to the trial room and tried it upon me..

Well, I should definitely say after looking into the mirror, it suited me. I changed back and by that time my mood was almost refreshed. I thanked her and we started walking towards the billing section. Suddenly a top caught my eyes, I handed of my clothes to her and took that top and rushed towards the trial area, luckily the trial rooms were available. I tried it upon me and I fell in love with it…

I was happy beyond earth that it fit me. I quickly changed back and with that top in my hand I ran back to my colleague. We got our billing done.

And by the time I left mall I was completely refreshed. And moreover I was happy.

So this is a real story of me today.

Only one thing I have to say, sometimes shopping doesn’t only refresh your bank account but also refreshes your mind as well…

Have a great time everyone… 😊

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60 thoughts on “Essence of Shopping”

  1. First of all, you look amazing without makeup! You definitely aren’t alone when it comes to terrible comments like that. Without makeup on, I’ve been told I look sick or tired – sometimes both! PS: I think you should read up on a theory called ‘Enclothed Cognition’ – I think you will find it very interesting! X

  2. You look fabulous without make up. We all nasty commenrcomments I wish there was a delete button in our minds to get rid of those. Anyway u bought amazing tops but remember u rock without make up.

  3. I personally feel you look prettier without but even that being said. You should wear makeup for you and no-one else. Don’t get pressured into anything. Your face and body not theirs.

  4. simplysensationalfood

    Retail therapy is what many people run to when they feel down. It may lift your mood but it will reduce your bank balance considerabley. Its good to hear that you found some really nice clothes that suited you and looked good in them.

  5. Good for you for finding a way to overcome the bad feelings. The person who told you you don’t look good without make up is immature and has serious problems of her own in my opinion.

  6. Retail therapy always works when you’re feeling down. I’m sorry about that comment. You look great without make-up. I’m glad you’re feeling a lot better now!

  7. I like your make up, you look super stunning. I also like your non make up face 🙂 Equally pretty. Love the blouse you shared and fit in many occasion. Looks comfy too.

  8. Make-up doesn’t make a women more beautiful that she is, make-up is just adding a mask on top of your true beauty! That person was really nasty when she told you that you should wear make-up. Maybe she is not confident with herself?

  9. First of all, you look beautiful even without the makeup. The top really does look pretty amazingly cute on you. And it’s always good to get a few more outfits you like to wear.

  10. You are so gorgeous! Every time I read your posts I think to myself ‘I want to meet her’! Yes, shopping makes me feel better. I love all of those tops, especially the 4th one down that is long sleeve. The one you are wearing is beautiful!

  11. You look pretty with and without makeup. Its not suppose to change what you look like, just enhance what’s already there. It will never fix an ugly heart or mean spirit.

  12. you have great taste when it comes to clothes. i need to try out a nude lipstick, i like light colors. the tops are all gorgeous.

  13. This was a great post and I do always feel good after shopping. I may feel a bit guilty afterward as I am trying to save but sometime you have to treat yourself right? 🙂 Also… your picture without makeup looks beautiful and you look beautiful with makeup as well…. but honestly both are equally gorgeous looks. Your friend form work is blind obviously or maybe jealous….. you are gorgeous 🙂

  14. Shopping is a form of joy to me. I normally share it friends or family. it is fun. Plus I don’t wear standard size so it often tricky to look for clothes, esp ones I need for working out.

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