“Some griefs never fade out. However, it helped me to live. I am alive and writing.” : Author Atul Sharma | Interview

‘Teri Meri Kahaani Hai’ (Translated: It is our story) which was later renamed ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’ is a book written by Author Atul Sharma. This is his debut novel written in Hindi. It had been very long since I had read a book in Hindi. This is a story of a common man. This book isn’t fiction. It is mostly all about his wife, and their love. We also get to read about the author’s personal and professional life, family, relatives, good times, and bad times. The book is beautiful. After reading this book, I had many questions which I wanted to ask the author. So I decided to take his interview. Our conversation is below.

1. When the book was initially released it was called ‘Teri Meri Kahaani hai’, however, when you revamped the book you renamed it to ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Pass’, what made you change the title?

Ans. Actually many readers were asking me to write more on the same subject. In my initial book since I was passing through a period of deep grief, I tried to make it short intentionally. It was very difficult for me to write in the subject which was a living nightmare for me. Later, I realized that I missed some instances which were part of the novel and could make it more enriched for the readers. One prestigious publisher approached me at the same time to write an “enhanced and enriched version” of Teri meri Kahaani hai and I decided to fill the gap as it made sense absolutely. I changed the title to Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas with the intention of not confusing my readers.

2. The book says it all, it states about your family (the extended ones as well) and mostly about Prabha Ma’am, and all about your love, hardships, and pain. If Prabha Ma’am were there now, what do you think would she say after reading your book?

Ans. I firmly believe she would have liked my writing style. She would not say anything as per her shy nature. She would only smile which was her specialty.

3. What was the initial thought of your family, mostly your mother’s daughters when you told them about your book?

Ans. My mother read the full book in one go. Tears in her eyes. We never talked about it. I gifted the first copies of my books to both daughters and requested them to read-only when they cross 18 years of age.

4. You have written a lot about the feud with your elder brother? Was it all real? If it is, did he read the book, how did he and his family react?

Ans. It was all real. I don’t know whether he read the book or not. However, my mother got her home back from him after court orders. Nothing more is required to be said about him.

5. This story is of a common man and I understand you want more people to read it, did you give a thought about translating it to English?

Ans. Yes, I firmly believe that it should also be translated into English. It could be a good read for those who don’t or cannot read Hindi books. However, being a new author, I am not aware much of the process.

6. Writing is the best form of expressing your emotions, your book is a living example. Did this book help you to overcome your grief?

Ans. Some griefs never fade out. However, it helped me to live. I am alive and writing.

7. Do you plan to write more books?

Ans. Yes definitely. I am writing my second book which travels back and forth from 1970 to 2022 exploring changing world. It is a story of three school friends, one female, and two male. It is written in a very different style. It would be ready for the readers in the month of July 2022.

8. Any advice for people who are still struggling to write?

Ans. Although I am myself a very new writer I would definitely advise the “would-be” writers that they must write with their heart out, don’t follow a set formula, and give their readers a brand new thought. To be precise “write something which you yourself want to read ten times in your life”. Be honest with yourself and with your readers.


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16 thoughts on ““Some griefs never fade out. However, it helped me to live. I am alive and writing.” : Author Atul Sharma | Interview”

  1. I read this book as per your suggestion. I have one question to the author, is he still staying on rent or has he shifted back to his house?

    1. Please review it as per your experience on Amazon or here if you like it and could find some time.

  2. I find it so touching that he wrote this book about his love for his late wife, you can tell their love is still so strong, even his mother felt it when she read it. Looking forward to see what else Atul Sharma writes. Please update me if he releases it in English and is available on Amazon.com. I would love to get it.

  3. I’d love to read a new inspiring book. And I’m so glad hhe’s writing more of his books. I will be sharing this to friends

    Let me know if he releases it in English

  4. wonderful interview! so honest and well made. I liked your question, they definitely helped to understand this writer deeper. I feel like I want to read the books

  5. I am glad to hear that the author will keep writing. It is a form of therapy to do so when we do it well.

    P.S if translated in English I’ll read it too.

  6. Nnniiiiccceeeeee…..I will be checking out Atul’s works real soon. He talks about a subject that I connect with, so well!

    Just update once if it is available in English and on Amazon.com

  7. My wishes for the new writer. I have never read a Hindi novel, so will read it. But I need to be prepared with some tissues I suppose. I’ll check it out soon.

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