The History and Meaning of Resolutions

In Serenityville, at Sunshine School, Mrs. Patel, a friendly teacher, gathered her students for an exciting chat about New Year Resolutions.

“Hey, everyone! Let’s talk about New Year Resolutions – promises we make for the new year. Cool, right?” Mrs. Patel grinned.

Ravi asked, “But why do we even do this, Mrs. Patel?”

“Good question! Picture ancient Babylon, a really long time ago. They had a festival, Akitu, where people promised gods to fix things. Kinda like our resolutions,” Mrs. Patel explained.

Priya wondered, “Did they have resolutions like ours?”

“Absolutely! Jump to ancient Rome. They had a god named Janus. People made resolutions, looking back on the past and ahead to the new year,” Mrs. Patel said.

Suddenly, the class was in ancient Rome, watching people in fancy clothes making promises to Janus.

“Now, the 20th century. Imagine 1920s London. Meet Mr. Charles Whitman. His resolution was to finish writing a novel,” Mrs. Patel continued.

Aarav asked, “But why, Mr. Whitman?”

“Because a new year brings new chances, and resolutions help us reach our dreams,” Mr. Whitman explained.

The scene shifted to 1980s Mumbai, where Mrs. Patel turned into Mrs. Kapoor with neon leg warmers.

“Fast forward to the ’80s! Resolutions were all about embracing bold vibes,” Mrs. Kapoor shared.

The class transformed into the 21st century, full of phones and social media.

“Now, our resolutions fit the digital age. We promise to tidy up online and find balance,” Mrs. Patel said.

Tina questioned, “But is it worth making resolutions with the world changing so fast?”

Mrs. Patel thought and replied, “Resolutions are about growing and getting better. It’s not about keeping up; it’s about being true to yourself.”

As the bell rang, students left with a new view on resolutions. Mrs. Patel smiled, knowing she shared a story to stick with them. And so, the tale of New Year resolutions continued, weaving through history and the dreams of generations.

And so, dear reader, as you reach the end of this journey through time and resolutions, I invite you to reflect. What’s your take on New Year resolutions? Do you see them as a thread connecting you to generations past, or perhaps as a roadmap for your personal evolution? What dreams are you nurturing for the year ahead?

Feel free to share your thoughts, aspirations, and even a resolution or two. After all, the beauty of the story lies not just in its telling but in the collective tales we weave with each passing year. Happy New Year, and may your resolutions be as unique and wonderful as you are!


31 thoughts on “The History and Meaning of Resolutions”

  1. This was such a great read! I neve actually knew where New Year’s resolutions came from. I don’t have any resolutions. I’ve shifted from resolutions to goals. As my mother always said about New Year’s resolutions – they’re made to be broken! LOL

  2. This article was an interest read for me as I enjoyed learning about the genesis and shifting of resolutions. I must admit I haven’t set any for 2024 – but I hope to within the next few days!

  3. I love it when we are taught something through a story so I really enjoyed this article. I must fit into the new way of making resolutions as some of mine do involve being more organized through technology. I should add a few for maintaining my health!

  4. How interesting! I never make resolutions. I usually reverse them and do things I resolve NOT to do. Like give up junk food. Or stop watching crappy reality TV.

  5. I enjoyed the history through time of resolutions. I like to make a resolution each year. This year is to be more present and focus on the here and now. Not the past – or future.

  6. I didn’t really know where the idea for NY resolutions came from. I don’t usually do resolutions however I do choose a theme for the coming year. This year’s theme is “adventure”!

  7. I do not make resolutions for the New Year. I instead think about things that I want to do in the New year, like traveling.

  8. I don’t normally do New Year’s resolutions, but I try to do goals instead. I’ve set a few of them for myself already.

  9. I personally don’t make resolutions. I do try to set a few goals that I want to accomplish. This year I’m focusing on paying down my debt so that I can eventually pay off my house early.

  10. I found this fascinating! I love the multiple perspectives. Thank you so much for sharing! My resolutions are to find way to make things easier and more fun!

  11. Beautiful Touches

    As the years go by, I’ve found that I don’t really like to make resolutions on New Years. Not that I don’t make new resolutions, I make plenty, but I kind of just make them as needed and make sure that my goals are ambitious but also obtainable.

  12. I don’t really have any new year’s resolutions. I do, however, have some ongoing goals that didn’t quite come to fruition yet. Still striving. Happy New Year to you!

  13. I too found it interesting to read the story of where resolutions came from. One of my resolutions is to take a breath before responding to certain comments that people make in real life. I have a difficult relative in my life, and they definitely require some distance.

  14. Very interesting post! I don’t make resolutions anymore and I’m not against them I just work toward setting goals also. It just feels less stressful for me. I must say I didn’t know where the New Year’s resolutions came from…..great post

  15. Lavanda Michelle

    Making resolutions is one of my favorite things to do at the start of a year. It feels sos rewarding when I accomplish them and makes me want to work harder. Thanks for sharing!

  16. This is really good, for myself i don’t make new year’s resolutions, I reflect on the past year and making changes that are needed in my life. like reading more, creating a budget and so forth. Thanks for sharing this amazing post with us.

  17. This is interesting, well, I know about it but not the history of it. So, this is an informative and great post!

  18. I never thought much to there being a history behind resolutions. Fun to see how it has evolved over so many years. Seems like in the fitness era, that has always been a popular modern resolution.

  19. What an incredible thing to learn about the resolutions. Actually, I am doing resolutions when I was in teenager stage and it was so fun doing some resolutions. I will definitely try to make and write my resolutions again

  20. Everything Enchanting

    I should have a teacher like Mrs Patel, she is so sweet ❤️. Well, this year I made only one resolution, which is ‘sleep improvement’. I am focusing on getting at least 7 hours of good sleep everyday this year . I am a night owl, lol .

  21. It’s incredible how traditions evolve over time. As for my own resolutions, I’m all about setting intentions for growth and positive change in the new year. It’s a great opportunity to reflect on personal goals and aspirations!

  22. Such an amazing blog to read, so engaging! An informative blog like this is a chef’s kiss and i am thankful for it!

  23. This blog is definitely a good read and it made me remember the resolutions in my life that I have to do, thank you for this!

  24. Happy New Year! I find resolutions as a roadmap for personal reasons. It’s a guide inspired the chance to start anew.

  25. We were taught resolutions in elementary, but I don’t do resolutions. I create goals instead and I always do my best to accomplish them.

  26. Williams Melanie

    Happy New Year to you 🙂 The history of resolutions is very interesting. We do resolutions but on reflection year round rather than just at the start of a new year Melanie x

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