Think Again

I did not appear suddenly. You failed to pay attention or listen when the Earth spoke with pain and cried out for help. You just refused to listen. There was terrible and massive flooding.There were burning fires, hurricanes and tornadoes. You still don’t hear the Earth, when animals and fish die due to ocean water pollution. There are cases of severe drought. Glaciers are melting at an alarming rate. There is increased deforestation.

The Earth received only negativity. Non-stop wars. Greed, hate and killings on a daily basis. But you were least interested in what the Earth was trying to tell you, as acquiring the latest iPhone or car was more important. But wait. Now, I have come to stop you from being “materialistic”.

Now, you are worried about your “survival”. I give you fever, respiratory problems, weakness. You all have to wear masks. It is the end of all your comfort, parties, and outings. I have made the world “STOP”. You have plenty of time to reflect on what is important in your life. In this state, all are equal, all are united. You will value love and peace!

I am here not to punish you but to “awaken” you! You will change. When all is over and I am gone, you will remember these moments.

                                                                                                                                                                                   — Corona









I recently came across Ms Natasha Sarkar. As you all know I am posting guest posts these days and as she writes very well, I approached her for contribution. She sent me something her mother Mrs. Simkie Sarkar had penned some weeks ago.

I loved reading it, hope you you have enjoyed it too.

91 thoughts on “Think Again”

  1. It is certainly something that was coming and we (humans) didn’t pay attention to it. We were busy with our routines, jobs, and superficial needs while the world kept crying for help. Let’s just hope we can get out of this with a clear mind and good heart.

  2. We’ve been witnessing the Earth recharging itself with people being restricted to where they can go. It is really a beautiful sight to see. I never really thought about our imprint on our world!

  3. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    Agree to the fact that we need to change and protect our Earth. I understand we need to change our lifestyle and think about preserving things or reuse things. We are learning a lot these days. But then I feel sad for the people who are fighting out in frontline for stopping this pandemic. Hope the world heals and we lead a better life.

  4. I think we should do our part in protecting the earth. There’s so many things happening right now and I think it’s up to us to save it. Let’s do earth a favor and give back to it!

  5. All this devastation and happenings in the world indicates its cry for attention. That we are only it’s guest, and we should be treating this place as sacred for we didn’t own anything. And I hope this pandemic taught people and made them realize that, there is a need for a change to paint and bring back how the way earth was before.

  6. It is unfortunate that we do not treat the world and everyone in it with respect. I do think that many people do, but the people that don’t seem to be so much louder and stronger.

  7. We have ignored the need of our planet for a long time. I guess it is now recovering. Daily I get to read about news how the different plants and animals are taking back their space during pandemic season.

  8. I don’t think Corona is the result of Earth crying. I think Corona is the result of inrresponsable people that don’t mind opening these markets and contaminating people. But as a result of Corona Earth has had a break and some relief.That’s the only positive outcome I can get out of this.I’m not proud of seeing family member risking their lives in the front lines.

  9. It’s really time to check our thoughts and the vibration we’re throwing at our fellow humans and the earth. The earth simply reflects back the material, temporal intentions in our tendencies. May the current situation spark genuine love and change in our hearts.

  10. Is strongly believe in Karma and these are all action that we encountered this pandemic. Somewhere back of our minds we knew something was on its way and now we are forced to live with this virus. I just hope we all wake up now and start taking care of our environment.

  11. This is a really interesting read. I love the idea of this post and the message behind it. The earth really does give us messages, we just have to listen.

  12. What a unique expression of what is going on in our world right now. There is so much we really can learn from this period in time to change how we move forward!

  13. Really interesting read. It makes you pause and think for a bit. I was telling someone the other day that the lockdown has its positive side. Like almost everyone says, the earth is recovering. But not only is nature, humans are too. We’ve been forced to come to a halt, have time for ourselves. We are forced to pay attention to the things we so often ignored.

    1. I agree that we should be taking much better care of our earth! And during this crazy times we are going through now, we are given more time than ever to reflect on our behaviour.And hopefully that’s a good thing!

  14. I wish that people WILL remember. However it already feels like many are blinkered or blind. So many of our voices are falling on deaf ears. We need World change and we needed it yesterday.

  15. I love this. Really brings attention to the fact that humans have no regard for our planet. We really need to be aware of this and make changes. Even if everyone makes small changes it all adds up in the end.

  16. blair villanueva

    The Earth needs to heal, though it hurts us most when the Earth scattered phenomenons just to make us listen attentively. We learned so much during Corona lockdown, and hope we continue to carry those lessons.

  17. I really hope it does awaken people to our beautiful world but unfortunately I’ve seen a lot of posts about people leaving litter on beaches since lock down has been relaxed and I don’t think anyone has learned

  18. It’s really an eye-opening and learning experience to everyone to take better care of Earth. We must do our best to save it and be more mindful of our actions. Thanks for this reminder!

  19. Well, it is so true. Now the riots and the cause of them though, so not sure if humans will ever pay attention. Just got to keep your head down and love mother Earth!


    We do need to make changes to help reduce pollution etc. Covid has increased pollution due to masks and gloves now clogging up our oceans. Man will never learn.

  21. I saw a great video about that same thought. It’s in French and Mother Earth is the voice other. The virus had succeeded in doing what human beings could not figure out. I believe there are a lot of positive outcomes and lessons learned from COVID-19.

  22. Steven Morrissette

    Very thoughtful and powerful text. Thanks for reminding us how we are not in control on this planet.

  23. It is true that the earth is suffering so much from exploitation, global warming and fires. The heartbreaking thing is that there are now masks being discarded everywhere due to the pandemic and they are not even biodegradable.

  24. your words are much heart touching and inspiring..loved these..this b log is much necessary..true totally agree with all of the points..only we are responsible for this current situation and only we are the one who can make this back again…

  25. Mother Nature is unable to control its inhabitants so it asked a higher power to do it for her. Hence, the current situation we are in…under lockdown and beginning to re-open globally.

  26. well written words – I am glad that some people still find their voice in these uncertain times, I have been rendered pretty much speechless, not only by the virus, but also all of the unrest going on in the US right now. Heavy heart.
    Blessings and stay safe!

  27. It really feels like we’re living in some apocalyptic sci-fi movie sometimes, doesn’t it!? we kill the planet, we are plagued with a virus, then we start colonizing space. This is ALL HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! Kinda scary… I hope we can get our act together to take care of our planet, and eachother, SOON.

  28. it was so great to see when China shut their factories down and you could see ther pollution levels dropping!! I guess if we are all serious about the planet, we wouldn’t consume meat!!

  29. Melanie williams

    Niow is the time more than ever to stop, think and make an effort to keep our planet as pure as possible and take care of it

  30. Lockdown has given the earth the opportunity to try and regain some strength, sadly it’ll not be enough to undo all humanity has done. I try to do what I can in regards to being sustainable.

  31. Definitely a long time coming. If covid19 ground the world to a halt, imagine what widespread climate change will do to people and communities. Already we can see it happening with droughts, floodings etc resulting in poverty, displaced people and forced migration; all of which leads to unrest.

  32. After I read this article, there was one thing that came to my mind – “You reap what you sow.” We have not listened to the earth, we have abused it and now we are dealing with the consequence. I can only hope and pray that this will be a lesson that we can tell the next generation.

  33. During this time the earth has shown us how much it can come back without us. I just hope this makes people take better can of it.

  34. That’s a great read. We have been ignoring the earth’s call for a long time. We should now take every step to take care of it, for it is our home.

  35. The virus has been a wake-up call to many, but I’m afraid things will go back to what they were once the virus is over. We just never learn!

  36. Hopefully, with the lockdown, the Earth will have a chance to live. Hopefully, humans will learn from this experience and not go back to their usual selves and pollute the Earth again.

  37. I like the perspective of really measuring the main reason for everything. Like what happen to virus right now, there is something we can back track and see why and how it happened.

  38. Celebrate Woman Today

    Enough is enough, the Earth has told us. The time to shake off the old views and misconceptions and go back to basics. Back to Mother Nature concept of thinking and processing live.

  39. Everyone should do their part in protecting the planet. This world doesn’t need 20% people doing everything sustainable perfectly but 80% people being sustainable imperfectly.

    1. I agree that we should be taking much better care of our earth! And during this crazy times we are going through now, we are given more time than ever to reflect on our behaviour.And hopefully that’s a good thing!

  40. Indeed it’s not much but two months of minimal pollution by air, sea and road transport has made a small dent in the overpollution our planet suffers. Every cloud, even one as dark as the Coronavirus pandemic has a silver lining.

  41. I loved this! The Earth is definitely fed up with how we have been treating it as a collective. I wish we could come together to start being more responsible and taking care of the Earth with love as well as positivity before it’s too late.

  42. Earth is reminding us to behave and take care of this environment now because earth got all the power to correct what’s wrong.

  43. So true. Everyone should appreciate the Earth more and more each day! This was a first reminder to start rethinking and be kind to our nature! Enjoy reading the post!

  44. Yes! this is a great perspective on what’s going on in the world and I agree with it! I do cherish the extra time I have with my kids and have been doing great soul searching during this time. It can be hard and a bit worrisome and sad with many deaths, but I try to focus on the positive to help reduce anxiety within myself and my kids/family.

  45. This is profound. We have taken so many things for granted and ignored a lot of important things. Now we are being forced to stop and listen

  46. This is a haunting poem to be honest. I feel like we all failed at something that’s really important, it’s learning to ‘pay attention.’ During the quarantine when hoomans were locked in their homes, the Earth finally was able to ‘breathe’.

  47. Sad but true on many levels. Yet, it is little comfort to those who have lost loved ones. It is little comfort to the poor who are greatly impacted by the sheltered-in-place order.
    It appears to be not so important to the abusers of our planet, the price gougers, police brutality, and overall inhumane treatment. The planet got a pause and the good people thanked her and honored her.
    The rest sat impatiently waiting to get back to business as usual. May God help us all.

  48. I just hope that more and more of us will wake up. Mother earth and the animals are the ones really most affected because of our cruelty. I just hope that this world becomes a better place for all living beings. 🙁

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