Watercolor Painting: A Palette of Dreams

Watercolor painting, a dance of hues,
Where pigments blend in a delicate ruse,
With brushes dipped in water’s embrace,
Artists create visions, filled with grace.

A Little Introduction:
Watercolor painting, a timeless art,
Where colors flow and dreams depart,
On paper’s surface, magic unfolds,
In washes of pigment, stories are told.

Watercolor aims to capture,
The essence of light and texture,
With transparency and fluidity,
It creates scenes of serene beauty.

girl-2013447_1280.jpg (907×1280)

Notable Artists:
In the hands of masters, it takes form,
With washes of color, both calm and storm,
From J.M.W. Turner’s misty shores,
To Winslow Homer’s coastal roars.

J.M.W. Turner
Winslow Homer

In each painting, a world unfurls,
With delicate washes and swirling swirls,
From John Singer Sargent’s portraits fair,
To Mary Cassatt’s tender care.

SC267848_web.jpg (960×471)
John Singer Sargent
69038.jpg (1072×604)
Mary Cassatt

A Poem by Me:
With watercolors, we paint our day,
Each stroke of brush, a dance in play.
Dipping in water, then in paint,
We bring to life what our hearts acquaint.

First, a wash of sky so wide,
With blue so bright, like a joyful ride.
Then clouds of white, fluffy and light,
Drifting across, a mesmerizing sight.

Next, the hills in shades of green,
Rolling gently, a tranquil scene.
With strokes of brown, we add the trees,
Their branches swaying in the breeze.

In the meadow, flowers bloom,
With petals soft, dispelling gloom.
Roses red and daisies white,
Painted with strokes, delicate and light.

Beside a stream, the water flows,
Reflecting trees and skies it knows.
With shades of blue and ripples fine,
We capture its beauty, so divine.

With every stroke, our world takes shape,
A masterpiece, no one can escape.
In watercolor’s gentle embrace,
We find solace, in its grace.

il_fullxfull.4738523551_fl7x.jpg (2848×3000)

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Featured Image Courtesy: Mili Das


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