Xieyi’s Whispered Canvas

Xieyi painting, a dance of the brush,
Where simplicity reigns, without a rush,
With bold strokes and a freehand flair,
Artists express the soul, laid bare.

watercolor-winter-solstice-illustration_23-2149167186.jpg (626×417)

A Little Introduction:
Xieyi, a traditional Chinese art,
Where brush and ink make their impart,
Focused on spirit rather than form,
It captures nature’s essence, calm and warm.

Xieyi seeks to convey,
The beauty of the world in a simple way,
With mountains, rivers, and birds in flight,
It invites us to see with inner sight.

watercolor-winter-solstice-background_23-2149167189.jpg (626×417)

Notable Artists:
In the hands of masters, it takes flight,
With each stroke, a world ignites,
From Qi Baishi’s playful scenes,
To Wu Changshuo’s serene greens.

Wisteria-QiBaishi-FloralChinesePainting_f7b2173f-2870-4d3b-99cd-45f4d8b65aa0.jpg (1100×734)
Wisteria – Qi Baishi – Floral Chinese Painting
bb5c35805b1b41425393669c4d2476ae.jpg (800×1615)
Wu Changshuo – China Online Museum

In each painting, a story unfolds,
With mountains tall and rivers cold,
From Huang Binhong’s misty hue,
To Fu Baoshi’s ink so true.

images (417×734)
Huang Binhong
images (749×409)
Fu Baoshi, China’s Master Modernist, at Metropolitan Museum – The New York Times

A Poem by Me:
In the realm where ink meets rice paper’s grace,
Xieyi dances, a silent embrace.
With brush in hand and heart set free,
A tale of nature, it paints with glee.

In simple strokes, mountains rise high,
Their peaks caress the azure sky.
The river winds, a serpent’s glide,
Through valleys deep, where dreams reside.

Birds take flight in elegant swirls,
Their wings a dance, as nature unfurls.
Blossoms bloom in hues so bright,
Underneath the moon’s soft light.

No rules to bind, no rigid lines,
Xieyi breathes, where the spirit shines.
In every stroke, a whisper heard,
Of ancient wisdom, softly stirred.

Through misty veils and whispered sighs,
Xieyi reveals where beauty lies.
In harmony, the elements blend,
A masterpiece, from beginning to end.

So let us gaze upon this art,
And feel the peace within our heart.
For in Xieyi’s world, we find,
A tranquil haven for the mind.

Wang Hui 汪辉and Chinese XieYi Painting – Inkston

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Featured Image Courtesy: Mili Das


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