5 Pence, Please!

This write-up had been provided to me by Ms Debopama Sen





  Dear Mum,

                                                 I watered the plants yesterday,

                                                  And even fed the kitty,

                                I dusted the shelves, like you asked me,

                                                 And made the vase look pretty.

                                                I took Jumbo for a walk,

                                                And gave him a scrub on Sunday.

                                                I got an ‘A’ in Geography,

                                                It’s been all work and no play.

                                                I’ve been a very good boy, you see,

                                                Just the kind you want,

                                                The kind you’d pat on the back

                                                And perhaps, even, flaunt.

                                               There’s a fair in town, Mama,

                                               So remembering my good deeds-

                                               The pretty vase and the scrubbed dog,

                                               Can I have five pence, please?









Dear Stevie,



                                           For the meals that I cook endlessly,

                                           For the pots and pans I scrub,

                                           For the knickers that smells so fresh,

                                           After your evening grub.

                                          For the sleepless nights by you,

                                          For the untouched food for lunch,

                                          For your friends coming in unannounced,

                                          In quite a big bunch !

                                           For all of the above, and so much more,

                                           Not a penny do I ask.

                                           I do it because I love you so,

                                           And not so much a task.

                                            Here’s your five pence for the fair,

                                            Let’s do things out of love,

                                            Remember, we’re a blessing to each other

                                            From God watching from heaven above!







130 thoughts on “5 Pence, Please!”

  1. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    I know all moms can relate to this poem. The things we do for the family seems unnoticed at times and it is frustrating. However, we still do it, out of love and hopefully, it will not go unrequited for a long time. Thanks for sharing this poem. I love it.

  2. This piece of poetry was moving and lovely on so many levels. I would love to frame it and hang it on my wall.

  3. I love this poem it’s beautiful and I really enjoy reading it.
    I am sure all moms can relate on this.
    ” Do everything out of love and remember that we are a God blessings to each other “

  4. That is a really cute poem, perfect for youngsters to learn that they should help around the house without expecting anything in return.

  5. Awesome poems I love that the second poem is in response to the first. And such a nice learning lesson for the son. Do things out of love and expect no reward. 🙂 Great message.

  6. This is so sweet. Growing up I never got an allowance and I was never paid to do chores, it was just seen as one of our duties. Now doing things out of love unconditionally is absolutely priceless!

  7. A cute way to remind people that when we do for others, including chores and giving gifts, we shouldn’t expect anything in return but do it because we want to bring joy and be helpful and generous.

  8. This was a cute reply. I am glad the mom still gave him the money but also reminded him to be good always not just to get paid.

  9. This is such a nice poem and really puts things into perspective. I am not a mom yet, but I can relate to with my husband. I do so many little things out of love that he may not even realize. When you do things out of love, you don’t expect anything in return.

  10. We mother’s go extremely miles just so our kids can be happy,we do everything out of love, unfortunately some kids don’t return that love even when they grow.

  11. This is so touching! Kids are kids, they don’t realized that unless we showed and teach them about it. If not, they will learn to appreciate everything once they settle and become parents too.

  12. Such a cute poem! It’s so relatable. I don’t have kid yet but I have been with my toddler nephew for almost all his life! This is beautiful!

  13. Pam Wattenbarger

    That’s a cute poem and definitely captures the essence of parenthood. My kids have gotten much better about doing things without complaining as they have gotten older.

  14. This poem shows the unconditional love of a mother to her child. Such a great reminder to treasure our parents.

  15. Oh this is so special! And yeah us mums do just keep doing and never ask for anything…sometimes I do feel like I’m invisible and it’s just expected that I’ll pick up, yet I never moan about it. I just want love and hugs and happy kids & hubby!

  16. Melissa Cushing

    I totally loved this wonderfully written poem and can totally relate whole heartedly! Beautifully created too 🙂

  17. I absolutely enjoyed reading this amazing and well-written poems! I loved it! Please continue writing awesome poems!

  18. Melanie williams

    Always love to read a bit of poetry and this one was not exception. Well put together and a nice piece to read x

  19. blair villanueva

    Hahaha this is a beautiful poem, and I couldn’t help smiling coz I was that kid many years ago. And from that, I learn to respect house chores 🙂

  20. Oh my, this is truly awesome, reminds me of my mum, loves formulating poems for everyone of us. Always sweet and meaningful, this is one of the unforgettable memories we live with. Mothers are good with poems.

  21. I felt this hard. As a parent sometimes what we do is overlooked, but in the eyes of our kids, that doesn’t matter you do whatever you can for them.

  22. Awwwn. This is so adorable. Children don’t really understand just how much mummy has to go through but still, mums will always be mums.


    This is a and really well written and positive poem. Sounds like the 5 pence was well deserved. They need a raise in fact!

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