Do Depressed People Share their Problems?

This is not going to be a big and lengthy article.  



Depression is not similar like when you feel low or feel sad but it can be generated or triggered by many things. People in depression exactly can’t explain why they feel depressed (reasons might be several) or what will make them feel better. They may behave in very proper manner with everyone around them but internally there is a void which they are unable to fill.

Yes, we do suggest to diagnose but not always diagnosis helps. Previously I have written in detail about what is depression and what is it like being suicidal and how we can help people by recognizing the signs on time.

Depressed people initially share their problems but when they feel that they are not being understood by people they stop sharing. This is basically upon their closest ones to understand it and help them on time. Depression often (not always) leads on being suicidal. Recently we have seen too many cases, not only in India but all over the world.


In the end I will just say recognize the symptoms before it is too late so that you can save people around you.



And to those people who are battling depression and anxiety and feel that people will not take you seriously or understand you or your problems. Try to open up to people whom you think will understand you and if you do not have anyone reliable then you can visit a counselor.

You know why?

Because they will listen to you and guide you to the right path.

Think twice before ending your life because it may bring peace to you but it will leave the people who love you and care for you in pain for the rest of their life.



You can also read this article on ‘The link between Depression and Suicide’ to get more insight.




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106 thoughts on “Do Depressed People Share their Problems?”

  1. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    I suffer from depression. During the early stages of my condition, I found it difficult to speak out about my feelings. There were a few times I tried but I did not get the support and understanding I needed. Thankfully I found a very good psychiatrist who helped me cope and she involved my family too.

  2. Marta Skeledžija

    People with depresion, like me, have a hard time sharing their problems as they think they would be judged because of that. It takes time for us to open up.

  3. I’ve found that a lot of people don’t understand depression. But when you find someone who does and is a good listener, it’s good to add them to your support system so you have someone to talk to about what you’re going through.

  4. It’s not always easy even for non-depressed people to share their feelings or problems so with depressed folk, it is doubly hard. The trick is a making them come to you and when that happens, usually they know there’s a problem and are seeking help.

  5. I agree with this depression is no joke and expressing yourself nowadays it’s really hard because for the people who didn’t take seriously when you need them.

  6. I know some people are not brave enough to talk about their problems, and all we can do is just keep on encouraging them to speak up. And always be a good friend to express to them what they need to hear, rather what they want us to say.

  7. Not very many people feel vulnerable enough to share their problems, but it would be very beneficial if they did. Thanks for sharing.

  8. It is such a tough one, as some people find it hard to share feelings so I think it is down to the specific individual x

  9. I think a lot of people dealing with depression don’t even realize they are depressed. They are just trying to see light at the end of the tunnel. And I think that personality depends a lot on whether or not they share their feelings.

  10. Depression is tough and can be a rough battle if we go at it alone. It really is best to talk with someone and express your feelings so you don’t feel alone.

  11. we only really start to deal with any problem through communication. Sharing our problems is a natural way to rid our bodies of negative energy. Depression and anxiety are no joke, getting passed the shame and embarrassment to seek help is the best thing you can do for yourself/others.
    great topic!

  12. It really depends on the person. I feel like people who can ADMIT to being depressed with talk about their problems. However there are a lot of people in denial, or they think depression is just the norm, thus they don’t know what to even talk about!

  13. Being depressed is one of the most complex things in the world. Learning to share problems is definitely a big stepping stone towards healing, I’ve found.

    1. Do agree with your point..Sharing problems is really effective but according to me Depressed people is completely unable to share prob even with their closed ones..they think much negative about everything…

  14. Thank you for making me more aware of how others may be feeling and what signs I should be looking out for if someone is depressed. This post has given me a greater understanding.

  15. I don’t know if depressed people share their problems; it probably depends on the person and their support system. But I think it’s a great reminder, especially in these times, to pay attention to how people around us are coping. And help if we can.

  16. i hate to think that someone would be so depressed and unable to talk so they only see suicide as an option. 🙁 As someone who faces depression and PTSD, I find alone time can be very helpful but so can therapy.

  17. This post hit home for me. I think it’s such a complex issue that’s hard to be wrapped up in one article because people experience life and depression so differently. Either way, thank you for bringing about awareness.

  18. Yes venting out helps. But we look for a more reliable person. It so happens, what we are saying, becomes food for some gossipmongers. So it is always better to let out before our counsellors. They do counsel is in the right direction. And one more addition from my end, a pet always helps❤❤❤

  19. Depression is difficult for those afflicted as well as the people around them. Understanding and compassion can help the person affected.

  20. Depression is a common and serious mental health condition that can often take its toll on relationships. And this is serious condition that affects your physical and mental health. One need to share problem with the closed ones

  21. This is true. Depressed people usually share their problems bit by bit but if the response is not positive or neglected then that’s the time that they totally shut off.

  22. Not really, I had many sad moment over my life and I don’t really like to share, it makes me sad that my friends may think the same so lately with the current times I’ve been talking much more about this to make it less akward to approach!

  23. I think coming forward to talk about mental illness is still a challenge for many people. We all need to make more of an effort to break the stigma so others feel more comfortable sharing.

  24. Depression is the one which i can say that is more common than corona in people nowadays..this is really very useful and helpful blog post glad you shared this with us..great work…

  25. Depression has been an ongoing battle in our family. with recent triggers going on in the world it has been a really serious problem. Thanks for spreading awareness.

  26. As someone who has off and on suffered from depression, at my most depressed moments I don’t even think I CAN talk about how I’m feeling.

  27. Maartje van Sandwijk

    It’s so important to share your problems because sometimes you just can’t see the solution because you’re too close to it. Others can help you!

  28. So true, depressed people may not always share their problems with others depending on the reception. It is important to pay attention to the people around us and try to go beyond generic answers and responses.

  29. Mental health is such an underrated topic that definitely needs more attention. There is too much stigma that needs to be rid of so we can better help others. Thank you for shedding more light on this.

  30. Good point. And its always good to try to open up with the people around us. Close friends, partner, relatives , i think. Just a wee talk will have a big impact.

  31. In my experience loving family and friends of the person suffering would be a shoulder to cry or lean on, if they were given a chance. But depression is a different animal and often keeps the sufferer enclosed in their own bubble of ice, separated from their loved ones.


    It’s not always easy to assess someone that is so depressed they are suicidal. If people learnt to talk more about how they feel it would really help but it’s a topic many won’t discuss with friends or family.

  33. This such an important topic that is just not spoken about enough. I find that when it comes to suicide a lot of people shy away from the conversation. There seems to be this false idea that talking about suicide will make it more likely to happen when that is just not the case. We need to better create a more comfortable environment where people struggling with things like depression can open up and say that they don’t feel OK.

  34. Thank you so much for sharing this post as it is much needed. I know so many people that suffer from depression and it can be hard to relate and understand at times but I always want to be there for anyone that needs me so this post is perfect. My cousins daughter has attempted suicide and I cannot imagine what she and her parents must be gong through and instead of being afraid to discuss this major issue…we should be open so that people feel they can speak out if they need help.

  35. I have a couple of friends that are on the verge of depression and they share things with me and it definitely helps them. I think sharing with close friends and family is the best!

  36. I love that you address this subject, since I believe you are definitely right. They usually don’t ask for help. They feel isolated and we need to let them know they are supported.

  37. It’s so hard as most of us sometimes miss the signs. Sometimes, depressed people put of a mask and appear strong until it’s indeed too late.

  38. So many just do not understand depression, so no, generally we do not share what’s going on inside…because often when we do try and talk, people are very quick to say things like; “Why are you always trying to look for attention”…or; “Stop feeling sorry for yourself”…”You need to learn to grow up and stop being so childish!”. It is a very lonely place but thankfully I’ve never been suicidal…My kids are my world…we have an awesome life now with absolutely no more negativity.

  39. It is so important to be there and help people when they need it the most. Thank you for sharing this helpful post.

  40. Depression is very hard to handle with and actually hard to notice if a person close to you has it. if someone is telling you about it, it’s a good sign

  41. When I was in college, one of my teachers recognized that I wasn’t myself and sent me to a university therapist. It wasn’t until then that I learned I was dealing with depression.
    Take care of your loved ones and if things don’t seem right, maybe they are not doing well mentally. Care enough to have a conversation about it.

  42. You have touched a very important point – talking about depression doesn’t serve a purpose for anyone battling depression. And only the taboo around it is the reason behind this. Great post.

  43. Some people find it hard to share their problems with others.I’ve seen suicidal death that have made national headlines,in most cases before these people take their lives they joke with their friends about their death and tell their friends that that will be the last time they will be seeing each other, instead of sharing their problems they joke about their death.

  44. I really hope we get to that time when we focus more on mental health. I love posts like this that calls awareness to it and helps remind that it is real and needs to be taken care of.

  45. Different people have their own type of coping up when depressed, it’s either they will share it to lessen the burden, some will just silently fight their own battle. It’s just up to the person in my point of view.

  46. I am no expert but I personally feel let alone a depressed person, even a normal person when shares something and is not understood or taken lightly somewhere withdraws and stops sharing, because I feel for anyone who wants to share something, first wants to be heard without being judged. Sadly a lot of people aren’t great listeners.

  47. I was recently diagnosed with depression due to unresolved anxiety issues. Your post contains alot of feelings I have been managing recently

  48. I think that initially some may want to share, but eventually they stop because they may feel like people don’t care or they may not want to burden anyone.

  49. Having depression is really tough. We need to understand them, support, and listen to what they say. Cheer them up instead of hurting their feelings.

  50. From a depressed person, sharing their problems is not easy. But it’s what gonna help them actually. On our parts, we should know the signs so we can help them even if they’re not asking.

  51. I think it is different for everyone for sure. I know from experience how hard it can be and I think it’s really important for people to find the best way to deal with it for them.

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