Coco: Emotional Journey of Family, Tradition, and Music.

Coco is a Spanish-language movie that tells the story of Miguel, a young boy from a family of shoemakers who dreams of becoming a musician. When he accidentally finds himself in the Land of the Dead, he teams up with a charming trickster named Hector to find his great-great-grandfather, a legendary musician, and learn the truth about his family’s past.

I remember watching Coco for the first time and being immediately captivated by its colorful and vibrant animation, catchy music, and heartwarming story. As the movie progressed, I found myself emotionally invested in the characters and their journey.

One of the most emotional scenes in the movie for me was when Miguel sings the song “Remember Me” to his great-grandmother Coco, who has dementia and struggles to remember her past. As Miguel sings, the memories of her father, who was a musician, flood back to her, and she joins in on the song. The scene was incredibly touching, and I couldn’t help but shed a tear.

The movie also explores themes of family, tradition, and the power of music to connect people across generations. As someone who comes from a family with a strong cultural heritage, I related to the importance of honoring and preserving traditions while also pursuing one’s dreams and passions.

My Verdict on the movie:

Coco was an incredibly emotional and touching movie that left a lasting impact on me. It reminded me of the power of storytelling and how movies can touch our hearts and connect us to our own experiences and emotions.

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24 thoughts on “Coco: Emotional Journey of Family, Tradition, and Music.”

  1. Coco looks like a beautifully animated and emotionally touching movie that explores the importance of family, tradition, and pursuing one’s dreams. Will watch one of these days!

  2. It’s wonderful to see how a movie like “Coco” can touch people on a personal level and remind us of the importance of honoring our cultural heritage while also pursuing our dreams.

  3. I love animation movies. I havent seen this one but it looks like a heartwarming and visually stunning film that celebrates the power of family, music, and heritage. Will check it out!

  4. Jennifer L Prince

    I haven’t seen this, but it sounds like a great movie. I like ones that teach good principles, and it sounds like Coco does just that.

  5. Melanie Williams

    Your movie reviews are the best. The fact that this Coco Spanish film had such an impact on you, I must watch this xx

  6. My oldest son loves music. I think we will try to watch Coco on Easter weekend. I`m sure we will have a good time. Thank you for the suggestion.

  7. Maybe because I have no connection like that to my family that I did not respond to Coco the way everyone else does. But I do know friends who connected really hard to it and reminded them of their moms, dads or another family who passed.

  8. Such a beautiful and emotional movie. I loved it and I learned a lot of things from this movie such as the value of family. It’s a great reminder to all of us how important family is.

  9. This movie was such an emotional journey to watch, my kids and I really enjoyed it. It had a good story line, the songs were good and it was an overall well put together movie.

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