It is a common word now a days. Someone is less depressed someone is badly depressed. Sometimes it is easy to understand that a person is in depression but sometimes it is not.

You might see a person daily waking up, behaving normally, smiling, working for the entire day and then having a sleepless night. It is because people who are deeply depressed but don’t want to share their issues decide not to open or can’t open up.

These people who can’t open up and are scattered from inside and are dying inside everyday.

There are 9 easy ways to detect if someone is depressed:

1) They behave unnatural. That is, they hide their feelings.

2) If you ask them how are their response would be ‘neither good,nor bad’ or something confusing.

3) They prefer to keep themselves extremely busy.

4) They get angry easily.

5) Their unnecessary risky behavior or decisions.

6) They are unable to think clearly

7) Unable to concentrate. Or unable to do things which they once loved to do.

8) They can’t sleep.

9) And lastly, They prefer to be left alone.

Depression can hamper your mental peace from inside. It kills you slowly and you start giving on. This sometimes may lead to suicide as well.

But yes this is not the end. People in depression can get rid of it by themselves. I personally would suggest 8 solutions that helped me to get out of a deep depression.

Yes, once upon a time I was also depressed. I started giving up slowly. I became suicidal I was tired of life. I was dying everyday. But one fine morning I told myself, “No, why the hell should I give up. This life is worth living for”, and then I did these things and I am doing great today.

1) Set a routine for yourself. I know it sounds tough but there’s nothing one can’t do. If you get accustomed in a routine, trust me you can overcome depression.

2) Set a Goal for yourself. When a person is in depression they may not feel like doing anything or even if they do they don’t do it wholeheartedly. So if you set a goal for yourself you can achieve it step by step. That’s what my friend is another step to overcome depression.

3) Exercise everyday. I know it might be tough of people who don’t prefer exercising but it helps. Join a gym. Work hard. You can feel depression leaving you along with your sweat.

4) You need to eat healthy food. I hated eating when I was depressed it caused me anroxia but once I forced myself to eat and that too healthy food, firstly I hated it but later on I must say it helped me.

5) You need to sleep. Having amnesia is different but when a person is badly depressed they have a sleepless night. You need to overcome it. It will be a a forcible step but you have to do it to recover from depression.

6) Negative thoughts will cross your mind by default,but force yourself to think positive. If you can’t on youtube there are many trances which you can listen which will help you.





Try listening to these. They help a lot.

7) Travel, go out. Though you might not like it bit force yourself to do it. You will feel light. You will feel better

8) Lastly, read. Reading good books will help you alot.

People depression is worse. Try to get out of it for your own self or if you see someone with the problems I have stated above, help them to get out of it.

Let your pain go away and live a happy peaceful life.

Take care.

32 thoughts on “Depression”

  1. Hey
    Really glad to see an inspirational piece. I agree, depression is a very common thing. And that is part of why I also writing inspirational posts. As we never know we is going through what. And how our little pockets of inspiration helps them feel better. Really wish more people read this. Lots of love!

  2. someone like you making such a difference in other people’s lives by creating amazingly useful content that is 100% actionable.

  3. I really enjoyed this article. I have been diagnosed with depression and I must say, everything you wrote here is nothing but the truth. I have been through what was said in this post and it is a terrible feeling. I am working on it every day to get over it but its easier said than done. I’m taking baby steps but with the medication I’m on, and the activities I’m trying to do, I know I will be depressed no more. Now if I can only get a good night sleep, then I’m golden. Great post

  4. These are some great words with a lot of great advice! I love your images that go with the piece as they have a great visual representation of something you can not always see.

  5. This is a great list of depression symptoms. I think the one part, the high risk behavior people feel like they have and are outgoing or not depressed. But it truly is a sign of depression honestly.

  6. Depression is quite a dangerous path to navigate. It’s hard to tell when it’s a clinical issue or just brought by a life-changing event. I hope that health care around the world would give more attention to people suffering with this condition.

  7. I agree with all the tips there. it’s important to have a close-knit family circle and good friends to fight through depression. And as you say books of course help a lot!

  8. Nice to know that you overcome bouts of depression…. Difficult thing is that sometimes we don’t know we fall into depression…. Glad to know you give us signs to look out for

  9. Okay. I was feeling a little bit down for the past few weeks and I am not really sure why. Now, I am a bit alarmed since I have 6 out 9 signs that you mention. I will follow your advice to travel and get more sleep. Unfortunately, reading a book did not work for me.

  10. Thanks for the great tips, I would like to assist my wife to overcome her depression, and she lacks motivation to keep busy. I think it’s important that her partner (me) understands some solutions to give a gentle nudge in the right direction.

  11. These are fantastic portraits of you and I always appreciate when awareness on mental health is shared. I used to suffer from depression and self-harm and knowing you are not alone is trulygreat help and very comforting

  12. it is really much interesting and helpful..totally agree with your ideas nowadays mostly everyone is depressed over any tiny thing…and most of them are introverts they hide their feelings and can’t open up easily…well i have been the most depressed one ever and seriously i agree that i have never been completely opened up..this is really helpful…

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