Interview Zone: Gen-X Business (Part 1)


Today’s generation wants to go for go for business rather than waiting for job. Today in Interview Zone I have such a person with me who could have gone for a very better in his job but yet he wanted to step in the world of business. And now slowly he is reaching to the top with all his hard-work.


Mr Vedant Saxena, co-founder of online magazine ‘Intellectual Owl’ has given us his interview. Without further delay I would start the conversation.

Moni: Hello Mr Saxena, welcome to interview zone. So shall I start with my questions?

Vedant: Sure, Go ahead.

Moni: What triggered you with the idea of starting Intellectual Owl?

Vedant. I wanted to start something different. I wanted to give people a platform to write as no one gives amateur writers and bloggers a chance.

Moni: That is a great initiative. You were chef why did you change your platform?

Vedant: I can’t do 9-6 job.

Moni: So you write pretty well. Is there any inspiration behind that?

Vedant: I find inspiration from within. From people I meet and talk daily. And the tragedy and traumatic incidents in my life are like cherry on top.

Moni: Tragic and Traumatic. Would you like to share it with us?

Vedant: I don’t like to talk about my personal life. Let it be a locked book, where no one can take a look.

Moni: Do you have any writers that inspired you?

Vedant: John green is my all-time favorite.

Paulo Coelho – for motivation.

Nicholas sparks – for romance.

Charles BUKWOSKI – for poetry.

Moni: You told us that you had some tragedies so What did it change in you?

Vedant: I am more humane now. Mature and calm. I love helping people and motivate them. I had no one, when I was suffering, depressed and in problem. So, when I moved on from that period, I decided to help people going through the same phase. I’ve motivated and talked around 15 people out of suicide and suicidal thoughts.

And yes, it made me a better writer. It’s funny how artistic we become after getting shattered.

Moni: Very touching it was. Yes I agree with your last point as well. Umm well moving on to the next question, any favourite quotes you have?

Vedant: Sometimes you climb out of bed in the morning and you think I am not going to make it, but you laugh inside remembering all the times you’ve felt that way..

Legend – Charles BUKWOSKI.

Moni: That’s great. Well, You know that you are handsome and of course ladies hit on you. So anyone on your mind right now?

Vedant: Hahaha that’s generous of you to say that. No I don’t have anyone in mind right now.

Moni: Lol. OK moving on to the very last question. Vedant any words for the youth.

Vedant: We all have to die one day. So why not try to live, smile a little more, everyday.

Moni: That was very sweet of you. Thank you so much for your time Vedant, it was a pleasure and honour to interview you and get to know you and I know you will be inspiring anyone who comes across you.

Vedant: Pleasure was mine. Thank You.

So Readers, this was Mr Vedant Saxena. Enjoy reading his interview. See You soon.

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  1. I’m inspired that you interviewed the co-founder of an online magazine! How awesome! How did you come to seek his input? I love his last question/advice to the youth… “we’re all going to die one day”. SO TRUE! Thanks for sharing!

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