Psychopaths are EVERYWHERE

Psychopaths can be found all around us. Some are criminals who do harmful things, but not all of them are violent. You might meet them at work, school, or even while dating. They are everywhere.

A psychopath is someone who hurts others without feeling bad about it. They can cause pain, suffering, and even death to others without caring. We don’t really know what causes psychopathy, but it’s considered a mental illness. Like other mental illnesses, there is no known cure for it.

In simple words, psychopaths are like predators and we are their prey. They don’t care about hurting people. They lie, trick, and manipulate to get what they want, even if it hurts others. This can leave a lot of people hurt. They can be the coworker who takes credit for your work or the person who pretends to care about you, but only wants to use you.

So, how can you tell if someone might be a psychopath?

It’s important to understand how they work. Sometimes, a person who seems nice can actually be very tricky and hurtful. Knowing your own weaknesses and what makes you valuable can help. Also, pay attention to what they do, not just what they say. For example, if someone keeps borrowing your money and not paying it back, they might not be trustworthy. And if people around you warn you about someone, it’s a good idea to investigate more.

As more people live close together and things get tense, we need to be careful about people who are mean and don’t care about hurting others. While it’s not easy to deal with psychopaths, understanding how they think can help protect us from their harm.

156 thoughts on “Psychopaths are EVERYWHERE”

  1. Gosh! Yes this is unfortunately true. And sometimes these people are difficult to actually identify. My approach is to raise my energy frequency so I do not attract these people nor are they attracted to me. However with my writing, I aim to motivate even these people so that they can hopefully adopt a more loving approach to life.

  2. Glad that you have included a paragragh to educate readers to identify a physhopath. We are now living in the digital world and talking to strangers everyday so it is best if we could learn a few tricks from here.

  3. Man. That got intense. I have encountered a few in the form of the silent ones. They suck you dry emotionally before you even know it. I sometimes wonder what makes them like this? Ruthless, inconsiderate, reluctant to respond to niceness..what makes them wired in such a way that they get pleasure by inflicting suffering?

  4. Seriously, even I am little worried that I might be getting psychopath, but just not able to see. In some cases, it is too late to realize it. Even though, I know they are happy inside, I sometimes feel that they are not just villains, just super villains which I see in movies and T.V shows.

  5. It can be so hard to know what to look for and our safety is at risk… thank you for shedding light on what we should be aware of…

  6. Psychopaths are just everywhere! I mostly interact with those whose words will cut you to the core but you can be sure that I know how to deal with those; not roughly but I just walk away. Something funny is that they feel ashamed and eventually give up when you mind less.

  7. Understanding human psychology is the most difficult thing. It can be disguise at time. Thank you for the information as well as how to recognize it and how to protect ourselves from those destructive behaviors.

  8. I read about them all the time, but thankfully I’ve never been traumatized by one personally. Actions always speak louder than words.

  9. Goodness, one could easily become paranoid when trying to recognize these kinds of behaviors. Unless you are trained in this area, it can be nearly impossible.

  10. Smart to investigate further if there are red flags. True too if something feels off. Trust that initial gut feeling.

  11. Jennifer Prince

    It’s hard to think about. I have been affected by this in my own life with some people, though. So sad!

  12. Geraline Batarra

    It is so hard to identify a psychopathic person and this article bring us an awareness about what they can possibly do to other people.

  13. I totally agree with your tips! People should judge based on actions not words. It’s really crazy how these psychopaths work. Thanks for sharing this informative post!

  14. in my life, I think I have come across a few of these IT is important to know the signs and be honest with yourself when dealing with these types of people!

  15. Psychology is super interesting, I often wonder what goes through someones mind before they act out or choose to do something. Very interesting post indeed.

  16. Oh my that’s a really scary thought and the fact that it may even get worse just makes me shudder. Not so much for me but for my kids. I’ll have to share this with them so they can be more aware

  17. This is such a very interesting and very informative post. I am glad that you were able to share this awareness to all of us. Psychopathic issue is not a joke this is something that need to pay an attention.

  18. This makes me more vigilant of the people I meet online and offline. Indeed, there are some psychopaths and we aren’t aware they are just within our circle unless we invite them into our life.

  19. Such a fascinating read, and sadly something everyone should be aware of. There are many unsavoury people out there, so some tips to spot them before they cause harm to yourself or others can be very handy and helpful at keeping you safe.

    Jackie – Organised Mum Life

  20. I think it’s great that you highlight psychopathy as mental predators (I think most just classify them as physical predators with a slasher-type personality). But the way you describe them shows how prevalent they are and how aware and careful we need to be.

  21. Oh indeed! Even in our seemingly peaceful community here in Bacolod, we hear of atrocious news stories from time to time. It’s like some people are ticking time bombs! They just erupt at the slightest trigger.

  22. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Thanks for raising awareness through this post. Times are very different from when I was growing up when we could just be a kid, a regular teenager, a young adult without having to worry about these kind of dangers lurking around.

  23. I don’t want to be judgemental, but all these things you have written about how a psychopath moves, we should all be wary of the people that surrounds us. Scary.

  24. I just had a conversation with a friend recently about this exact topic. Psychopaths are not just extreme cases / violent criminals. Normal every day people can exhibit psychopathic tendencies and we don’t always recognize them as such.

  25. Psychopaths are just everywhere! Understanding human psychology is the most difficult thing. Thank you for the information

  26. I support the need to further educate ourselves about mental illness. At the same time I hope I never cross paths with such a person.

  27. I know there are psychopaths out there and I know they can be dangerous but they are not something I think about because that could be anyone and i would not know how to deal with them anyway

  28. Geraline Batarra

    This is such a nice post. It is very informative and I am glad that you are able to share this awareness with us.

  29. Unfortunately, I lived with a psychopath for 13 years. For a long time, I had to figure out what kind of trap I was a drop in. Now my children are manipulated and I just hope they will begin to understand that their father’s words are different from his actions.

  30. I’ve never known how I can identify psychopaths so I’m going to focus on that in the future. I’ve met a few crazies in my life but I’m not sure they were psychopaths at least not from my definition of one. I want to avoid psychos at all cost.

  31. This was very interesting. My son recently made a friend and when the rest of us met him we all sensed something was off. What you say about others recognizing it is so true. We could see it and see he wasusing my son but he missed it until we brought it up

  32. This is so real and so dangerous. It’s scary the thought of it, but that doesn’t make it go away. I try to be aware of those around me, but you just never know.

  33. That’s so true that we can never know who people really are and that we should have our eyes wide open. If we ever meet a psychopat we should end such a relationship/friendship or whatever else it is.

  34. This is so true. There really are psychopaths everywhere and anywhere, I definitely come across some on a day to day basis.

  35. I totally agree with you. and you have to be so very careful. i mean i feel like now a days you can never be too safe especially with everything you pointed out.

  36. This is an informative post to open our eyes and truly see people. Unfortunately so many people potentially fall prey to such situations and people.

  37. This is so so important. Recognizing a psychopath can be difficult but you pointed out all of the most necessary red flags.

  38. It gives someone who is not common with mental health and diagnosis an overview of what to look for in those who may display this psychopath qualities. Often, we assume that individuals should be able to pick these out but that is not always the case.

  39. I know that a psychopath lacks empathy and because of this they have no remorse for their actions. I don’t think I have met anyone like this, fortunately!

  40. This is all so true. I have met average people, or so I thought, who turned out to be some of the worst people I have ever known! I would classify them as psychopaths!

  41. Amanda maguire

    I did a bit about this in my psychology degree. Even after that I was taken in by one. That’s how good they are. That is the scary truth. But your post is brilliant!! Thank you for putting this info it there and making it accessible

  42. Psychopaths really are everywhere… Learning the warning signs and how to identify them is only the first line of defense. Avoiding them and having zero tolerance for their behavior is so important in protecting yourself.

  43. This post is somewhat creepy but honest. Yes, people must be aware of their surroundings. Thank you for this eye opening post.

  44. I’ve studied and read up quite a bit about psychopaths in my criminal justice courses. They do know how to be charming and manipulative to lure their prey in so to speak. They inflict much physical, mental and emotional pain and damage to their victim’s lives. While reading your post, this reminds me very much of master manipulators and narcissists.

  45. There are so many people who tend to be so negative and manipulative and we need to be very strong and self aware to recognize them. I’s a hard work, do you think we can “help” a psychopath when we find them along ou way?

  46. When it comes to crazy people psychopaths are among the most dangerous. It’s hard when as you say with population density increasing these people have more to take advantage of. And there are more of them in general as well. It’s really just a scary situation altogether. I hate it that these people are so good at playing the victims. Makes me just sick inside.

  47. I’ve only been familiar with psychopaths because of all those movies that I have watched in the past. Thanks to this post, I would take note of this just in case I can encounter someone with this illness.

  48. I so agree with you that psychopaths are everywhere! It reminded me of my ex-colleague who used to always take my credits and tried to stab me behind my back… such a loser! I feel awful that it took me 2 years to realised that!

  49. Jeez talk about psychopaths, Sri Lankan buses are filled with these kind of once. It is pretty scary for young girls to go alone in a bus or walk. the best part to them are they dress so well and cannot be identified

  50. What a great post from you! I think psychopath people they need an attention for us however in this situation you need to protect your self first.

  51. Interesting discussion. There is truly material for every person. The paragraph that you shared which educates readers about how to identify a psychopath may be useful in years to come.

  52. Catherine Santiago Jose

    This is such a great and very informative as it helps us to open our eyes to truly see a person. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  53. This is sadly true! It is sad and scary to think that a) we cannot really help them and b) that it is hard to identify! But this post is very informative and will definitely help to make it easier to see a persons true nature. Thank you for sharing and helping us to be more aware!

  54. It truly is a scary world out there. And honestly it didnt bother me until I had my first and only child.. tonthink that she will eventually get exposed to reality, no matter how much I try to protect her from it… life may not be perfect as we would like them to be, but I guess I can try to prepare my child on how to deal with it in a positive way..

  55. It’s hard to see it in relation to you and your relationships. I find myself blind against all the red flags!

  56. This is so helpful not just to build awareness about psychopaths but also to protect ourselves from them. Thank you for sharing this, now i can be more cautious.

  57. Szebastian Onne #INSPIRE

    While I agree with much of the article and focus on what psychopathy is and who a psychopath is, I can’t help myself but highlight, why is it assumed, and being used as a given that a psychopath is only and only the male gender? Being a Life Coach, I have had clients from all walks of life and interestingly almost equal number of my clients from each gender have experienced psychopaths from either gender. Your concerns, focus center and underlying issue is on the money, except that it assumes, perceives and declares one gender as psychopath and other as victim. This not only undermines the issues of the mental health condition at hand, but also creates a vision that women are always the victims. I am a male who is a feminist and I don’t think all women are victims and I believe many are capable of fighting back these psychopaths – who can be of either gender. I have seen clients who have seen same-sex psychopaths and opposite gender as well. So all in all, love that you touched the topic in a brilliant way but I am left wishing it was not gender-biased as it is now – in this case it undermines the issues and reduces one gender (female) as weaker while I believe the opposite because women are stronger than men, whether we believe it or not.

  58. I’m learning to trust my intuition, because you usually will get a bad feeling and instead of worrying about being rude, just trust your gut! it rarely steers you wrong.

  59. Being a Psychology student for three years, I can completely relate to this post. No one knows what exactly makes a person a psychopath. There are a series of influences though. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. I’m glad you shared the tips to identify a psychopath so one can stay safe.

  60. It’s more of a mental condition rather than an illness. The pointers you mentioned here are quite helpful. But, since deception is the main weapon of psychopaths, identifying them isn’t always easy. However, once you identify them, the best thing to do is avoid them. Confrontation or showing that they can affect you negatively only encourages them further.

    – Nandita

  61. interesting topic! Sadly it’s true, the more people there are the more psychopaths there are lurking around. My kids are young and yet I find myself talking to them about these types of topic: actions always speak louder than words!

  62. Such a great post and very informative. I hear about psychopaths on the news every now and again and it gives me so much anxiety.

  63. We need to be educated about this mental illness. I never tried encountered someone who has this and I love how some people giving awareness to his.

  64. I find that second opinions are the best. If you can look around and see that other people are having the same sorts of issues with that person, that’s the best sign. Then you can see that it’s not you but them.

  65. As I am reading this, I am imagining who are those people that I know that are psychopaths. There’s this someone that I know that will laugh when she saw you like getting mad because she always find ways for you to get mad. I’m always very careful of what she’s doin. And need to use my brain for me not to be a victim to her.

  66. This was a really interesting post. I like that you added a description to help identify a psychopath and id you’ve ever encountered or know one. Thanks for sharing!

  67. I don’t think I ever came across a psycopath, but for sure I came across people who could be on the verge of being included in this category. You have shared some very helpful tips on how to deal with such people.

  68. It is actually scary, to even think about it. The worst are those, who act as your friends, but deep down, they have the mind to cause you trouble. You never know, who would turn out to be psychopaths. It is really difficult to trust people nowadays. Everyone wears a double-face.

  69. Tell me about it! My friend was in a relationship with a psychopath and he is still harassing her in every way possible, and the police are not doing anything to stop that kind of a behaviour.

  70. Tracy @ Cleland Clan

    I wonder what percentage of the populations psychopaths actually are. It seems like we hear about them on the news constantly. It’s good to know the signs of unhealthy behavior.

  71. This is such a timely article well researched and well curated to address the ever prevalent problem being faced in each walk of society. Awareness is the only answer not to get trapped and suffer.

  72. I think there’s more to this….. I mean to truly understand psychopathy, why they behave in such ways, what’s the reason….. There must be roots….. As all pathologies do have causes….. I know you will eventually come up with answers if we go deeper….

  73. Merely reading this scares. Each description seems to fit in one way or the other into some people I know. Even though are not 100% psychopaths, they exhibit the tendencies of being one.
    What is the difference between a psychopath and a narcissist? I always seem to confuse this two.

  74. “They are the unscrupulous coworker who plays the boss, takes credit for your work, and stabs you in the back with a smile.” This I know all to well , it was difficult to spot it at first until a co worker brought it up but it’s sad that people would turn out this way , why not just focus on yourself and your job and in that way people will recognize you .

  75. Neil Alvin Nicerio

    Great post. I find this one very informative. 🙂 Come to think of it, you have to check out the red flags before fully trusting someone.

  76. Yes! Thanks for raising awareness for this issue! Psychopaths are running around without us knowing exactly who they are, and every time I see a young kid travelling by itself on public transport, I tremble at the carelessness of their parents…

  77. I haven’t met a psychopath, but I’ve known a lot of sociopaths. They are very manipulative people and if you ever see an abusive relationship, you’re looking at one of the two. It’s important to realize the signs. Each can be very subtle and also very dangerous when given the chance to be.

  78. Jennifer Prince

    This is definitely a scary thing to think about! I almost believe there is a tiny bit of psychopath in all of us.

  79. Interesting post. I think people think of serial killers when they think of psychopaths and don’t realize there are different degrees of psychopaths. I never really thought of it that way either until I read this

  80. This is sad but true in today’s world. I just read about someone who nearly had her young daughter abducted in a Walmart in Louisiana by two shady looking guys who were working as a team! So scary these days, you just have to remain vigilant at all times.

  81. If I don’t get a good gut feeling about someone or something, I stay away from them/it! Seems to have helped me so far 🙂

  82. I had a hard time reading this. Psychopaths, and Sociopaths, are very hard to identify until it’s often too late. Hitler was a Psychopath. So why didn’t anyone see it? He, like all psychopaths, knows how to talk to people, to ‘give’ them what they want, in this case, what the German people wanted to hear. They are suave, they are charming, and they are like plastecine – they know what you want to hear. Thanks for the tips – but I’m still single for life, thanks 🙂

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