The Haunted House

Hey readers I know I have been posting after a long time in Paranormal. Actually I was in search of something different.
While searching for paranormal stuff I came in contact with Melissa Wilton from Canada who isn’t only a paranormal investigator but also a lovely homemaker. As I was talking to her she told me about one of her case of a Haunted house.

Yes I know in most the paranormal cases there are haunted houses but this one is different. One thing I would like to inform, for privacy concerns I won’t be revealing the property owner’s name, evidences and place.

So here now we will read what Melisa has to say about it.

Melissa: My team was contacted by the client who described various activity in the house, including seeing a man in their home office, having things move, sounds, etc. We set up a time to go conduct an investigation. We had a team of three of us go in November 2017. The investigation was mostly uneventful, the sensitive that we worked with felt the spirit of a small white dog, which the client had seen on multiple occasions. Upon review of my audio, I discovered that we did get one response to a question that I asked. During an EVP session, a team member commented that they heard footsteps upstairs, I asked if we had a camera facing in the direction of the sound, at the time, we heard nothing, but on the recording, we could hear a man’s voice quickly saying “no”, which was the correct answer to the question I asked, we did not have a camera facing in that direction!
On that investigation, we also captured an image of something on the stairs.

We were in touch with the client on and off through the holidays and in February 2018, with an increase in activity, we decided to go back for a follow up investigation. This time, it was myself and one other investigator, a sensitive who was not there the first time.

The night before the investigation, I had a dream that I was at the client’s house with her and I began to see spiders everywhere. The dream was extremely vivid, I have never had a dream about a client or upcoming investigation, so I decided to look up the meaning of the symbols in my dream. My research indicated that she may have a strong male, protective energy in her home.

While at the investigation, the other team member I had with me, talked about a protective male spirit, a family member from long ago, possibly. While we were conducting the investigation, our EMF detectors indicated several anomalies in a few random spots, like a desk chair, where the readings were high on and close to the chair, but not anywhere else in the room. As well, our EMF detector spiked randomly for no apparent reason, while sitting on the counter. This is something that happened in the same spot on our first visit, and we still cannot figure out what was going on.

As well, while doing EVP sessions, we heard knocking and tapping at random points, with no explanation. When you listen to this on the audio, it doesn’t seem like much, but knowing what was happening, that it was disembodied, it was very exciting!

Upon review of our footage, we also discovered that orb like specs seem to follow the client around. When she is in the room, they are in the room with her, and when she leaves, they leave. There were no orbs in any rooms that she wasn’t in, despite other people moving around in the rooms. This is very strange to me, I’ve never seen anything like it, and so I find it very interesting!

The sensitive that was at the second investigation felt strongly that the client was sensitive and had protective spirits around her, with this information, combined with all of the video, photo, and audio, we helped the client find ways to learn about potential sensitivities and work on them. I am still in close contact with her. The activity continues in her home, though it doesn’t scare them. In fact, a dream that she had helped them discover that they had an electrical problem that would have caused a house fire, if they had not found it!

Now that was Melissa’s view on the investigation. But as I question a lot here in this case even I asked her a few questions. Here it goes.

Me: My first question if they are protective spirits why did she ask for investigation as your sensitive said that the client was the sensitive herself. The spirits didn’t do anything to her even?

Melissa: The client wasn’t aware that she was sensitive or that the activity in her house was surrounding her, we put it all together through our investigation process. She still isn’t able to communicate with whatever is in her house, she’s learning to receive the information and try to analyse it.

Me: In many cases we have heard from mediums that’s if there are protective spirits at a place and if someone disturbs them in dreams which is supposed to be a lucid dream they feel choked. Or any sign of warning to stay away is given. Was it the same in your case as well?

Melissa: No, I didn’t experience being choked in my dream and neither has this client. The protective nature of this spirit is different than that. It’s more of an observing loved one that feels protective in a living way, not in a possessive way.

Me: Since when is she facing the activities at her home?

Melissa: She has had experiences her entire life, but the activity seems to be picking up the older she gets (She isn’t that old, for the record lol).

Me: Does she live alone?

Melissa: She lives with her husband. He also experiences the activity.

Me: Any close person of her who might have demised?

Melissa: There wasn’t anyone that she could think of.

Me: So the spirit only protects her? Or her husband as well?

Melissa: Well, it seems connected to her, but he definitely benefits from it. For example, the dream she had about a fire caused them to check everything and that’s when they found the fuse box smoking, and severely damaged, much of it was melted. If they hadn’t found it, their house would have burned down for sure.

Me: How old is the house they are living in?

Melissa: About 30 years.

Me: Seems these spirit or spirits maintained a code of honour… Did they try to mess with you and your fellow members?

Melissa: Not at all. They didn’t seem interested in us at all the first time we went. The second time, there was a lot of minor activity, but nothing negative or scary.

Me: The house they live in was it inherited? Or they bought it?

Melissa: They bought it.

Me: They are mostly interested in her. And which means there are no chances any of you carried any energy from there with you. And the sensitive or the medium who accompanied you on your second visit to it what were his views about the spirits?

Melissa: No, definitely not, we didn’t. The sensitive felt that it was an older male spirit that was connected through family to the client.

Ok, Thank you Melissa I will end my questions here.

Melissa: You are welcome.

So readers from here we get to know that all spirits are not bad. They are good and protective too. I hope you have enjoyed the read. Once again I would like to remind you that due to privacy concerns I won’t be revealing the property owner’s name, evidences and the actual place of incident.

I will end this article here. See you soon. Till then, keep reading, keep commenting and keep supporting.

Take care

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  1. Hey M! Wow a really different and interesting take on paranormal activities.
    The interview sounded a bit spooky and i gave me the chills lol. And although I am not fond of these things, it is good to know that there are some spirits that mean well!
    Looking forward to your next read!

  2. What a great post! It’s nice to see a positive post on spirits. Personally I’ve mostly had positive experiences but the ones you hear about most are usually negative. So thanks for a positive post!

    Jackie -Organised Mum Life

  3. Thank God that the spirits don’t harm them! I was actually waiting for the picture of the actual house. But as you’ve said, we have to respect their privacy. I wanna read moreeee. 🙂

  4. Great. I’m commenting before bed. Sigh. Still, I love reading paranormal stories but not watching them. No ma’am. Very interesting that they weren’t threatening to her and her husband especially as they’re strange ones and not of loved family members.

  5. Now, this is quite the spooky read! I love how detailed the homeowner was with you in regards to the supernatural activities and encounters she has witnessed. It takes a brave soul to live in a home that has spirits.

  6. Oh, I had chills reading this. I’m someone who gets scared really easily but I’m glad I stuck through and read the whole interview – it’s calming to know that not all spirits are bad.

  7. Well, I guess I shouldn’t have read this interview at night… It gave me chills! I’m always into paranormal stuff, but when I start digging for more, it becomes an obsession…
    xoxo MonsterFrogaki (MyLifeasFoteini)

  8. This is so interesting! Completely honestly, I’m not a big believer in the paranormal, but your dreams were so unique and intriguing.

  9. That is so interesting! I always find the paranormal so fascinating. The fact that the orbs were following her – spooky for sure!

  10. I have a paranormal experience that happened to me, except the spirit I was dealing with was very negative. I absolutely loved reading this! I look forward to hearing more from you!

  11. I’ve seen a few shows on tv about paranormal activities in homes. They seem real, although I have not experienced it in my own life. But it’s interesting how they have these tools to help them communicate with spirits and such.

  12. This is fascinating! I have always been interested in paranormal activity but this is so refreshing to hear that the spirit is protective! I was hooked on your every word 🙂

  13. This reminds me of my paranormal experiences back i my childhood days. We lived in the province that is totally remote and lots of this. But it was a memorable experience.

  14. I have mostly seen things like this in TV shows where they investigate paranormal activities in the houses. When we were visiting Penang in Malaysia, we went to an old jail, kind of a fort which has recently opened up for tourism and that was one of the most haunted places is what they said. Overall experience was quite spooky. We still remember that in one of the caves we were making a video recording and after coming out, we saw nothing got recorded at all!

  15. Like most of the readers I had chills while reading this. paranormal activities are always fascinating and you can’t get enough of the stories like that one.

  16. Wow this is SO interesting! I love the paranormal and the fact that this spirit was overprotective but in a good way is so fascinating to me.

  17. I used to watch paranormal shows quite often and I was always amazed with the haunted houses. I respect people who work in this field and help people to gain peace in their own homes. I had some strange experiences myself too. 🙂

  18. Paranormal investigators are so fascinating! I am really into haunted houses and old spirits, so this interview is right up my ally!

  19. That was a very interesting but in the same time scary read. I’m not sure how I would react if I knew there was a presence in my house. I would probably be very scared.

  20. There’s a school of thought that supports the notion that entities that haunt places or others are actually projections of the real being who is dreaming or hallucinating or intentionally projecting his or her energy from another realm. It appears that the other-worldly entities are really interested in the occupant of the house and not the house itself. There may be a basis for the attraction.

  21. I dont really feel comfortable with supernatural but it was really interesting to read the interview about the protective spirits. I’d probably move out though lol

  22. Wow, I thought it would be tooo scary turns out, it was less. Many TV shows make it way too scary, but by reading yours felt like I have nothing much to fear. But, I will be little cautious now. But thank you for the read.

  23. I believe in the paranormal and loved reading this. I had to keep reading because it’s just so surreal. I sometimes want to experience more paranormal activity but then I realize I probably would be so spooked.

  24. This really got me thinking that anything is possible in this world. I don’t think I would have the courage to go to a house if there were reports of strange sounds and things moving though.

  25. I’m happy to read this !!
    Yes, they are also protective and kind !

    This is like aliens in the movies : 80% of the movies represent them as bad being !
    But who knows ?
    For the spirits it’s often the same.

    Let’s keep the positivity 😀

    Thank you for sharing thos story

  26. I grew up in a town full of haunted houses and other areas of paranormal activity. As a child, it scared the hell out of me!! As an adult now, I’m a bit skeptical of whether they were actually true – but you still won’t find me walking around those areas at night lol!

  27. I am definitely not a fan of haunted houses or scary stories. But your post is quite interesting. I appreciate that you kept the people’s information private to protect their privacy.

  28. I love paranormal stuff! This is really interesting, I like reading about paranormal investigations and the spirits they encountered, it makes me learn more about them. Thank you for sharing this!

  29. What a great reminder that all interactions may not be scary. Sounds like the spirit is looking at for the person and her family.

  30. I don’t believe in ghosts or spirits at all. I never heard of someone experiencing these things in my close circle. I hope she gets okay with time and deals with whatever is in her house.

  31. I love haunted stories! I have experienced something similar relating to a protective spirit being constantly with you since childhood! So the subjects fasinates me more

  32. I love reading articles like this, it keeps me reading all the way to the end. Very interesting, your writing is clear and easy to understand. Will be reading more from you soon!

  33. I am so fascinated by the paranormal! We have a ghost hunting team that is local to me and being friends with two of the team members I’ve gotten to shadow two investigations. My favorite one was an old opera house that is full of activity. This was a great story, thanks for sharing!

  34. I love and am terrified of paranormal stories at the same time! It’s interesting that she mentions the idea of “feeling choked” when being disrupted. I’ve had supernatural experiences before so this was a great read.

  35. Usually, I’m not a huge fan of paranormal stories but it was interesting to read this story in particular as it reveals some new information to me.

  36. This was a great read! So my Father is a pastor who thinks the paranormal side of the world is insane. On the other hand though, my Stepdad is a Shaman. Nothing else needs to bs said about that lol. I lived in an apartment that was haunted for about a year. And I have had other experiences…one of the things that I have noticed is that if the spirit was harmful, I felt that energy immediately. And if it wasn’t, I also felt that energy immediately. I have always trusted my gut. Anyway thanks for the great read!

  37. Very interesting read and not to far from where I live. I have captured a few EVP’s myself over the past couple of years. Some are full sentences wherein the spirit responds to us directly.

  38. OK- I have to admit , I am a big chicken when it comes to discussing ghosts and spirits. But very interesting interview.

  39. I always find it so interesting to read stuff on the paranormal. It just holds some fascination, particularly when so many people report things that can not be explained rationally. There must be something to it and perhaps we will know a lot more through discoveries we make in the future.

  40. Probably not something I would want to read since I am alone in the house but I did it anyways. lol. I try to avoid this subject because I easily get scared. Very enlightening article. 🙂

  41. This is such a fascinating interview. But I have to say that any activity, good or bad, would cause me to leave immediately! I do love reading about it, though. I just wouldn’t want to personally experience it.

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