Ukiyo-e Artistry: Brushstrokes of Japan



Ukiyo-e, a window to the past,

Where the beauty of life is cast,

With delicate strokes and vibrant hues,

A world of wonder, for all to peruse.

A Little Introduction:

Ukiyo-e, from Japan’s ancient shores,

A treasure trove of tales and lores,

From the 17th to the 19th century’s light,

It captured life in its most vivid flight.

Ukiyo-e sought to portray,

The fleeting joys of life’s display,

From bustling streets to tranquil streams,

It depicted dreams, as in dreams.

geisha-7462603_1280.jpg (1280×731)

Notable Artists

Hokusai, with his “Great Wave” so tall,

Captured nature’s might, standing tall,

With Mount Fuji in the distance, serene,

A timeless masterpiece, a sight to be seen.

 the-great-wave-off-kanagawa-after-hokusai-japanese-ukiyo-e-art.jpg (612×433)
The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Hokusai

Hiroshige, with his landscapes vast,

Painted scenes from first to last,

From the Tokaido road to cherry blossoms’ bloom,

His art filled hearts with sweet perfume.

sc137255.jpg (2000×1263)
Utagawa Hiroshige: Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom along the Sumida River

Utamaro, with his portraits fair,

Captured beauty beyond compare,

With graceful women and elegant attire,

His artistry took hearts higher and higher.

Kitagawa-Utamaro-Lovers-Teahouse.jpg (1300×929)
Kitagawa Utamaro

A Poem by Me

In lands of the rising sun, Ukiyo-e blooms,

A treasure trove of tales in painted rooms.

With brushes wielded by skilled hands,

They capture life in distant lands.

Mountains tall and rivers wide,

In Ukiyo-e, they beautifully reside.

Geishas dance in vibrant kimonos,

While samurais stand firm, in stoic pose.

Cherry blossoms fall like gentle rain,

In scenes of beauty, they leave their stain.

Each stroke whispers stories of old,

In Ukiyo-e’s world, legends unfold.

Fishermen cast nets in the morning light,

Their boats adrift, a serene sight.

Temples nestled among emerald trees,

In Ukiyo-e’s world, time finds ease.

Through woodblock prints, they tell their tale,

Of fleeting joys and hearts that sail.

In Ukiyo-e’s embrace, we find,

A world of wonder, forever entwined.

ukiyo-e-8630543_1280.png (640×1280)

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Featured Image Courtesy: Mili Das


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  1. Loved the words and the imagery. How effortlessly you weave a symphony. Never saw much of Japanese art before. I was reading about Japan and I was surprised to know that people live very depressing lives there. Housing is a huge problem and commuting to work and back has made them automatons. Sad to know about people who lived happy and long.

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