Yamato-e: Echoes of Japan

Yamato-e painting, a window to the past,
Shows Japan’s tales, made to last,
With bright colors and stories dear,
It keeps Japan’s history near.

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A Little Introduction:
Yamato-e started long ago,
In Japan’s land, where stories flow,
During a time called Heian’s reign,
It painted Japan, its joy and pain.

Yamato-e tried to show,
Japan’s life in a colorful glow,
With scenes of people, nature’s sight,
It brought Japan’s world to light.

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Notable Artists:
In artists’ hands, it found a way,
To show Japan, night and day,
From stories of heroes, brave and strong,
To flowers blooming, all year long.

In every painting, you can see,
Mountains, rivers, and people free,
From battles fought to festivals bright,
Yamato-e shows Japan’s delight.

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A Poem by Me:
In Japan’s land where sun does rise,
Yamato-e tells tales, a sweet surprise.
With brush in hand, and colors bright,
Ancient stories come to light.

Mountains tall, against blue sky,
Birds soaring high, as clouds drift by.
Cherry blossoms bloom in spring’s embrace,
Their fragrance filling every space.

Samurai warriors, noble and strong,
Their armor gleaming, hearts belong.
Geishas dance with gentle grace,
Their movements weaving time and space.

Through seasons changing, Yamato-e flows,
From winter’s chill to summer’s rose.
Rivers winding, through valleys green,
In these paintings, life is seen.

In simple strokes, history’s told,
Legends passed down, in art’s stronghold.
Yamato-e whispers tales of yore,
In hues and lines forevermore.

Let’s journey through this painted land,
Where beauty and tales go hand in hand.
In Yamato-e’s world, let’s freely roam,
And find in art, a treasured home.

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Featured Image CourtesyMili Das

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