Zen Painting: A Journey into Tranquility

Zen painting, a brush dipped in calm,
Where silence speaks, like a soothing balm,
With simple strokes and a mindful gaze,
Artists create worlds in Zen’s quiet haze.

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A Little Introduction:
Zen painting, born from ancient lands,
In temples and gardens, where presence expands,
Rooted in Buddhist teachings so profound,
It seeks truth in silence, without a sound.

Zen painting aims to reveal,
The essence of life, raw and real,
With every brushstroke, every mark we see,
It invites us to look, to truly be.

painting-tree-small-island-with-sun-setting-it_753098-14279.jpg (383×626)

Notable Artists:
In the hands of Zen masters, it takes form,
With each stroke, a meditation born,
From Enku’s wandering monk, so free,
To Sesshu’s landscapes, vast as the sea.

In every painting, a moment is held,
With bamboo, rocks, and trees compelled,
From Hakuin’s circles of enlightenment’s glow,
To Ryokan’s moon, casting a tranquil flow.

drawing-stack-rocks-with-word-zen-it_900101-8374.jpg (417×626)

A Poem by Me:
In Zen art, there’s a quiet song,
Painted with brush, not very long.
Black and white, simple and neat,
It’s a tale told in lines so sweet.

No bright colors, just calm and clear,
Mountains and rivers, drawing near.
A tree alone, with branches wide,
In silence, it finds its stride.

Each stroke tells a story, old and wise,
No need for words, just open eyes.
In stillness, secrets start to bloom,
In Zen art, there’s plenty of room.

So let’s look close, with hearts so kind,
In Zen painting, peace we find.
Simple and pure, it shows the way,
To a quiet place where thoughts can sway.

empty_mind_by__achiru_.jpg (1056×1056)

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Featured Image CourtesyMili Das

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