5 Tips to Boost Your Mental Health

We all know that Mental Health is very important in every stage of our life as it includes not only our emotional and psychological well-being but also our social well-being as well. Today I have 5 tips which are simple indeed but they will also help you to boost your mental health.

1. Start your day by writing down gratitudes in a form of a journal

Write down a minimum of three things you are grateful for and it will help you remain positive throughout the day.

2. Experiment

Now when I say experiment, it only doesn’t mean experiment in cooking. You can experiment in painting or anything you like doing.

3. Take out some time to LAUGH

We all have busy lives. But find some time to either hang out with your family or your loved one or you can also watch comedy movies or comedy shows. Good laughter always helps in reducing anxiety.

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4. If anything is Bothering you… Write it down

I know I could have said that talk to your close ones about it, but I would suggest writing down your worries or upsetting experiences as writing reduces the symptoms of depression.

5. Take 30 minutes to go for a Walk

I know going for a walk or hike in the woods is not possible every day when you live in a city but every day minimum of 30 minutes (especially in nature) will increase your energy levels, reduce the chances of depression and boost your well-being

So these were the five things which you can try out. It will definitely help you out.

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21 thoughts on “5 Tips to Boost Your Mental Health”

  1. I also find music a big part of lifting ur mood and staying positive…mental health has become a big concern as we all live isolated lives…such pointers are very helpful

  2. These are very good ways to boost up the mental health. I usually write a journal and pour my thoughts into it as it helps a lot. I also like to watch a light comedy show, something that makes me laugh. And a good walk helps as well.

  3. I love to watch movies or listen to music when my mood is not ok. Sometimes I consider walking alone while listening to audio books. I guess we all need some me-time when things are not ok which actually boosts our mental healthh.

  4. These are excellent tips. I have been journaling since I was a teen and it has helped me through really difficult times. Taking a walk is one of the most underrated ones and works like a charm,

  5. You have shared some really good tips. Writing down what you are feeling is a good way to feel better. I will also add talking about it. Keeping it all bottled up makes it worse.

  6. Great tips. I’d like to add one that I often follow. No matter what happens, if you change

    ‘Why is it happening to me’


    ‘What is it trying to teach me’

    That could do wonders!

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