8 Real Life Lessons to Learn From Mahabharat

Mahabharat is the world’s largest epic. We all know the story revolves between two branches of family the Pandavas and Kauravas. While reading or watching Mahabharat if you have noticed it is relevant to our day to day life.

Today I have 8 such take aways of mine from the Epic Mahabharat.

1. Never Make a Woman Angry

Remember, when Draupadi was insulted in the court by Kauravas?
She cursed them that their lineage will end. None of the Kauravas made it out alive from the war.

2. Being humble and generous is not enough to live

Karna’s life is an example here, he had the most humble of heart and always tried to help, but couldn’t succeed because people never cared about him.
It’s not all about winning.
Many characters in Mahabharat are killed unjustly, even though they’re good people with pure intentions. The same can be true in life, not everything will go your way and that’s okay!
Your family is your priority no matter what.

Even in today’s world, you might be a humble and generous human but being humble and generous doesn’t mean that you won’t protect yourself and your family against the evil of society.

3. Loyal friends will Never Leave Your Side

The Pandavas had Lord Krishna’s friendship and support and the Kauravas had Karna’s friendship. Both Karna and Lord Krishna support their respective parties.

Losing the battle was not what was meant to happen. It was not what they had planned or wanted, but they were still loyal friends while their entire family lost their life’s goal.
Karna and Lord Krishna are examples of how loyalty is important for winning battles in war, whether it is the battle…
Loyal friends will take you places with them and win battles with you even if you lose out on your fight against the opposing party yourself. This support will help make up for extra losses and ultimately win you a war without physically fighting.

4. Bad Company Will Ruin Your Life.

Remember Shakuni Mama? He influenced the Kauravas negatively. Yes, he was avenging his family but if it were not for Shakuni Mama, the Battle of Mahabharat would never take place.

5. Often, Enemies Come In Life in the Form of Friends.

Kauravas were more in number, but if you see the best warriors like Bheeshma, Dronacharya, Vidhura they secretly admired the Pandavas. Although they couldn’t support them directly yet they wanted them to win the battle.

6. Half Knowledge is Dangerous than No Knowledge

We all loved Abhimanyu for his undying courage. He knew how to enter the trap (Chakravyuh) but he didn’t know how to get out of it. Had he known about it, he would have been saved.

7. If You Are Passionate about Something, No One Can Stop You.

You may remember Ekalavya, who was know as the fastest Archer than Arjuna. He learnt archery from Guru Dronacharya, and when the Guru realized that Eklavya was better than Arjuna, he asked him to cut off his thumb and give it to him as his ‘Gurudakshina’. Yet, after he had given it to Dronacharya he invented his own technique of shooting arrows which did not require thumb.

8. No Matter Whatever You Do, Good Strategy is Always Needed.

The only reason Pandavas won the battle of Mahabharat was because they had Krishna. Lord Krishna was indeed the Mastermind.

Although there are more things that we learn from Mahabharat but these are the ones which I liked the most.
If you want to add anything to the list let me know in the comments below.

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18 thoughts on “8 Real Life Lessons to Learn From Mahabharat”

  1. Loved the post.. For me Seeing divinity all around, respecting everything as a natural creation and believing that everything is under God’s control. According to Krishna in the Mahabharata, he is present in every particle. Believing there is divinity in everything. Well, there are many more.

  2. You have picked up some really great points. Mahabharat is my all time favorite epic. Although I am not sure of the first point because we still live in a highly patriarchal society and men really still don’t care for a women.

  3. These are some good examples and learning s from Mahabharata. I would like to add one more, one should not go too far to keep promises, and when you know that your promise is taken advantage by others. If Bhisma broke his promise to support Dhristrastra and his sons then war could have been avoided.

  4. How I wish everyone knows and remembers the first quote…”Never make a Woman Angry”. All the other lessons are also equally important

  5. This is such a good post. Mahabharat is a great epic with lots of life lessons. You’re right that our biggest enemies sometimes come in the guise of friends. We should always watch our pockets carefully.

  6. Each of our great epics provides a lot of learnings. I would like to add one more to your well compiled list. The company you keep decides your fate – Karna, though was a good soul, his loyalty to the wrong side and keeping mum during many wrong doings, ultimately lead to his downfall.

  7. Enjoyed reading your post. There are so many things you can learn from Mahabharat. What makes it different is that no one is perfect there. People made mistakes and paid for it. “Never Make a Woman Angry” is a good one.

  8. I think this one is quite apt in today’s world: “Often, Enemies Come In Life in the Form of Friends.” Our scriptures pack in a lot of wisdom. If only we spent more time interpreting them in an unbiased manner!

  9. So very true, Monidipa. Your post reminds me of the Dharmakshetra show on Epic channel. A sort of dissertation on the characters and their actions. A lot of takeaways there.

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