4 Simple Tips to Reduce Your Anxiety

Anxiety has become very common nowadays. Almost every adult does get anxious. Today I have 5 simple tips which you can do when you are feeling anxious.


1. Take a walk


Trust me when I say, walking always helps. It always helps you to clear your mind.

Serotonin is a hormone that is a mood enhancer.

Walking gives a lot of health benefits to people of all ages and fitness levels. It also helps to prevent certain diseases and even prolongs your life.

Improves Blood Circulation
Burn calories (Lose weight)
Improve your mood 
Improves Sleep
Strengthen Muscles



2. Distract yourself


We get anxious when we are triggered, so whenever you are having anxiety try to distract your mind. You can listen to music, cook, anything. It is like a form of exercise.

To distract yourself during anxiety there is a 5 A’s rule which you need to follow.

5: Acknowledge FIVE things you see around you.

4: Acknowledge FOUR things you can touch around you.

3: Acknowledge THREE things you hear.

2: Acknowledge TWO things you can smell.

1: Acknowledge ONE thing you can taste.




3. Talk to someone


Whenever you are having anxiety you may talk to people whom you are comfortable with. It will help you. And if you can’t talk write it down. It helps.


4. Take deep breaths


By breathing deeply from your stomach, you signal your nervous system to calm down. Deep breathing takes practice, it won’t be immediately helpful. Pranayam helps, in case you are not sure how to do it, I have attached a video below that will help.


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27 thoughts on “4 Simple Tips to Reduce Your Anxiety”

  1. I have written many blogs on anxiety, as I am suffering from chronic depression for 37 years now. When I help others all these tips you shared and they work. I suffer from severe anxiety attacks and at that time nothing works. I wish I had a magic wand that would end this living hell for me.

  2. Anxiety or just being anxious seems to be the new normal and old ways of coping have not really been working. I like how simple your suggestions are and they would be easy to incorporate into an everyday routine. Walking, even if its for 10 mins has definitely been helpful – thanks for sharing this tip.

  3. Anxiety issues are on the rise thanks to the very stressful lives that we lead. Unnecessary pressure on materialistic things and definition of ‘success’ i feel is a big contribution to this. The tips are good. We can also conciously help those with anxiety by truly being there for them without judgement, when they are looking for support.

  4. I have found anxiety can be attributed to various reasons. For me, anxiety has been a direct outcome of my expectations from others which sometimes remain fulfilled. I have found talking to someone helpful.

  5. Anxiety seems more common nowadays because people have finally accepted its existence. Years back people used to think it was a fad. The tips you share seem simple but they really do work.

  6. The five As rule is interesting. I have never tried that. A take on gratitude. Thanks for sharing the tips. We all have one that works for us. For me, it is walking too.

  7. It’s good to have a list of these activities to do when stress or anxiety attacks. Talking to people close to you is a great start. It’s also important to have a circle of friends who can support you anytime.

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  9. great tips for helping with stress and anxiety.. distracting ourselves by finding something else to focus on does help; and walks out in nature always always works

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