Abstract Art: A Journey Through Colors and Emotions

This year, a lot has changed for me. Initially, I thought of books for the A2Z Challenge 2024, but then again, I don’t review books here. So, I thought of coming up with Art, rather, types of Arts in my own poetic way.

I can’t draw, but I can write, and that’s why I tried to do with each art form this year for A2Z Challenge 2024.

The first form of Art, with the alphabet A, is Abstract Art. As everyone says, it was introduced in the year 1910 and was painted by Vassily Kandinsky.

An oil-on-canvas painting, Several Circles is a piece of abstract art painted by Kandinsky in 1926 and as before, makes use of heavy geometric elements.

A Little History:

Around 1910, artists said, “Let’s break free!”

From painting things as they really be.

Instead, they played with lines and form,

To express emotions in a brand-new norm.

Painted in 1908, The Blue Mountain depicts horses and their riders, a theme he seemingly was captivated by during this period of his career.

Notable Artist:

Wassily Kandinsky, a master of the trade,

With colors and shapes, he boldly played.

His “Composition VII,” a vibrant display,

Of swirling forms that seem to sway.

Improvisation 31 is an abstract construction completed in 1913 depicting a sea battle.

A Poem by Me:

In the realm of abstract art, we roam,

Where colors speak and shapes intone.

Each stroke a whisper, each hue a song,

A canvas alive, where dreams belong.

With every dab of paint and stroke of brush,

We venture into the unknown, without a hush.

For in this world, there are no rules to bind,

Only endless possibilities for the creative mind.

So let your spirit soar, let your colors fly,

In the boundless expanse of the abstract sky.

For in this realm of wonder, where art holds sway,

You’ll find your voice in the colors that play.

Black Lines was a work painted in 1913 by Kandinsky and is considered to be one of his first non-objective geometric style paintings.

That’s all for today. I’ll see you again tomorrow with a new form of Art and a new poem.


This post is a part of Blogchatter A2Z challenge 2024


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