Bookclub Meet: Nostalgia, Stories, and Rejuvenation

It was our meeting day again. This time only four of us were there: Bhavik, Rajeshwari, Vikram, and me. Ankur couldn’t attend because he is sick, Pritam got caught up with work, Meher, and others couldn’t come because of reasons. Today, our meeting got extended because, first of all, except Bhavik, we were late, and then we talked a lot. We were talking about nostalgic memories of our childhood. I blabbered a lot because, first of all, I HATE OCTOBER, and second, I am kind of burnt out, as I had mentioned in my posts earlier.

Today, Rajeshwari brought Ruskin Bond’s book ‘A Little Book of Magical Plants. If you love plants, you will love it. On every page, the author talks about a plant and tells us about his memory associated with it. He’s my favorite, so I had a heartwarming feeling.

Vikram got ‘The Humans‘ by Matt Haig, and he narrated the story so well that the whole time I kept thinking, “If only I could narrate so well.” I had ‘Deep in the Dark‘ by Suman Mukherjee (a short horror story book). Having read this book in 2021, I remembered three stories clearly out of 11. One was about a doll, and I hate them. Another was a sad revenge story of old parents, and the last one I didn’t tell them, which I’ve put on hold until the next session, as it is blood-curling, and I loved it.

Bhavik got ‘Murder At the Mushaira‘ by Raza Mir. As he is a wonderful narrator, the plot, when he explained it, rejuvenated my interest in history again. Well, the book is historical fiction, but the mention of the historical figures sounded convincing enough for me to get the book. It is not only a murder mystery, but it has it all, so I am sure this 350-page book will be on my shelf by next week.

There are shayaris as well in the book, which triggered my memories of friends who helped me with my memories with them in 2017. Nostalgia has a way of creeping in, doesn’t it?


As our meeting came to an end, I felt happy. Even though some couldn’t make it today, we had a great time filled with laughter and memories. Talking about books and stories made us feel close, and it reminded us of the fun in sharing our past. Remembering the old days brings us together, and it’s moments like these that make life feel wonderful. I’m excited about our next meeting and the stories it will bring. In those moments, we find something truly special.

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