Confusion Is In The Air

“Maya Maya Maya… I still remember the first day when I saw her. I saw her in one of our footage of surveillance cameras. A customer misbehaved with one of our waiters in the restaurant and before Anil could reach there, she stood up for him.


She always came to the restaurant on Saturdays and Sundays and sat with her laptop and worked. She drank a lot of coffee.


I never spoke to her but Anil did only once though. I just used to look at her.


I was extremely happy when I got a friend request from her. I got to know what she does, and etc. in detail.


The day after she sent me a request, I and Anil both went to talk with her. Anil, my childhood bestie, is shy; he left but I kept talking to her. She replied less but she was looking at me when I was speaking with her.


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I don’t exactly remember how we became friends and started hanging out but Maya is wonderful.


I love waking up beside her, I love the smell of her hairs, it reminds me of my favorite flower Jasmine. Maya isn’t fair and beautiful like every girl but she has mesmerizing big eyes, with a hint of blue and it speaks a thousand words. Her smile makes me forget all my troubles.


Maya has always helped me, financially and in other ways too. She never asked back her money. She never asked anything from me.


You know I am broken, I am a compulsive liar, I am aware of that but still, I can’t help it.


Maya and Anil know when I lie, yet they stand for me. Even when I and Anil fight, Maya had solved our differences.


Maya had always been there. Anil says I am a womanizer but I am not, I’m just afraid of getting hurt in love. I have misbehaved a lot with Maya, I know I am short-tempered but she has always put up with me.


When I texted Maya that night and informed her that I’m going home she told me that she loves me.


I was at a loss for words. I had always known that somewhere, didn’t I?


Previously on The Chronicles of Maya: The Other Perspective


I don’t know what exactly I feel for Maya… She is my friend yet I can’t see her with anyone else. Not even with Anil. Weirdly, Anil becomes too calm and composed in front of Maya.


I don’t know what to do…”


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Zan said all these things in a breath as he sat with his other best friend Avishek.


He looked at Zan for some time and then said, “You are a country boy, and Maya is a city girl. It is just a phase for her which will pass, even if your heart beats for her, don’t fall in love with her.”


Zan’s face turned red, as he was about to reply something Avishek continued, “See, if Maya loved you she would have texted you at least once. It had been 5 days”.


Zan now didn’t say a word. He knew it was true ever since that night Maya had neither send her any message nor had called him. She knew that Zan had gone home yet she didn’t even try to contact him.


Two more days and then Zan was about to go back to Gujarat, but this time with his brother.


He sat and kept thinking about Maya that may be Avishek was right, it is just a phase for her…



On the other side, Maya was preparing to go out on a long trip to clear her mind.


to be continued…


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134 thoughts on “Confusion Is In The Air”

  1. Poor Maya. She has such a conflicted range of emotions, and everything is so confusing for her. I really hope she finds a happy ending.

  2. I hope that Z figures out what he wants. I think for a guy it’s about time that he grows up and starts making decisions for himself.

  3. not to sound cynical, but sadly Maya will realize if you’re not in that “perfect” relationship, Love will always be confusing

  4. Wait is aways painful. And when it is accompanied with uncertainty then it is killing.
    I eagerly wait for each chapter this story. You are weaving so wonderfully keeping the suspense intact.

  5. This chronicle is getting more painful to read each time. Sadly it reflects the reality of love within our current society. There should be a technology developed to make us say what we really think and express our emotions too. Thank you for such a good read once again!

  6. This chapter has made me dislike Z even more, and the friend who seems to be twisting Z’s mind. Maya has done enough, and needs to look out for herself, not wait around for someone who isn’t making any effort for her. Everyone is afraid of getting hurt, but he is currently hurting Maya and trying to justify it because HE doesn’t want to get hurt, and that’s just selfish in my eyes. I just don’t think these two are meant to be together!

  7. I don’t like this round and round stuff. Either Z likes her or doesn’t want to be with her. Her not calling Zan shouldn’t be a reason for him not to “fall in love with her”. Why can’t Z message or call her?

  8. hmmmm not that he has admitted that he is a compulsive liar, maybe Maya is better off without him. Honestly, I don’t like bad boys but there are women who seem to fall for these types. Too complicated hehe

  9. Zan seems like one confused soul. I love the way you have shaped the story. Each character is gray and one is left wondering what happens next. That is the hallmark of a good writer.

  10. Finally his part of the story! I don’t think it’s okay not to reply and still wait for maya to contact him. Afterall she spoke her heart out. Waiting for next part eagerly!

  11. I think Maya is doing the right thing by going on a long trip to clear her mind. Sometimes all you need is to break free from all the noise and clutter that surrounds us. I don’t think Zan loves Maya.

  12. Now we know what Zan think about Maya. Story is going on in different direction now. I think Maya and Zan both are confused about each others feelings. Looking forward to read the next part.

  13. Why is it that the city girls are always misunderstood ? City girls also have emotions …. they can also love someone whole heartedly. Being a city girl who was victim of the same, I can completely understand how maya feels.

  14. I love a good story. Love the instant connection that came through between the 2 characters because that depicts real life. That happens. Can’t wait to read the next instalment!

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