The Other Perspective

So finally as planned Zan and Anil came down to Maya’s house for a small get-together on 3rd March before Zan left for home on 6th March.

Anil had always been an introvert and Zan an extrovert. Although they were having a good time, talking and laughing, Maya couldn’t help but notice that whenever she got too busy talking with Anil, Zan’s expression changed.


Anil recently had broken up with his girlfriend Sana after his birthday party, as he got to know that Sana was cheating on him but he didn’t look sad, he looked worried.



Spoiler Alert: Next Update will be from the point of view of Z and that too in his words!




Maya was observing everything. All of a sudden Z excused himself for the washroom when Anil held Maya’s hand and pulled her closer and whispered in her ear, “Zan’s wedding is fixed. It’s an arranged marriage.”


For a moment Maya felt like everything is broken, shattered.


When Zan returned from the washroom she asked him if his mother was planning his wedding, he had a smug look on his face as he replied, “Only my mother can find an ideal partner for me. She knows what’s better for me”.


“I have work tomorrow, I think you guys should leave now”, Maya said in a polite yet firm tone.


Previously on The Chronicles of Maya: In The Hope of Yes


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Anil looked at Maya and understood that it would be better if he didn’t say anything. He simply stood up, yet Z tried to ask her if she was feeling sick. Maya continued with her work excuse.

Z didn’t know what to say, so he left with Anil. When they left Maya broke down yet she made herself understand that it was for her own good…


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As Z and Anil walked towards Z’s apartment, which was only a block away from Maya’s, a tear fell from Z’s eye and Anil’s heart sank.


They didn’t say a word to each other all the way.


            to be continued…..



<img src="img_Anil and Zan going road going towards mountain.jpg" alt="road going towards mountain" width="500" height="600">



Was it a lie that Anil and Z said to Maya? Will Maya ever get to know that Z was hurt too?





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127 thoughts on “The Other Perspective”

  1. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    Turning it to be more and more suspicious. Why will they lie to Maya and why not? Yes would like to know about Zan too.

  2. This story is getting interesting with every chapter. I don’t want to imagine what will happen. I want your to tell. How do you manage to leave each chapter at such a turn….

  3. Oh well!! I definitely didn’t see this coming.But I don’t think they lied. Why would they? For what purpose? If Zan didn’t confirm it, it’d be understandable. But he did. I don’t know what to think.

  4. He had a smug look on his face when she asked, as it may have been a lie? If it WAS a lie, and he went along with it, then I officially hate Z and hope Maya chooses not to be with him if there is no arranged marriage after all.

  5. This is maybe my fourth time tuning into this story, and it gets more and more interesting every time I come back. I hope that you keep writing this for for a long time at least a while, it’s a nice story to read. Thanks for posting!

  6. After always chasing this story & looking forward for next chapter, this is really an exciting story to read. I strongly encourage you to make it a book, sure lots of ppl will be loving it. cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  7. This chapter is more interesting and infact, I had to browse earlier chapters once again, I lost this story track from my mind. So sorry!

  8. I think Maya should just move on and find someone else. If there is no communication between Maya and Z, then getting into that relationship has no happy ending.

  9. OKAY. This episode is very interesting but I’m completely lost in the story as I didn’t read the previous episodes. You’re such a good writer, I am going back to read the previous Chapters ASAP. I appreciate you for sharing such a story.

  10. So does that mean z loves her as well? Or maybe wants her to get over him & hence lied about the wedding….made anil lie too? Will Anil & maya end up together now that he is single.

  11. i am feeling more miserable than mAYA AND Wud like to request you to please make a happy ending ,,, inspite the spoiler has already come. i wish Maya is the girl choosen by Z’s mothers

  12. Super cool story line and enjoyed this read! Definitely looking forward to more and will be back to check out more of your site 🙂 Love the writing style too!

  13. Each episode is like a new story in itself. You are a blessed writer indeed. Yes, life can be mean and complicated. Can’t wait to hear the reality behind Z and Anil’s lie.

  14. Day by day the chronicles of Maya takes a new turn. I am so intrigued by the twists and turns in your story. I loved the way you let the audience perceive the characters and their emotions with your writing. Looking forward to the next chapter.

  15. So it was a little odd starting a story in the middle (because I think this is my first time to your site), but I like where this is going. I definitely like where this is going. So I’m going to head back to the beginning to start this story from the top!

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