May be I Couldn’t Be A Good Daughter

Dahlia: Aunt Mona, mummy says that you hate mother’s day, why so?

Mona looked at her for some time and then patted Dahlia’s cheek and replied, “Maybe because I couldn’t be a good daughter”.

“But ma says that your mummy daddy was very much proud of you since you were a baby like me”.

“Maybe they were, who knows”, Mona replied as she wore her specs.

Dahlia stared at her blankly for some time, she was just a 6-year-old baby to understand Mona’s words.

Suddenly, Dahlia stood up and hugged her, “I will always love you Mona Aunty”.

Mona smiled and hugged her back as a tear dropped from her right eye.





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50 thoughts on “May be I Couldn’t Be A Good Daughter”

  1. Just what needed!! A love, a care and concern. Kids know how to deal with things better even thought they really don’t understand the situation or the feeling we are going through. But just a simple hug would do wonders

  2. You sure have a knack for writing nano stories. I don’t know if my comprehending skills aren’t upto the mark or what but I had to read it around 3 times

  3. At one point of time we do feel have we done enough? Its important that we do not take any relationship for granted , when we do we feel guilty through out our lives.

  4. It’s what every conscientious child feels – no matter how much you give back to your parents, it’s always little compared to what they’ve done for you. But that doesn’t mean you’re not a good son/daughter. I loved your piece – quick and impactful.

  5. It is so beautiful! This conversation is so simple yet impactful. I feel every daughter at some stage feels that she has not been a good daughter but her parents are always proud of her. At that moment we all need a sweet little hug from Dahlia.

  6. Amazing and impactful write up with this small piece. Sometimes we take a relationship for granted and regret it later. Indeed hugs are SO powerful and are great for reducing stress rapidly. More power to your pen..

  7. Such powerful words. I have felt this many times and it is always this doubt even when you do how much ever we could. Really like your writing and thanks for sharing.

  8. You write short ye beautiful and emotional stories, this story too touched my heart and is emotional.
    This thought pops up in mind at times “I am not a good daughter”

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