I Didn’t Want To Kill Him

I didn’t want to kill him you know…

As I entered the small hut from where I had to carry over a piece of old furniture to Lakri Bazar, I saw the paintings of my 9-year-old daughter. NUDE. I couldn’t be wrong.

My blood boiled, yet I kept mum.

After I delivered the old furniture to its destination, I came back to the same place to confront him. It was 11ish of a cold winter night. A Perfect Time For Me.9

Once I entered the same premises, I saw that man having sex with his wife out on a chowki of their house.

I recognized him because I knew the man who…

I couldn’t control my anger. Extreme wrath was taking over me. I walked back to my truck tiptoed where I had a jack lever, I dragged it back there and hit him on his head from behind.

Once, twice, thrice… After 3 strikes he fell on his wife…

Weirdly, his wife didn’t say a word. Neither did she express fear from me nor had an expression of pain. What she had was an expression of disgust on her face. She pushed his dead body with the same expression aside.

“Run away from here before anyone sees you and leave that thing here”, she told me. I don’t know why I nodded my head and the jack fell from my hand.

She picked it up and then she struck him with it again, and again and again. Then she took off her marital possessions and threw them on his body. She also rubbed off the vermilion from her forehead.

I encountered the entire scene silently. Then I turned back and started walking.

As I walked away, I had a smile of relief as this was the last rapist of my daughter whom I took out.

My 9-year-old daughter was ganged raped and brutally murdered by 6 beasts a year back.

Today finally her soul will be able to Rest In Peace.

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42 thoughts on “I Didn’t Want To Kill Him”

  1. Wow…I know that the legal system in India sucks but taking the into your own hands is not the answer. How pathetic it is that grown men want to rape a 9-year-old. I think we should have the ancient.. eye for an eye type of justice..The rapists should be brought in public and get his too chopped off. But then its a man ‘s world and such punishments are too good to be true.

  2. My God! your tale is so vivid… i felt like i was watching a movie. I wish this were just story and wouldn’t happen in real life.

  3. He didn’t want to kill but the man got what he deserved. The law fails parents like him and taking matters in their own hands is the best they can do to find peace. This was chillingly real and the perfect thriller. Well-written.

  4. Beautifully written. And a disturbing reality. It may sound crude, but often this is the only justice families can hope for. People have become desensitized to the rapes of minors. Laws are in place but rarely is justice served.

  5. Dark. To rape and murder a child is abominal. Anger and revenge can make us take extreme steps.
    But I wonder what is the story with the wife – did she know he was a rapist. Or had he tortured her too and she was a victim of marital rape?

  6. This is so true to life and heartbreaking. Sometimes citizens feel they have to take law into their own hands when people get away with such heinous crimes so completely understand the sentiment of this tale

  7. There are lots of such stories around the world, small kids gangraped and murdered brutally. Most of their souls are still waiting for justice . Here Indian system is very poor. Recently a 10 years old boy was brutally murdered where killers had inserted iron nail into his eye and one eye ball was out of the eye socket.:(

  8. I loved the story, precise, short yet conveys exact message, I wish all these rapists could have be killed and it should be just a case of self defence with minor or no penalty because government or law cannot do such things.

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