For The Love of Old Movies

Risha had always been an extrovert. She was in Grade 12 but not only she was exceptionally good in academics but also in sports. She mostly loved partying with her friends. She lived alone in her castle-like mansion as she had lost her mother at a very young age and her father was frequently out on business trips. She had servants and maids but they all left by 9 pm. So at night, she used to be all alone at her house. And she loved it too, it meant she could do anything she wanted to.


Since the last 3 months, Risha has developed a new hobby. Watching Old Hindi Movies. She knew her friends would laugh at her if they got to know that a teenager like her who loved partying is watching 50’s and 60’s movies so that’s why everyday sharp at 8:30 pm she used to send a text in her friends WhatsApp group that she’s going off for studies and switched off her phone. And after switching it off, Risha would put on an old movie on her laptop and start watching it.

Awara, Naya Daur, Anarkali, Padosan, Bandini, Manzil, she has watched them all.

Today she was feeling under the weather so she decided she won’t watch any movie and go off to sleep. Suddenly around 2 am she saw an old lady with pale blue skin standing near her bed and looking at her…

Risha: Who… Who r u?

She could feel that her voice was not coming out of her throat.

The old lady came near her and said, “You may not know me but I live on the tree behind your bedroom. Every night I sit there and watch movies with you. When I was alive I loved watching movies but nowadays no one watches old movies. Today I even brought my best friend Aarti to watch movies but you didn’t switch on any.”

Then she looked at the window and said, “Aartiiiiii, come here, the child wants to meet you.”

Risha started trembling now and as she looked towards her window. She saw a skeleton peeping inside from there, “You didn’t put on any movie today that’s why we came to visit you. Can you put on that movie by Dev Anand and Madhubala….. Ah… What was that….??? haan…  Kala Paani…”

As soon as Risha heard this, she fainted like Meena Kumari on her bed.





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81 thoughts on “For The Love of Old Movies”

    1. Flavia Cutinho

      I don’t understand how you get me engrossed in ur writing. I love old movies and well company to some extent is welcome

  1. Oo… Ghosts with a love for movies! I can imagine them to be from Eastman Era and hopefully, they had no other plans than to just watch some movies.

  2. We never know who else is watching the movie along with us!
    Gosh! imagine having someone near our bed at night and that person’s friend – a skeleton- peeping out from the window!
    Phew! Hope all is well with Risha and she wakes up fine in the morning.
    Well narrated.

  3. Oh my my! This is so thoughtful! I was reading gradually but omg, didn’t expect that twist at the end. Even I went back to read it twice that what was the old lady’s complexion. At first I thought it might be a science fiction story. Loved it so much.

  4. Bedabrata Chakraborty

    What a cute creep this. Was just not expecting fiction and you gave a stress buster. Waiting to read the rest.

  5. Hahaha. Should I laugh or feel scare?
    Loved the twist & the story.

    I can’t sleep alone at night & have never been till now.
    And after reading ur post, I will never in future coz u too watch Netflix at night.

  6. Oh my goodness! This is extremely thoughtful! I was enjoying and reading slowly, but I didn’t expect that twist at the end coming. I thought I missed something and read it again . Amazing write-up.

  7. Kaveri Chhetri

    I havent read a pure horror story in a long time. Yours gave me the creeps but somehow the ending left me doing haha… I dont know if that’s how i was supposed to feel.

  8. Hehehe! It’s a funny paranormal take. I enjoyed it so much. When I binge watch any series I often dream about them. Poor Risha. I am hoping she is dreaming too or she has made some lovely ghost friends.

  9. I had a good laugh. I know it’s not a funny story but the way you have moulded the words into such an interesting story is commendable. Looking forward to reading many more from you.

  10. Kashish Mahtani

    Haha, this was scary till the very last line until you wrapped it up with a funny punch line. Another brilliant piece with emotions taking me from frightened to tickled.

  11. I loved reading it. The climax was totally out of expectations. I hope you will write the next part of the same story. That blue aunty wants to watch Kala Paani then who played it or did she wait till the girl opened her eyes?

  12. Ha ha ha ha….
    Humour in Horror so both the ladies rocks. What’s much more funny is that I see my younger self in Risha. I used to watch an old movie every night when I was a teenager. This is so relatable.

  13. I am not a big fan of superhero fiction. But what worked for me here was that your superhero is a girl and the way you have knitted the entire tale. I would have loved a longer version, though.

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