May be Someday

 Writing is also a kind of Art, isn’t it? The incident is real but the names are changed for privacy concerns.





Date: 27th December 2015

Somewhere in Sardinia, Italy



Maya: (in her head) I hate parties, I just want this thing to get over.

Ginevra: Maya…? Mayaaaa…?? Ms. Sennnnnnnnnnnn???? Earth to chick?

Maya: I’m sorry I was just… Can we leave now? We have been here for so long.

Ginevra: The party is a lit sweetheart. Enjoy the night, rather than getting irate.

Maya: I hate parties, you know that. I want to go back to my hotel and read.

Ginevra: Maya… Stop being a buzz kill.

In the meanwhile Mr. Matteo Moretti, the good businessman comes and interrupts them

Mr. Moretti: Ladies enjoying the party?

Ginevra: Yes

Maya: The party is good. But I guess we should head back to my hotel now.

Mr. Moretti: C’mon you are our guest. Stay for some more time I request. Seems like Ginevra wants to stay too.

Maya looks at Ginevra who looks back at her with puppy eyes.

Maya: Ok.

Mr. Moretti: Ok ladies, enjoy

Ginevra: Thank you, baby. And DO NOT leave without me.

Ginevra hugs Maya and then disappears inside the party. 

Maya was again left alone. She took her vodka and walked towards the balcony which she had spotted a long time back. 

The party was filled with socialites, stars, models, businessmen, almost everyone was there. She came to the party only because Ginevra, her longtime friend who was now a well-known model had requested her to.

Maya hated all these. Ginevra was an Italian but Maya was not. If she had not promised Ginevra to accompany her here she would have never come.


Maya stood in the balcony, looking at the sky. 


Mr. D: So you don’t like star-studded crowded parties too.

Maya nods her head in approval.

Mr. D: You don’t look from here.

Maya: No I’m not

Mr. D: Where are you from?

Maya: India

As Mr. D was about to say something Ginevra came rushing to the balcony.

Ginevra: Maya, seems you have already met our star writer here.

Maya glances at Mr. D and replies: “Yes, I have.”

Mr. D: Wait, but you are not an Italian, right?

Maya: (in Italian) so what? I understand and speak Italian.

Mr. D: Fascinating

Maya: Ginni, I guess we should leave now.

Ginevra: Fine, I’ll drop you at your hotel.

Mr. D: I did not get your name Ms…

Ginevra: Her name is Miss Mysterious (chuckles)

Mr. D: So, miss mysterious if you don’t mind can we have dinner tomorrow.

Maya: We’ll see.

Mr. D: But you…

Maya: Bye Mr. D.

Maya grabs Ginevra’s hand and leaves.

Maya sat mum while Ginevra drove the car. Ginevra was continuously talking about the people at the party but Maya was not listening to anything. She just could remember the dark black eyes of Mr. D. Suddenly Maya looked at Ginevra and said

Maya: He writes really well, he should translate them in English.

Ginevra looked back at Mia and replied, “Try telling him that. By the way in case you are interested in accepting his offer here’s his card, call him. He is a well-known family friend and he is good.”

Maya: What offer?

Ginevra: Dinner, tomorrow.

Maya: Oh. I don’t think I will go for it.

Ginevra: Maya, you have started your internship as a counselor right? He might need it.

Maya: Italy has many good therapists. So I think I will pass.

Ginevra pulled the break and said, “Your hotel has come sweety. See you tomorrow.”

Maya hugged Ginni and left.

That night, after she freshened up she took out Mr. D’s latest book which she was reading and continued reading it, and dozed off while doing so.

Maya woke up very early the next day, she decided to go out for her coffee rather than ordering it in her room, and as it was her last day here she wanted to spend most of her time sitting near the sea.




Mr. D: Miss mysterious, what are you doing here?

Maya: watching the waves crashing against each other. What are you doing here so early in the morning?

Mr. D: I often come here to find peace.

Maya: I guess writers need that a lot.

Mr. D: So when are you going back to India, Miss Mysterious?

Maya: Tomorrow. And by the way, my name is Maya. Miana Sen.

Mr. D: Before you leave let’s at least have lunch Maya?

Maya: No

Mr. D: Am I that bad?

Maya: I find you weird.

Mr. D: Indeed I am. I find you interesting though.

Maya shifts her gaze from Mr. D’s eyes and replies, “Weird. Well about your lunch offer we will surely have lunch but the treat shall be mine.”

Mr. D stares blankly at Maya for some time and then agrees.



Maya and Mr. D went to a nearby restaurant for lunch. It was small but both of them were not good with the crowd. As they sat there chatting, Maya found herself laughing and for the first time she did not feel the usual anxiety she always felt while talking to unknown people. Mr. D had a good persona. Maya had met a fair share of people in her 22-year-old life, had seen way ups and downs in that age but she found him intriguing. 


They had lunch and their entire afternoon was well spent. Although Maya knew a lot about Mr. D but Mr. D just knew that she has her father whom she loves more than anything. Maya did not disclose much about herself with Mr. D. And whenever he asked for Maya’s contact details in India she always avoided the topic. 


As time passed Maya realized that it was time for her to leave. She bid goodbye to Mr. D and left because the next day Maya had to go back home where her father was waiting for her eagerly.


As she left Mr. D sat over there wondering if he will meet her again because in these 30 years of life after his mother, Maya was the only girl who matched his rhythm. He couldn’t stop himself from wondering if Maya was the one.

If Maya was the one whom he had been searching for. And if truly she is the one maybe someday they will meet again…..





May be Someday…………………………….


97 thoughts on “May be Someday”

  1. What an amazing Story of Maya & Mr. D. I always wonder about a chance meeting I had with people in my own life that lasted but a day or two yet left an interesting impression on my own life. I never regret losing that chance as every step I have taken has led me to where I am now. But it is interesting to imagine what if?


    Its’s true writing is an art form. This was an interesting piece. I’m left wondering if they’ll meet again!

  3. I enjoyed reading this story (and about the interactions) between Mia and Mr. D. These chance meetings are always something that have captivated me, especially the idea of “what if…”

  4. Melissa Cushing

    I truly love this story and was drawn in right away. I love the way you describe the scenes and I could see everything in my mind. Loved it and need to know more!

  5. I believe that you make your own destiny. Whilst opportunities do come to you, if you don’t grab them, they remain only “what if’s”. And people usually regret the things they haven’t done.

  6. I would have love to have heard what they discussed in detail over lunch. Hopefully they’ll meet again in the future someday. It sounds like they enjoyed each other’s company.

  7. I love writing stories!
    Great read about Maya and Dr. D… I think everyone at some point in their life has the what-if moments. look forward to more from you ; )

  8. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    Quite interesting story. Somewhere someone in the world matches somewhat to our rhythm. So hopefully they will also meet someday.

  9. Ooooh this is such an interesting story and I would love to learn more about Maya and Dr. D’s relationship. Are you going to continue this?

  10. I loved reading this story, and got sucked into the dialogue right away! <3 Are you going to be continuing this story, or is it a short? Keep up the amazing writing, I love your style! 🙂

  11. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    Oh my. That was a great read. I wish there was more to the story. But it was a really unique way to end the piece. The thought of wondering if they are the ones truly meant for each other is left to the reader’s imagination.

  12. The dialogue was great and really kept me on the edge of my seat. I loved how diverse the characters were. I can wait to read other stories that you’ve wrote.

  13. What a beautiful, sweet story. Now I want to meet Mr. D.! You are very talented. Keep writing. I am sure one day I will be buying your latest bestseller on Amazon!

  14. I love this! Pretty short… I want more! hahaha Maybe someday… Who knows? A sequel perhaps? I wonder if they will ever meet again… gaaaaaahhh!

  15. You have the gift of story telling! You know how to transport your reader into a different world where the characters coexist with the reader! Coming back to the story, not all things in life are coincidences so i hope the characters meet again and explore each other for a better future!

  16. Very good short story and relatable situation. I have been at parties that I didn’t want to be there. One time I was at one, and decided to stay instead of leaving, and met a girl, and we clicked right away. But I was too chicken to ask her for her number! This was years and years ago back in college.

  17. Sweet story and hopefully the start of a beautiful ‘fictional’ romance. Sometimes the chemistry is just right between people and it’s immediately obvious.

  18. I like how your writing has improved so much. Having read the latest post first, it’s been great to go back and see how this all started.

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