Op Art Odyssey: A Visual Journey Into Illusion

Op Art, a mesmerizing dance,
Where lines and shapes, they intertwine,
In optical illusions, they entrance,
A world of wonder, where eyes refine.

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A Little Introduction:
Op Art, short for Optical Art,
Where visual trickery plays its part,
In the 1960s, it made its mark,
With patterns bold and lines so stark.

Op Art aims to deceive the eye,
With geometric forms that multiply,
In black and white, or colors bright,
It challenges perception, day and night.

IMG_7895D.JPG (2500×3333)
Heidi Horchler

Notable Artists:
Bridget Riley, with her vibrant hues,
Created op art that did enthuse.
Victor Vasarely, with his bold designs,
Crafted illusions, in geometric lines.

b9f0b7516864479f397696530babb899.jpg (500×346)
Audi City | Bridget Riley

A Poem by Me:
In the world of Op Art, we find,
A kaleidoscope of the mind.
With every line, every curve we see,
Op Art whispers, come dance with me.

Through Riley’s waves, we sway,
In Vasarely’s grids, we play.
In every canvas, every design,
Op Art creates a visual shrine.

So let us marvel at its magic show,
In every illusion, every flow.
For in the heart of Op Art’s embrace,
We find a dance, a timeless space.

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Featured Image Courtesy: Mili Das


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