My Dee Dee’s Diary

Hello once again readers. Welcome to interview zone. Yes I know you have noticed the change in the title. Well, sometime back I met this awesome, lovely and courageous lady who had decided to stand up for the millennial women and improvise their lives. So I thought of taking her interview for you all, my lovely readers.

The lovely lady I was talking about is Dee Jackson who is not only a teacher but a blogger as well. You can always follow her, read her articles at So from here I will directly move on to the interview.

Me: Hi Dee. Welcome to Interview Zone. Shall I proceed with the questions?
Dee: Yes.

Me: What made you want to help millennial women?
Dee: I am a millennial woman myself. When I was younger I struggled so much with simple things like relationships, finance and my career. I also had an extremely hard time with low self-esteem and just loving myself in general. I’ve spoken to so many other millennial women and realize that we all have the same struggles. We all need someone to help us out and that’s what I want to do.

I understand the struggles that millennial women have and have the answers to help them get through it. I’ve experienced what they are going through and have come through the other side and want to help them get to the other side too.

Whenever people talk about millennials and millennial women there is always this negative stereotype that we are lazy and entitled. Through my blog and through the worldwide community I am building, I want to help change those stereotypes. With my help, millennial women can become the successful, confident and independent supernovas they were always meant to be.

Together we will also help other women embrace their awesomeness, grow as a person and create the kind of life they have always wanted.

Me: Wow, That’s impressive. You are a teacher. So what do you do in your free time?
Dee: I spend most of my time on my blog, lol. But in my free time I love to design clothing and sew. Creating new things from thrown out pieces is also a love of mine so up-cycling from the thrift store and creating new items of clothing from those is the best thing since sliced bread.

Recently I started doing photography and have even begun using the manual mode so yay!

In addition to these things I have hula twice a week, run my very own YouTube channel to connect more with my millennial sisters and I also do a lot of painting and design illustration.

Me: I need to take lessons for you about many things. Ok moving on to the next question. Apart from helping millennial women online have you ever thought of giving a speech or doing it in person?
Dee: Yes! I am starting small now but I have actually spoken to large groups of women on a variety of topics and want to incorporate this into my business and brand.

When you’re able to talk to women in person you’re able to connect with them more and really understand where they’re coming from and where they want to go in life.

Within a year and a half one of my goals is to hold conferences, webinars and develop courses where I have the opportunity to meet these women, share in their experiences and have them see that I am a real person who wants to help them and to get to know them on a one on one basis.

Me: You also have group on facebook to help struggling bloggers known as “Blogging Bawses”, you are already a well-established blogger so why do you want to help them?
Dee: The blogging world is honestly way too competitive so the goal was to build a community for growth. I want to help other bloggers as much as I was helped when I was first starting out.

Blogging can be hard and it can be even harder when you’re going at it on your own. No one needs to be by themselves.

If you need help, I’m going to help you out.

Another of my goals is to build a Facebook community for millennial women where we can help each other grow. The vision is to have it be a tight community of women who understand their worth and help others to see it too.

Me: You never fail to amaze me. If you were not a teacher what career would you have chosen?

Dee: I honestly didn’t choose teaching. I always say it chose me. God allowed a series of events to take place in my life that led me to be the teacher I am today.

Now that I understand my purpose in life, I couldn’t think of anything else I would rather be than a blogger.

When you are a blogger you have the unique and exciting opporunity to meet new people and help so many more than the ones in your local audience.

You have a chance to change the world.

Me: I have noticed one thing either early morning or late night whenever we talk you are always cheerful and positive, what is the secret behind that?
Dee: You think I’m cheerful and happy? Why thank you!! Lol. It has taken a lot of work and time to be the person I am today. If you had probably spoken to me two years ago you would have been so shocked.

Being a Christian pays a large role in the way I act and being in Japan has stretched me and allowed me to grow as a person.

I also just choose to be happy. We all have conrol over our emotions and have the power to not let them dictate how we want to feel.

I choose to be happy. I choose not to worry. I choose to smile.

Me: As you mentioned you fall into millennial group have you ever faced any serious problem regarding that? If yes please do share the incident with us.
Dee: Ooh momma! Have I faced any serious problems? Heck yes! I didn’t like sharing my story with people but understand that other women can learn from it.

When I was younger, low self-esteem and the earnest desire to fit in led me to marrying a guy who I thought would solve all these problems.

At first it worked until he revealed who he truly was and my self-esteem took an even deeper dive.

For years I was lost and broken and tried to take my life twice. Thank God those attempts didn’t work and I am alive today because of His mercy and grace.

It took a lot of healing and help to get to where I am today and that is why I am so determined to help other women.

Me: You have mentioned you are writing books to help millennial women all around the world. Have you published anything yet?
Dee: No I haven’t just yet. There are two main ideas that I have been working on. In the mean time I have created a horde of workbooks and worksheets which my subscribers can access in my resource library when they sign up for my newsletter.

I have also been working on new resources for the library in time for the relaunch of my blog My Dee Dee’s Diary on June 30th.

If you worried about accessing my site, it is live. I’m actually doing a live rebranding so you can access new, amazing content as soon as they are uploaded.

I will have at least one book published by year end though and the next one with two years. I promise!

Me: I will definitely wait for that. Last Question. Any suggestions for the millennial ladies all around the world?
Dee: If there is one thing I would like to let all of my fellow millennial sisters know it’s that you are so much more than you can even imagine. All the dreams and goals you set for yourself when you were younger, you can achieve them and more.

There is a supernova hidden within you and with time and effort you can realize your full potential.

I just hope the world will be ready for it when you do!

Ps. I love you all and I believe you so when you think you have no-one in your corner, just understand that I am in your corner…. ALWAYS!

That was such an inspiring interview. Readers I hope you liked it, loved it. And personally through this interview Dee taught me a lot.

Anyways readers. Thank you for reading. See you again soon.
Keep Rocking..

62 thoughts on “My Dee Dee’s Diary”

  1. Wow, it is great to learn about this blogger, Dee Jackson. I can tell Dee is a positive and creative person. Plenty to learn from her. Thanks for sharing in this manner.

  2. I absolutely loved this article! The positive mindset of Dee Jackson is contagious for sure and I appreciate her spreading the love with not only millennials but anyone who needs some positivity in their lives. Thank you so much for sharing and I will be checking out her blog as well!

  3. Wow, she sounds like the definition of a “girl boss!” I have a similar niche so I agree that we need to build millennials up, not try to break them down even more than the world already has!

  4. I love this so much. I used to read interviews on blogs all of the time, back when I started in late 2008 this was something we all day. Love learning more about others!

  5. Thanks for this wonderful interaction. I have always wondered and am not very appreciative of the stereotypes that get associated with a generation and how they are put in a box. An appreciation of humanity and uniqueness for all is what is needed. People are different, they have always been. Then why the need for labels. Loved reading the candid and open expressions in the post.

  6. I totally agree about how milleniums are viewed, I find that people assume milleniums are entitled but that’s not true. So many of us work really hard to craft our own lives and successes x

  7. Being almost from the milennial age, i identified with a lot of struggles she faced. Loved the interview!

  8. This is a very good interview, I got curious with Dee since I have the same struggles as a millennial woman. I will visit her site to learn more. Thank you for sharing!

  9. She’s definitely an inspiration and it’s so nice that you had the chance to interview her. She’s wonderful and I hope a lot of people are able to read this post!

  10. Jennifer Prince

    I love that things in her life inspired her and led her to go on the path she is on. And now she is inspiring others. I love it!

  11. Amazing interview! I’ve loved getting to know this teacher blogger and how she helps the problematic of millenial women. I’m a generation older than millenial, but I recognize that many of their problems are also present in my generation!

  12. This was a really interesting interview indeed. I love these type of posts as it can open up a whole new genre of bloggers for me to enjoy!

  13. Great interview. Dee Jackson sounds like an amazing woman. I love her willingness of wanting to help other bloggers. I’d love to know what her Facebook community group is.

  14. Hey M really loved this read. I realy love reading about others who also want to make a difference in the world. It inspires me to carry on. Well done and well done on Dee, I am also on her blogging group and really enjoy the effort and love that is shared. Especially the tips and platform for bloggers to grow. Lots of love! ☘️

  15. Very interesting and indept interview. This girl Dee is really marvelous. I must check out her blogging facebook group as I could do with some encouragement myself with regard to my own blog. Well done!

  16. I love that you like to up-cycle thrift-store clothing. I don’t sew (my husband does) so it’s something that we enjoy doing together. The interview was a great read because I felt like we had a lot of similarities.

  17. Elle (CleverlyChanging)

    I love that you like to up-cycle thrift-store clothing. I don’t sew (my husband does) so it’s something that we enjoy doing together. The interview was a great read because I felt like we had a lot of similarities. All the best!

  18. Very impressive and interesting interview. It’s great to see such a detailed view on any topic suggested and also to expand my own horizons in such life changing matters.

  19. My Teen Guide

    As a mom of millenials, I would definitely recommend her blog to my kids. Sometimes it is difficult to “connect” with them so I guess they can find some answers to their questions by reading her articles.

  20. sn’t it wonderful women support and inspired each other. Love the fact that Dee Jackson uses her experience in life to help others and inspired them at the same time.

  21. Such a great interview there. It’s nice to know she seems to have balance in her life. And great to know she was able to overcome the hardships from a bad decision and still make something beautiful out of her life.

  22. What a great interview! I love reading things like this, and Dee sounds like a great inspiration. It’s nice to see established bloggers that want to help others, considering it can be quite rare now!

  23. So interesting to read about someone who is a blogger like me! Totally understand where she’s coming from. Love that she has consistently chosen to be happy above all else!

  24. Such a nice post and I do love reading this interview. I think teaching is one the hardest profession that needs a lot of patience and skills.

  25. Thanks for sharing your story. It’s important for us to use the fight we’ve been blessed with. We can use our blog, IG, FB platforms to motivate and encourage one another.

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