The Honest Confession

Z and Maya had eventually become closer. Z considered Maya as a friend whom he trusted and Maya, she was in love with him. Sometimes, Maya felt that Z was still in love with his ex because when he spoke about his old days she could see the emptiness in his eyes…


One night when they were together, Z kissed Maya’s forehead tenderly. Maya opened her eyes, looked in his eyes, and said, “You should call her, you know.
Maybe she is waiting for you to call her.”


Z asked, “Who?”
“Your ex. You both loved each other after all”, Maya’s voice trembled as she said those words.



Previously on Chronicles of Maya: Was it just an illusion?



Z pulled up Maya’s chin up and said firmly, “I don’t want her anymore”. Maya burst out in laughter and replied, “Who do you want then? Me?”

He fumbled a little bit and said, “No, not you”.

“Yes, I know, why buy a cow when you can get milk for free..?”

He now started getting exasperated and Maya sensed that…

She immediately put a finger on his lips before he could utter anything and said, “Ssssshhh… Sleep now.”


He didn’t say a word, hugged her, and drifted off into deep slumber.
You know I really am in love with you……..”, Maya looked at him sleeping peacefully and thought.


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Maya knew it was impossible for someone to love her because she was emotionally damaged. She was completely in love with Z and wanted to be with him, but will Z ever love her the way she did?



                                                                                                                                     to be continued…







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Edited by Kuntala Bhattacharya from Travelogue of Kuntala

115 thoughts on “The Honest Confession”

  1. the turn in your story has reminded me the karan johar’s movie’s dialogue “Ek tarfa ishq ki takat hi kuch aur hoti hai”. looking forward for next part of story..hoping Z will also get fall in love with Maya. great write up indeed.

  2. Eternal love triangle. Most of the time we dont value what we have and hanker after what we dont or what we have left behind in the journey of life. We forget past can be relived only in our mind, in reality things have moved on. Difficult to create a moment gone by and best thing is to embrace what one has at this moment. Nice story of love and dilemma.

  3. If Maya could see the emptiness in Z’s eyes then she should know he is over his ex and could just be cautious about starting a new relationship because his ex hurt him badly. If he still had feelings for his ex, Maya would see a lot more than just emptiness in his eyes.

  4. Wanting someone to return the love you feel for them when you’re emotionally damaged is such a painful situation to be in. I hope Maya can heal and be whole so she can receive the love she desires to have. This is a great story!

  5. i am intrigued by this post, would be reading the previous links to understand more about Z, Maya and the incidents that happened before. Kudos to building up such an interesting plot

  6. If Maya thinks she can’t be loved because she is broken, then she doesn’t love herself. She can’t expect others to love her until she starts loving herself.

  7. I would hope Z loves Maya. If not she should move on. Life is too short on wasting time with someone who doesn’t appreciate you.

  8. Poor Maya. She thinks she unlovable, but really, Z is just not the one for her. It’s so heartbreaking to even read a story like this that highlights how we as women can turn something in on ourselves like that.

  9. This story makes me value the simple boring love stories that are out there. Boring love stories can be great, truly. The situation Maya is in right now seems quite painful. I do want to know how it all ends though. Thanks for sharing!

  10. It’s so heartbreaking knowing that someone can’t fall in love with someone who’s emotionally damaged. I can’t wait for the next chapter of this.

  11. Oh love! Why are you so complicated? Well, Maya should also examine herself and make sure she is completely healed as well so she won’t think of herself not worthy of being loved.

  12. Maya needs to learn to love herself before she can love someone else. I felt it in my heart when he said he didn’t want his ex and when she asked who do you want? Me? and he replied no, not you. Ugh, my heart broke.

  13. I love love love love love the story, but my favorite part is the last two lines. “Maya knew it was impossible for someone to love her because she was emotionally damaged. She was completely in love with Z and wanted to be with him, but will Z ever love her the way she did?”. This is sooo true for me, and I know a lot of girls can relate to this. Thanks for sharing your gift with us!

  14. Z could still have love for his ex, but not be IN LOVE with his ex. There is a difference. You can look back fondly on your old days and show love, but not want those days back.

  15. What next? Will Z love Maya or is he still in love with his X..what will happen to Maya, will she be able to take it…waiting for these answers 🙂

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  17. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    The series is going on really well, keep it up. Suspense and suspense, that’s what is intriguing here. Excellent

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