Was it Just An Illusion?

It had been days, Maya and Z’s friendship had become deep. No, it wasn’t a one-night stand but Z and Maya often made out. Maya was in love with Z. She really was in love but Z did not love her, or did he? Maya was not sure about it, as Z always avoided any topic that was related to love. For him, it was just a normal friendship with lust combined. Sometimes Maya wondered if she could openly tell him how much she loved him but she was afraid to lose him.



She never thought that she will fall in love, but she did. It hurt her like anything. Her chest was often heavy. He used to keep on talking for hours about his ex whom he loved. Maya would keep listening to him. She was always there for him. Whenever he needed anything no matter whatever it had been, be it his business or in any other way, Maya was there for him. Maya knew that Z had started taking her for granted.


Previously on Chronicles of Maya: Was it just a One Night Stand?



Z’s business partner Anil who was Maya’s friend now often used to tell her that she was wasting her time. Zan was using her for money, for everything. Maya knew that Anil wasn’t lying, but somewhere she had that hope that maybe someday he would love her. She knew that Z was aware of her love for him. She knew she was losing her self-respect but her love for him was greater than everything. Maya’s closest friends Ranbir, Pooja, and Prakhar often told her that she is committing a mistake. He is not her type, they even called him class-less but for Maya, Z was a confused kid. Anil used to tell Maya that Zan wasn’t a kid he was over-smart and opportunist but Maya being Maya believed that the world is good.



You can read the previous chapters here: The Chronicles of Maya



Z loved Maya’s writings, her snippets, and her poems. He always encouraged her about her work, about her writings. Maya wondered if he didn’t feel anything for her why he always inspired her to work hard with perseverance while dealing with her patients.


Was it real or was it just an illusion?


                                                                                                                                     to be continued…









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Edited by Kuntala Bhattacharya from Travelogue of Kuntala

102 thoughts on “Was it Just An Illusion?”

  1. Maya itself means an illusion. So, is Maya real or is she also an illusion? I thought this would be a follow up of A one Nightstand. What happened after that? I am a bit confused. I was looking forward to reading what happens next.

  2. I’m glad it wasn’t an one night stand at least. I hope it can work out. But it might all be an illusion. One never knows.

  3. Honestly the fact that she said “she was afraid of losing him” infers that she never really had him, and had lost herself in the process. happens to so many women. we lose ourselves in the pursuit of others (men, family, friends)

  4. Your story sounds like a perfect Bollywood movies portraying one sided love perfectly. all the characters are so relatable. I felt a sense of sympathy for Maya. Hope she gets really love in next part of the story.

  5. In any kind of relationship, I don’t think it’s a great idea to talk about exes. It will completely destroy everything invested like emotions and feelings. Big mistake. Anyways, nice story!

  6. A poignant story. The eternal dilemma when in love, will the love be reciprocated. Many a time one partner may be reticent about his or her feelings. May be they are not sure. But if everyone is saying Z is not serious and taking Maya for granted, it is important to find out and move on. No point is wasting time on a failed relationship, is there. Alas! only if life was so simple! We often seek out in life a thing that is unreachable.

  7. I could go either way. Sometimes people from outside of a relationship see things differently than the ones involved. But then again, it can be one of those cases when the world is wrong.

  8. Too bad for Maya she trusted her instincts too much, her friends could have been right . Losing Self-respect is too high a price to pay and not worth it in a relationship. Hope she puts her foot down. Nice writing Moni, keep it up!

  9. Great post and storytelling! It made me to think about the Maya and illusion! Which is what! I am not sure. Nice narrative. Thanks for sharing ❤️

  10. Oof, Maya is certainly going to get her heart broken sometime soon… I’ve seen this story play out many, many times before – and it always ends the same. Beautiful writing though!

  11. Love is blind and an illusion indeed..no matter how much her friends will try to stop her she will go where her heart will take her.. it is getting interesting by the way..waiting for the next chapter Moni 🙂

  12. I think a lot of women have been in Maya’s shoes. We settle for less like “friends with benefits” just to be near the person we like. We all have that one friend that tries to warn us, but we make excuses for their behavior. I can’t wait to see if Z really does have feelings or if he is really just using Maya.

  13. Looks like Maya is getting herself into a toxic relationship. And Z seems to be still stuck on his ex while carrying on a relationship with her, knowing that she loves him.
    This story is reminiscent of so many women who love to fall for the wrong guy in the illusion that they can change him for the better.
    Will Maya be able to change Z/Zan? Or will she break free? Awaiting the next chapter.

  14. Last post I really thought it was not a one night stand but unfortunately it is not love also on part of Z. How very sad for Maya! Now awaiting for the next one whether it is an illusion!

  15. Your story brings to mind for me the idea that perception is reality – so what might be considered an illusion can also be considered the truth to the one experiencing it, no?

  16. That’s why it is said love is blind. Hope things work out in a positive way. And if this is an illusion Maya should come out of it, before it’s too late. When we are in love weakness or negative things hardly matter. But it’s equally important to be cautious. Interesting read.

  17. Wonderful story coming up. Maya is so relatable. She does everything one would do in love. There is nothing wrong in love. Hopefully she finds her love on work rather than Being so focussed on z

  18. I am quite sad for Maya as she is loving the person but not receiving love in return.
    Such an interesting story and I am looking forward to reading more about it.

  19. I can’t make heads or tails of this tale. It did keep me going till the end, so I’m curious to see if it was an illusion or what.

    1. When our self-respect goes down, it drags along our self-image. In this situation, our feelings becomes distorted. It’s left for Maya to decide if sacrificing her self-respect is worth whatever she thinks she’s enjoying in the relationship.

  20. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    Well I wont comment on the story and you know why. But yes its a wait and watch for the next episode.You wrote it well and I love the way the story is going on. The guess continues…

  21. This was a lovely second half to the story, sadly many people get caught in relationships like these where one is using the other.

  22. This story is really edgy and am waiting to read it all, If it’s on a word doc, I want to read it all! Amazing suspense, thrill like, and the narrative keeps the reader hooked on. Waiting!!

  23. I hope Maya will grow up soon to be able to know when someone is just using her. Every woman has been there, the last time I was confused like Maya was when I was a teen. I can’t wait for the next chapter.

  24. Love is blind. When you are in love no matter how hard you try to explain yourself about right or wrong your heart never listen. I think Maya is in the same situation. Can’t wait to read next part.

  25. Aye carumba…I want to yell at Maya through my computer screen that Z is probably just using her for company. I am not 100% sure that Anil is right about how he is using her for her money but geez. When friends of the guy (or girl) warn you about their friend, this is a red flag!! Moni, you are killing me here!!

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  27. I have been following Maya’s story for quite some time and I really hope that she comes to her senses. She totally deserves someone better. Whether Z loves her or not, Z must put an effort to show her and let her feel that he does.

  28. Wow, the story is becoming more interesting. I would love to read what happens next with Maya and Z. It’s nice that there is a new character Anil as well.

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