Previously on Chronicles of Maya: The Honest Confession 

Maya had faced a lot of adversity in her life as she lost her parents when she was only 12 years old. However, her family had always been there to support and spoil her, yet Maya never became a brat. As she grew older, Maya became more independent and eventually landed a job in Vadodara, Gujarat. After suffering from a severe accident that partially paralyzed her, Maya desired a quiet, solitary life away from her family.

At a party celebrating Anil’s 34th birthday, Maya was lost in thought, reminiscing about her past. Anil’s girlfriend, Sana, approached Maya with a drink in her hand and teased her about her relationship with Zan. Despite denying that they were dating, Maya admitted that she was in love with him.

As they talked, Anil joined the conversation, asking if Maya had told Zan about her feelings. Maya explained that she had sent him a message, but deleted it before he could read it. Anil was frustrated and urged Maya to confess her love, but Maya believed that Zan already knew how she felt.

Maya stood up to leave, and Anil watched as Zan talked with another girl. Anil started planning something, knowing that Maya would not like it, but he believed it was for her benefit.

The story raises questions about Anil’s true intentions. It’s unclear whether he genuinely cares for Maya or if everything is just a facade. It remains to be seen whether his plan to help Maya win Zan’s heart will succeed or backfire.

                                                                                                                                            to be continued…


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122 thoughts on “Care…..matters!”

  1. I really wish Anil to do something. Maya cannot be like this. And Z should have some respect for Maya if he knows her feeling for him. Waiting for the next chapter.

  2. Ohh this one is a page turner. Looking forward to reading the continuation to this story and where her love for him leads!

  3. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    Intriguing story, keeping us all waiting for the next. Love or just fun, that’s what we need to wait and watch I feel.

  4. Another interesting addition to the story! I feel for her loving someone who doesn’t love her back the same.

  5. I feel like if she has to wonder that much, he’s not for her. She needs to find someone new. Also, I’m loving these continued entries!

  6. Wow you are really good in fiction writing. i loved these posts from you. characterization of all characters is so perfect. now, I am waiting to know what happen next?

  7. this makes me feel like i wanna read the whole story…where can we find the book.or is it available online?

  8. Okay I’m back reading your other post as I need to understand the backstory of this. Glad i stumbled on your post.

  9. Maya deserves so much better than what she’s getting from Z! I hope she realized this soon and moves on. I love her character.

  10. love the idea of a continuing story. Very interesting read – can’t wait to see what happens next.

  11. Nice pace and love your storytelling style, makes the reader curious and want to know more.We will have to wait to know if he cared or was just a facade

  12. It’s such a great and cute story, love the part that she got the message but erase it too. I’ll definitely be looking forward to what will be on the next issue.

  13. I really wonder if Anil help Maya. She seams a good friend and may be talking to Z might do them both well. I really don’t fully understand why Maya thinks Z will never love her

  14. Really loving the installments of this story unfolding. I like Maya but still feel she needs some growth, some self love. She seems to base her worth on the love of another. Whereas Z is the opposite, seems to be very self involved and loves no-one.

  15. I loved all your previous post and fund that you always kept your audience in a suspense. And then everybody is in curious mode to know what next will happen. I wish Anil could do something for Maya.

  16. This is interesting! I wonder if Anil will fall in love with Maya. It looks to me that he isn’t aware of it yet but it looks like it’s developing into something more. Either way I’m okay with either Anil or Z whoever Maya ends up with so far in this story!

  17. Why is Maya so negative? She thinks so little of herself. Like how could someone love her, but Z won’t do anything about it because Maya is not making it seem like she wants things to go further. There are too many games being played here.

  18. I think this is the most intriguing part of the story. I wish Maya would have to courage to tell Z now. Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter.

  19. Its really quite interesting and each and everyone of us wanted to know what happened next. Waiting to read the next part

  20. Another beautifully written part of the story. I really wish Anil has a part and helps Maya. Really looking forward for the next part.

  21. Maya needs to find someone who will be straight with her and not do this friend with benefits. Someone who is going to give Maya the love and affection she deserves.

  22. Wow.. I guess read a piece of it a few days back in your blog… Really need to check out the back story.. it’s so beautiful

  23. it is the most twisted thing – LOVE. I can never imagine a love story that doesn’t have drama in it. Now where is Anil taking this story to… my nails have given up on me. i need the next part of the story. what happens?

  24. First you say Anil is planning something, then you say was it a facade? This suspense is killing. And you are killing it at story telling. I am not participating in Feb but will surely check out the story

  25. Oh My God Moni, that line “I care.. that’s all that matters. He won’t be mine but I will be his forever”, just melted my heart. There was so much of heartache, pain and love conveyed in that line. Beautifully written.

    And that cliffhanger about Anil planning something, is too much to handle now. Please share the story ASAP. I am so, so glued to it.

    Hope you are continuing the participation for February too!

  26. Although I have some issues with Maya. I am still very interested in how this story is going to play out. Can’t wait for the next installment.

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