The House

I have been living in this house for last 15 years and all had been good.

Everything was peaceful but since last week every night after 2am, I wake up with sounds of a child crying. I’ve been hearing this sound of wailing from the house that is in my neighborhood. And it is too loud.

I don’t have any problems with kids. It is obvious that kids will cry. But the problem is that, the house is empty since last 20 years. No one lives there.

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22 thoughts on “The House”

  1. I often wonder how our brain functions when it comes to sound. The same cry of a baby which soothes the soul of a mother when the newborn comes into this world sometimes becomes the scariest sound in the world in the dark empty house 🙂 I love mini horror stories but I am too chicken to read these at night.

  2. Spooky! 🙂 Reading or watching horror or ghost stories would keep me sleepless. I don’t know how you write about them 🙂 Such a short story but conveys the message perfectly. Great writing.

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