My House

These Days weird things are happening in my house.

Last night while I was in bathroom suddenly I heard a couple entering my bedroom. I opened the door slightly as I was afraid. I saw them turning on music and they danced and kissed. I was terrified so I stayed in the bathroom. Later at night when there was silence and I finally went out I was shocked to see that both of them were sleeping on my bed. I tiptoed to the other room and slept there.

Today morning I saw the same lady who was dancing yesterday playing with a child. I also saw some men bringing some big boxes inside my house. I was petrified.

Something is wrong with my house you know, nothing like this has happened before. I’ve been living in this house for last 125 years.

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20 thoughts on “My House”

  1. Why do I feel a bit soft for the ghost, poor guy was petrified of humans, hehehehe. I loved these short spooky stories with a twist in the last line. Is it just I or others are there too who absolutely love horror as a genre but are equally chicken to watch/read these at night 🙂

  2. Kaveri Chhetri

    Oh my my… knowing it was your story Moni, i knew there has to be a twist… n what a twist it was… scaryyyyy! Loved it!

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