My picture used to be his wallpaper.

I used to laugh at him because for me it was his foolishness and we were good friends so I always kept on asking him why does he keep my picture on his wallpaper.

He used to tell me “I wish you understood.
I wish you understood why I have kept it..”

I used to make fun of him. We all friends used to make fun of him.

It has been 8 years since then.

8 years since he has moved away.

8 years since I have moved on with my life.

I am really very happy in my life you know,

I have my dream job, my dream house, my dream cars, my pets. Everything I had ever wished for in my life.


He is on my wallpaper now.



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46 thoughts on “Wallpaper”

    1. No, He doesn’t know and the girl doesn’t want him to know, because she was the who madw fun of him for the same reason. silly but, that’s my around the story. rest the author can tell us further may be in her next article. 🙂

  1. It is very difficult to express so much in so few words… calls for a whole lot of creativity n hats off to you. Although I have to admit that I had to read it twice to understand… but it could be cuz I didn’t know it was a kind of a nano story.

  2. So touching and so loving. I hope ahe gets to meet her wallpaper soon. Your article reminded me of the days when I used to be the wallpaper of my husband’s phone and he mine. Such a sweet story of love and hope!

  3. It was short yet clear, one can understand What has happened and is happening by just reading these few crisp lines with the pointers being straight. Loved this

  4. The words are very heart-touching. This explains the true relationship of two friends. The connection between the two has made you succeed in the life. In short, this story has showed us a deep and a true friendship.

  5. If he is still on your wallpaper, it means that you still haven’t gotten over him. People come and go all the time, leaving their footprints and making their memories last. I think if you’re doing well, move on. It will help you heal faster!

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