Was It Just A One Night Stand?

Maya wasn’t different. Maya was just like any other girl, simple and hardworking.  She never realized her late-night chats with Z were being extended longer and longer. They almost spoke through the whole night.


But then Maya usually had to work in the mornings so she had to leave.  She normally took naps in the afternoon. She didn’t realize her studies and work were getting affected, she didn’t realize that she was losing her balance.


One night around 3 am, suddenly in the midst of their chats, Z wanted to meet her up. Maya knew Z was drunk, so she said she won’t meet him, but he wouldn’t give up. He was not ready to give up. Maya could understand that there was something beyond friendship between them, but then she was hesitant. She knew that she couldn’t afford to take a risk so she somehow finally convinced him not to come down to her house that night.


Previously on Chronicles of Maya: Co-incidence or Fate



Next-Day at 6 pm in the evening there was a knock on Maya’s door. She opened the door and saw Z standing there with a bouquet of pink roses, exactly the ones she loved. She gestured for him to come in but there were butterflies in her stomach. As their eyes met Maya started feeling a sense of attraction towards him.

That evening Maya cooked for him, and they had a lovely dinner. As time was approaching for Z to leave, Maya just wanted him to stay. Z was telling her about his childhood, his college days… as he spoke there was a sparkle in his eyes which intrigued Maya, she was in a trance. Suddenly Z pulled her in his warm embrace and kissed her. It was short but as they broke apart Maya pulled him again and this time they kissed. It was soft yet passionate. It was a cold night too, one thing led to another and they finally made out.


The next morning Maya was the first one to wake up. As her eyes opened she saw Z sleeping beside her. She smiled to herself, she was happy but then a realization hit her. Was it a just one-night stand for Z?





                                                                                                                                      to be continued…








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Edited by Kuntala Bhattacharya from Travelogue of Kuntala

101 thoughts on “Was It Just A One Night Stand?”

  1. I am looking forward to read the next chapter and see if it was indeed just a one night stand. I wouldn’t think so, as one night stands don’t spend nights talking until dawn.

  2. wow…in just few words, you described the romance and feeling of insecurity, uncertainty so beautifully. I liked how you used the word making out instead of crossing the line. Thats the dilemma, uncertainty any girl would go through after making out even if they feel the same attraction towards each other.

  3. I see you’re going into short stories now…nice. Short and interesting. Hope it expands more because it was a one-night stand lol.

  4. I loved reading it but i would have loved to know more about Z and why Maya was attracted to him. Just a thought, nothing to take away the credit of putting it down in words so well.

  5. Unfortunately, we never know what others think. Sometimes we realize too late that we were just a one-night-stand for someone even if we wish things were the opposite. Great read! 🙂

  6. Very great writing…I usually don’t like these types of dramas but I just kept reading to see what Maya would do and how she & Z are connecting. Plus, it is weird to be in the mind of a woman as she ponders all of this…seems like a lot going on with Maya while Z is probably thinking of 3 things…Good Dinner, Sex with a Hot Girl, Sleep!

  7. I admire the way to go through the story and then end with a question. Very captivating… Waiting for the next part to be published.

  8. I can’t wait to see what happens next! I hope it wasn’t just a one night stand for Z. I actually like them together as a couple to be honest.

  9. Beautifully written. While there’s nothing wrong with one-night stands, the fear of just that when you’re feeling as though you want something more is something that many people have struggled with! That confusing state of limbo before you know where you really stand…

  10. Hmm i could relate to her feelings of insecurity; being unsure on one hand & the attraction, excitement of new found , unnamed love. Passion often leads us to make decisions we might regret later; hope this doesn’t happen with Maya.

  11. Oh I feel those butterflies right in my tummy. Can’t express it but its just there the tingling and the unrest and pacing heartbeats. beautifully presented for sure. I am waiting for the next – urvashi

  12. I loved the flow of fiction. Indeed an intriguing one, My curiosity level is going high more than Maya; was that really a just one-night stand for Mr.Z? Looking forward to knowing the further part.

    Archana Srivastava

  13. Why does Maya think it was a one night stand? I am intrigued to read what happened next. I really liked the flow of the narration.

  14. Short and sweet story, Doesn’t really seem like a one night stand since they typically spend a lot of most nights together anyways and he was leaving but she had him stay.

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  16. Well written story. Would love to read the next part and see if it really was a one night stand or did it culminate into something else.

  17. Well, it is not clear whether it was just a one night stand or true love that was starting to brew between the two. I would wait for the next post to know what happens. Intriguing story nonetheless!

  18. A short story which was quite intriguing and has caught my interest! I’m hoping its not a one night stand, but rather the beginning of a relationship or a dream only 🙂

  19. oh you left all the readers guessing what’s gonna happen next. Was it really a one night stand???? I am eager to read the next part of the story.

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