Co-incidence or Fate…?

Maya was scrolling through Delhi Delight Cafe’s Facebook page when she stumbled upon a picture of the three owners, Anil, Abhishek, and Z. She decided to check out their profiles, as she had only seen Anil in the restaurant before. While looking at Z’s profile, her best friend P called her. Unbeknownst to Maya, she accidentally sent a friend request to Z when she put her phone down. Maya had just switched from using an iPhone to an Android phone, and she was still getting used to the differences.

The next day, Maya was sitting in her usual spot in Delhi Delights, working on her novel when Anil and Z approached her.

“Hey, hi,” said Anil. “This is your fifth coffee within 30 minutes. All well?”

Maya smiled. “Yeah, thank you for asking.”

Z spoke up. “Thanks for the friend request. I got it last night.”

Maya was confused. “Request?”

“On Facebook,” said Z.

Maya’s face flushed. “Well, I really didn’t mean to. Sorry about that.”

Z smiled. “No worries. I was actually obliged. I knew you were a regular customer of ours, but I didn’t realize you were a counselor too.”

Anil chimed in. “Yeah, I had no idea either.”

Maya nodded. “Yep, I am.”

Anil excused himself, and Z sat across from Maya.

“I saw on your profile that you’re a pass out of Delhi University,” said Z. “Which college did you attend?”

“KM,” Maya replied.

“Oh my God! I’m from KM too,” said Z. “What year did you graduate?”

“2014,” said Maya.

“You must be kidding. I graduated a year before you,” said Z. “How have we never met before?”

Maya smiled. “Maybe we were in different departments.”

Z chuckled. “I was in Hotel Management, in the same building as you. You were on the third floor, and I was on the first.”

Maya was surprised. All the places she loved were also Z’s favorites, but they had never met before. Maya was getting bored, but it would be rude to shoo Z away since he was sitting in front of her.

“It might be fate, you know, that we met here in Vadodara after so many years,” said Z.

Maya rolled her eyes. “I don’t believe in fate.”

Z raised an eyebrow. “Then what do you call this?”

“Coincidence,” said Maya.

“Well, there’s no such thing as coincidence,” said Z. “Everything happens for a reason.”

Before Maya could respond, Anil called Z over for some work. Maya quickly asked for the bill and rushed out of the café.

As she walked out, Maya checked her Facebook and saw that Z had accepted her friend request. “I just hope you’re just a coincidence, Mr. Z,” she murmured to herself.

Was it truly just a coincidence, or was Maya’s life about to take a turn?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                to be continued…





Delhi Delights photo courtesy: Owner of the place.

85 thoughts on “Co-incidence or Fate…?”

  1. it is always hard for me to feel if it was a coincidence or fate. the best thing happen to be felt like a simple coincidence only to be felt like a fate 10 years after

  2. It definitely seems like it was more than a coincidence. They probably met at the right time because if they had met before… maybe things wouldn’t have turned out the same way as they are going right now.

  3. This is a good question that I always ask myself, and it seems that we will never be able to find the answer don’t me? 🙂 But anyway, it seems something interesting is going to happen and I am looking forward to the next chapter. – Knycx Journeying

  4. Well I agree with Z that everything happens for a reason! Hope Maya will realize this soon too. Love the story!

  5. This seems like an interesting story! I am hooked! Waiting for the next part! Thank you for writing… ❤️

  6. Whoa, I am waiting anxiously to see what happens with Maya & Z!! Will this lead to something? I DONT KNOW…but I cant wait to find out more! But seriously, great writing, I read it all and was quite intrigued by what was going on and felt like I could actually envision the whole scene.

  7. Life is full of events that are destined to take place. Nothing is a coincidence per se. Looking at your story, I have a feeling that Maya and Z will probably meet again. Maya should be probably be a lil more open to adventure I’d say.

  8. Enjoyed reading this story that you’ve written. Now excited to know what comes next. Great thoughts.

  9. I’m going to say her life is about to take a turn. Very good writing, I’m excited to see what the turn might be.

  10. I am a strong believer in fate only superior energy is the one in charge so who knows if this coincided probably was supposed to happen.

  11. Maybe it’s because I have faith and hope, but he made my Lost “Nothing happens by chance” tagline. And I believe serendipity and chance is just a way of destiny to manifest itself.

  12. By the way, it seems to be an interesting story, I am waiting for the next one. Thanks for the share

  13. Awesome little story and I do enjoy some suspense a little now and again. I am trying to think if I believe in fate or coincidence or maybe providence is my preferred option.

  14. Blair villanueva

    Hhmmm I can see something sparkly in this story. I like it and hope Z will have his move to invite her out.


    This was a very interesting read. I believe in fate as many seem to. I’d like to see what will happen next!

  16. I guess you will never know until you will see how the story will develop. Sometimes it’s fate, sometimes it’s coincidence. Sometimes it’s just meant to be.

  17. I cannot wait for your next post to see what happens. I am a firm believer in fate and destinity.

  18. fun read! I say everything happens for a reason and certain people are meant to come across our paths at certain moments in our lives. ; )

  19. Fate and life always have a funny way of dealing with our lives. Maybe it was a coincidence or maybe it was the way it is supposed to be. Great writing!

  20. Monidipa amazing lady you write so well and can pen down stories so well and I need to learn it from you for sure. A story turns interesting when author pick the right flow and have excellent writing skill. Coincidence do happen and once I was sitting in my room and husband upstairs . All of a sudden I felt he will fall from the strairs and trust me within seconds I heard him rolling from stairs when coming down… Yes he is safe and its a year back incident which proved coincidence happens

  21. There’s a thin line between coincidence and fate. I hope she welcomes whatever experience life wants her to have. Interesting story!

  22. Oh Dear Lord Moni, now where will I hunt for the 2nd part of the story?… loved the mystery u left us with… anyway I am a fan of your unexpected twists.

  23. I had followed this story for a bit but i had not read all your posts/episodes. This was a good reminder to get back and complete the story! I love the way you build up the tension/ curiosity in each episode.

  24. This story really got me hooked! haha… just like the old days when I used to love those chic-flick movies and the books I read was all about romance. haha. But really, I’m a firm believer of fate. Coincidence for me is simply a path for fate to happen. For everything to come into place.

  25. Everything happens for a reason for sure, be it co-incedence or through planning, Maya is already trapped and the next chapter of this will definitely interesting, Wainting for the same……

  26. I have read the later chapters of this series. Reading the first chapter after reading the later ones feels weird. I am going start all over again and read them in line. I loved the way you have shown Maya and Z’s story and I definitely don’t hink this was a co-incidence.

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