Co-incidence or Fate…?

Maya was going through Delhi Delight Cafe’s Facebook page where she found a picture of where the three owners of the place, Anil, Abhishek, and Z were tagged. She thought of checking out their profiles as she hasn’t seen the remaining two except Anil in the restaurant. As she was checking out Z’s profile, her best friend P called, what Maya didn’t realize was, that accidentally she had sent a friend request to Z. After all she was using android for the first time after a long time of using the iPhone.



The next day, Maya sat at her usual place in Delhi Delights, working on her novel when Anil and Z approached her.

Anil: Hey, hi… This is your 5th coffee already within 30 minutes, all well?

Maya: Yeah. Thank you for asking.

Z: Thanks for the friend request, I got it last night.

Maya: Request?

Z: Yeah, on Facebook…

Maya: Well, I really didn’t… Sorry about that.

Z: No no… I was obliged. I knew you were a regular customer at ours, but you are a counselor too?

Anil: Yeah, even I didn’t know that.

Maya: Yeah, I am.

Anil took leave and Z sat right in front of her.

Z: And you are a pass out of Delhi University… Which college by the way?

Maya: KM.

Z: Oh God! I am from KM too. Which year?

Maya: 2014.

Z: You must be kidding, I passed out a year before you. How come we haven’t met earlier?

Maya: Maybe different departments?

Z: I was in Hotel Management, same building as yours but yours was 3rd floor and mine was 1st.

Maya smiles as she did not know what to say and at the same time she did not want to sound rude.

Z kept on talking and Maya realized that all the places she loved, was his favorite too, but weirdly they never met. But, Maya being Maya got bored too quickly and wanted to leave from there, but Z now was sitting in front of her and it would be pretty rude for her to shoo him away.

Z: It might be fate you know, that we met here in Vadodara, after so many years.

Maya: I don’t believe in fate.

Z: Then what will you call this?

Maya: Co-incidence?

Z: Well there is nothing called co-incidence, everything happens for a reason.


Before Maya could answer it seemed like God had heard her prayers and Z got called in by Anil for some work. Maya just asked for the bill and as it came she rushed out of the café.

As Maya walked out she checked her Facebook and saw that Z had accepted her request. Maya murmured herself, “I just hope you are just a coincidence, Mr. Z”.



Was it truly a coincidence or was Maya’s life was about to take a turn?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                to be continued…





Delhi Delights photo courtesy: Owner of the place.

60 thoughts on “Co-incidence or Fate…?”

  1. it is always hard for me to feel if it was a coincidence or fate. the best thing happen to be felt like a simple coincidence only to be felt like a fate 10 years after

  2. It definitely seems like it was more than a coincidence. They probably met at the right time because if they had met before… maybe things wouldn’t have turned out the same way as they are going right now.

  3. This is a good question that I always ask myself, and it seems that we will never be able to find the answer don’t me? 🙂 But anyway, it seems something interesting is going to happen and I am looking forward to the next chapter. – Knycx Journeying

  4. Whoa, I am waiting anxiously to see what happens with Maya & Z!! Will this lead to something? I DONT KNOW…but I cant wait to find out more! But seriously, great writing, I read it all and was quite intrigued by what was going on and felt like I could actually envision the whole scene.

  5. Life is full of events that are destined to take place. Nothing is a coincidence per se. Looking at your story, I have a feeling that Maya and Z will probably meet again. Maya should be probably be a lil more open to adventure I’d say.

  6. I am a strong believer in fate only superior energy is the one in charge so who knows if this coincided probably was supposed to happen.

  7. Awesome little story and I do enjoy some suspense a little now and again. I am trying to think if I believe in fate or coincidence or maybe providence is my preferred option.

  8. I guess you will never know until you will see how the story will develop. Sometimes it’s fate, sometimes it’s coincidence. Sometimes it’s just meant to be.

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