What goes on in a Workaholic’s Mind?

A workaholic is someone who spends a lot of time working and often thinks about work even when not working. It’s like a strong urge to always be working and thinking about work-related things. Being a workaholic is not just about working hard; it’s more like an obsession, similar to a kind of OCD. This intense focus on work can affect relationships, hobbies, and even health.

Here are some ways to treat it if you or someone you know is a workaholic and wants to change:

1. Take Breaks and Change Your Mindset: Give yourself time to rest and try to think differently about work. Remember that it’s important to have a balance between work and other activities.

2. Separate Work and Home: If you have a family, try not to bring work home. Create boundaries between work and personal time.

3. Set Limits: Decide how much time you will dedicate to work each day and stick to it. Don’t let work consume all your time.

4. Learn to Disconnect: Make a promise to yourself that you won’t work beyond a certain time. Respect that promise and allow yourself to switch off from work.

5. Practice Meditation: Spend some time meditating or practicing relaxation techniques. This can help you manage stress and reduce the urge to work all the time.

Remember, change is possible if you truly want it. It might be tough, but it’s not impossible. Taking steps to find a healthier balance between work and other aspects of life can lead to better well-being.

101 thoughts on “What goes on in a Workaholic’s Mind?”

  1. It’s easy to become a workaholic, especially if you’re an entrepreneur. It seems like there’s always one more thing that needs to be done right this very second. This was a great read.

    1. I have the tendency to be a workaholic but I try to make time sometimes.
      There arebdays when I feel like there is so much to do. But as soon as I remember I try to put work aside and concentrate on something else

  2. I understand this all too well. I’m a workaholic for sure, and I have to fight that tendency constantly. I always try to remind myself that what I’m working for is a better life, not just more and more work.

  3. You have an awesome list here, Moni! I used to work too much as well and I just find #4 on your list so true. I try to work on my schedule and not work past it, in that way, I won’t burn myself out and love my job even more.

  4. The first step to change is to admit you have a problem, which I believe is the most difficult part of it. Most people do not believe they are workaholics. For me, it was an accident that made me understand that what I was doing was not healthy for me or my family. It has been hard but I am trying my best little by little. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  5. This. is. literally. me. haha. Regarding your tip #2, I guess I can’t do it because I am now working from home. My brain stays active even until 1 in the morning and I usually sleep at 2 or 3 in the morning. Woooh. Let’s bring it on…

  6. Thank God! I’m not a workaholic. One of my friends is a workaholic?m and I have shared the link with her. Hopefully, she will find it valuable.

  7. I was such a workaholic growing up and travelling is what made me learn to look after myself and live a little. Taking a break and enjoying life is so important.

    Ashlee | ashleemoyo.com

  8. Thanks for the actionable tips! I think meditation is a great one, you can try and observe your workaholic self….there is a great line from the French Philosopher Pascal “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

    Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  9. I am a work-a-holic but I am working on dividing business and pleasure! It’s hard not to want to work ALL THE TIME but with a 1 year old, I have to just STOP sometimes.

  10. Now I know about you a lot. With my 21 years of IT experience I know what work alcoholic means. Have encountered people facing the problem and struggling to keep calm. But what I am curious about you is being a mental health counselor, you must be able to analyse and come out of the problem better.

    1. Haave you ever heard a Cardiologist treating his own heart ailment inspite of knowing the cure? No right? Same is the problem here as well.

  11. Melanie williams

    This is a fab piece. I think there is some really good advice here for sure. I am deffo a workaholic!! xx

  12. I know I have a few workaholic tendencies and it’s tough for me to take a break and relax. Thanks for the reminder that I need so mental care once and a while.

  13. My ex was a massive workaholic, she just couldn’t switch off and I meant we couldn’t enjoy couples time enough.

    Maybe if I had read this before it would have helped, but we’ll never know

  14. I used to be a workaholic but now I know I need breaks. Otherwise I’ll lose my mind. It’s happened before!

  15. I’am workaholic persons but I’ve always make time to have fun and enjoy myself I agree with the number Give yourself a break and try to change your mindset and that’s really important.

  16. I don’t know if I would consider myself as a workaholic, but my issue is, once I start on something, I have the need to find other things to do after that. Thanks for writing this piece. It did shed light on what workaholics go through.

  17. I am a natural workaholic as a Capricorn. But I cannot stay on one job alone. I need to do different things, in between, because I get bored quite easily.

  18. First and foremost thing, A person should acknowledge that Overworking is an issue, that needs to be addressed.

    Once it is acknowledged, the rest becomes easier.

  19. I have a workaholics mentality, but, I am not organized. I will have multiple projects going on at once and I think that leads to more stress than necessary. Thank you for the tips to reduce the urge!

  20. Thanks for sharing this. I think I might be a workaholic. Setting limits it’s the hardest part for me.

  21. I definitely get in the zone and find it difficult to step back. If I’m not working I’m thinking about it. Or planning. I do think it’s important to set boundaries as you stated. Otherwise burnout is sure to follow.

  22. My mind doesn’t stop–it’s always thinking of so many things at once. And it has gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. I always feel like I’m running out of time. I do have to force myself to take breaks.

  23. I’m not a workaholic for sure, however my work keeps forcing me to work harder than I would like to! That was something really interesting to read! 🙂

  24. Thanks for sharing your tips. I do struggle with this. I try to make a point to designate times and know when to turn it off, but I struggle with waking up with work on my mind…

  25. As usual this id great article too, you have an awesome list of ideas here/ I enjoyed reading and tried to understanding this WORKAHOLIC means the person enjoys their work

  26. I have fought my workaholic tendencies most of my life, recognizing the downfalls of living that way. One thing that I have discovered in recent years is that camping has helped me A LOT. I focus on being ‘productive’ doing things like building a fire, cooking outdoors and hiking with the dogs. At the same time, however, it encourages me to unplug and take some time away from my work. It’s not perfect (I still struggle to turn my brain off and will often give in and check in on social media to stay on top of my blogging) but it’s a step in the right direction.

  27. I used to be a workhaholic but not anymore. There was a lot of stress involved and at a point I began to feel so exhausted because even when sleeping, my brain would still be working. It was crazy.

  28. Giving your mind a break to stop the workaholic habit is such a great tip. I am mindfully giving myself breaks and having downtime

  29. My husband is a workaholic and I’ll be honest, it really can put a strain on a marriage. You’ve got some great tips for how to manage it though. Thanks for sharing

  30. blair villanueva

    I used to be a workaholic when I was working in a corporate office. At first, it was satisfying, job done. Then I just realized one day that I’ve been working so hard but not for myself but for the benefit of others (the company). So I quit and become workaholic at my own pace.

  31. I pace myself and take breaks in between work so that I am not stressed and overcome. I hope this pandemic has taught us all to slow down and relax because many of us have been on the go, go, go.

  32. This is excellent advice and much needed now that most are working from home or furloughed. I always find it very hard to turn my brain off.

  33. This sounds really challenging to deal with. I work hard, but I am definitely not a workaholic and it has always worried me when excessive work is glamourised, the health and social implications are massive. As my Dad (a man who worked ALOT before he retired) – no one lay on their death bed and wished they worked more. I can imagine it is hard to set limits, but learning to rest is one of the biggest gifts you will ever give yourself.

  34. I was an hr professional before my baby now u am full time babysitter. But thay time i wad like totally workaholic petson. Sometimes i forget to have my lunch on time. usually time for my lunch was 5 pm. Due to that iwas suffered and then i decided not t to be too much. workaholic. You wrote so well keep it up

  35. I have a hard time with this since I work at home. It is not as easy to be done with work when the work day is over. I am an admitted workaholic.

  36. This hit hard! I’m definitely edging towards bring a workaholic because of my blog. I’m passionate about it and on many days I stay up working late, with ideas pouring in to no end! I will definitely back down and draw some boundaries. Thanks for the reminder.

  37. very interesting post! I have never given it much thought as I can not say I am a workaholic, I think productive work starts with good rest

  38. I am a blogger but I cannot work very late in the night as I love my sleep:)You have given some great tips to cure workaholic behaviour. The best one is to meditate, it keeps you balanced.

  39. I was a workaholic until I suffered burnout and depression. Now I have tried to change my lifestyle and my work schedule to allow for ‘me time’ and have strict cut off times. It helps that I work for myself now as well.

  40. This is so relatable. I am a “workaholic” but I also try and spend time doing these that are outside of work and matter to me most. Balance is so key.

  41. Subhashish Roy

    I can completely relate with you as I myself was a workaholic till a few years back. Every night I would be lying down and thinking about what I did right throughout the day and then get down to thinking about what I would do the next day and plan. Luckily now that I am off from active professional life things have changed quite a lot. Loved reading.

  42. This is such an important topic. I gave myself a stress-induced heart attack at 35 years old while pregnant with my youngest and it’s no joke when they say stress can kill you. It’s still hard for me sometimes to allow myself to stop working and take breaks. It’s so important to find balance. <3

  43. Some may say I have a few workaholic qualities, but I call is goal driven. I call it working at the task until it’s completed.

  44. Good of you to remind people that being a workaholic is not healthy and to suggest ways to break out of it, at least a little bit. I remember realizing a few years ago that being called a “workaholic” wasn’t a compliment. It means you’re overdoing it, following the pattern of addiction and are sacrificing yours and other well-being to feed your addiction. It’s a sure-fire way to head for “burn out”.

  45. I know all to well about being a workaholic. I use to be one. I use to feel as if I had to be busy all the time but it is important to rest and take one thing at a time. Great article.

  46. When I love my job i tend to be a workaholic. The job I am currently in I love. I have loved it since i started! I found myself devoting 12 to 15 hours a day at my company. However recently after having a new baby I have dramatically stepped back. and honestly I love it. I love spending more time with my babies and with my husband working a rotating schedule I really like to spend any time that I can with him!

  47. I used to be a bit like you when I was doing my post-graduate and during my corporate career. I finally took the decision to take a sabbatical and enjoy life for a bit and I’ve been loving it so far!

  48. Being a workaholic could be really damaging to the physical self and the relationships around. I had to change a lot to get myself back into the life of normalcy and allow myself to rest and exercise and enjoy food with others and celebrate life in a rich variety of ways.
    Great post.

  49. i’ ve moved around so much in the past three years & these experiences abroad made me a true workaholic! I’m still trying to learn how to step back & take care of myself more! This was a lovely post!

  50. catherine santiago jose

    I, myself also a workaholic but when I realize there’s so many things that I’ve missing in life in my condition. I’ve finish my work at the office on time and leave the office on time to spend times with my love ones.

  51. It is important to have a balance between work and other aspects of life otherwise we get burnout. Sometimes it may take a lot of reflection as to why we feel compelled to work as much as we do.

  52. I think working from home like I do can make someone become a workaholic. This is especially because you don’t even know how to separate work from rest. Your tips are very helpful in this case. Thank you for sharing

  53. Great thoughts to read! I should say that a most workaholics portray same trends. I feel most bloggers have to become workaholics looking at the way digital media is growing

  54. I used to be a workaholic until I got really sick. It’s really about time management, delegating excess work and being disciplined about when to just stop. It’s not easy… I know

  55. I am an extreme workaholic as well. I won’t stop working unless I am already satisfied with whatever Im working at. Last night, I went to sleep at 3 am because I can’t figure out the best header for my blog. hahahaha! I should really try to slow down.

  56. Sometimes I share the same habits although I used to be workaholic. But of I troubleshoot anything, I just go on top of every scale.
    Certainly, solutions looks achievable with practice.

  57. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    This article really made me think twice about my work attitude. I don’t consider myself a workaholic, but I do is to complete work in advance, like a whole week’s work should be finished in 3 days. I do that so that I could have a few days in a week free from stress and worry.

  58. I remember being a workaholic on my first job.i was a casual worker so I was only paid for the work done.i remember working even on Christmas and new year,it was really stressing.

  59. I am always thinking about my blog. I carry a notebook with me to write down ideas if I am not near my computer. During the week I can work as much as I want, but when it comes to the weekends… that’s family time. I don’t do anything with my blog at all. You have to set boundaries when it comes to work.

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