The Vampire Diaries TV Series and Book Review

The Vampire Diaries first aired on 10th September 2009 and ended on 10th March 2017.  This series, once upon a time was pretty much famous, especially among the teens and fanfic lovers. It was a very good series I heard but I never watched it while it was on the air. Recently, I was bored and was out of ideas and you can kinda say I stumbled upon this series. I liked it. I am not a vampire loving person but yeah, this series was truly appreciable. Every actor was so good in here.

*Spoiler Alert*

Season 1

Four months after a disastrous car accident killed their parents, 17-year-old Elena Gilbert and her 15-year-old sibling, Jeremy is as yet changing in accordance with their new reality. Elena discovers comfort with her closest companion Bonnie, fence-straddling back-stabber Caroline and ex-boyfriend Matt yet Jeremy is endeavoring to make sense of why Matt’s sister, Vicki is all of a sudden ignoring him and spending time with his opponent, Tyler. As the school year starts, Elena and her companions are captivated by an attractive and strange new student, Stefan Salvatore. Stefan and Elena are quickly attracted to each other, yet Elena doesn’t realize that Stefan is concealing a dim, dangerous mystery – the way that he’s a vampire. At an evening blaze gathering, Elena and Stefan are becoming more acquainted with one another when disarray ejects after Vicki is assaulted and left seeping from a savage chomp to the neck. Expecting that he realizes who is in charge of the assault, Stefan finds that his more established sibling, Damon Salvatore, has come back to town. Presently these two vampire siblings – one great, one abhorrence – are at war for Elena’s spirit and for the spirits of her companions, family and every one of the occupants of Mystic Falls, Virginia.

Season 2

Elena arrives home to a bad dream as she finds Uncle John’s and Jeremy’s destiny. At the emergency clinic, Sheriff Forbes is ameliorated by Matt, Bonnie, and Damon while she hangs tight to hear if Caroline will endure the car crash. After a discussion with Elena about the night’s occasions, Damon is the first to understand that Katherine who is a doppelganger of Elena has returned. Katherine’s entry sends Stefan and Damon on a way to discover what she needs, why she’s back, and the amount of a danger she is to their loved ones. Then, as yet reeling from his dad’s passing, Tyler is shocked when his enchanting and baffling uncle, Mason Lockwood lands to support the family.

Season 3

On the morning of Elena’s eighteenth birthday celebration, Caroline is caught up with arranging a gathering, yet Elena is centered around looking for any pieces of information that may enable her to find where Stefan is. Damon is likewise scanning for Stefan while attempting to shield Elena from doing whatever would draw Klaus’ attention. In the meantime, Klaus and Stefan are occupied with trailing a werewolf. Presently working at the Mystic Grill alongside Matt, Jeremy is attempting to comprehend why he continues seeing the apparitions of Vicki and Anna since he was brought back to life into back by Bonnie’s enchantment. In the mean time, Alaric does his best to look out for Elena and Jeremy, while managing his despondency over Jenna’s demise. At last, Caroline and Tyler face another and startling test.

Season 4

Elena stirs on the morning after the mishap to discover the thing she feared most has worked out as expected – she died with vampire blood in her system and now should experience the horrible progress to turn into a vampire… or face unavoidable demise. Stefan guarantees Elena that he and Bonnie will debilitate each conceivable way out of the circumstance, yet Damon is irate with his sibling for letting Elena bite the dust in any case. Bonnie pays a horrible cost for her endeavor to change Elena’s destiny, while Damon takes out his disappointment and anger on Matt. In an uncommon snapshot of compassion, Rebekah is profoundly moved by Stefan and Elena’s dedication for each other. At last, Pastor Young and the Town Council individuals start gathering together the vampires and their supporters, prompting a surprising catastrophe.

Season 5

Subsequent to spending the late spring making the most of her enthusiastic association with Damon and ensuring that Jeremy is changing after his arrival from the dead, Elena is excited to move into the dormitory at close-by Whitmore College with her new flatmate, Caroline. As yet trusting that Bonnie has been voyaging all mid-year and will before long go along with them, Elena and Caroline are amazed when an understudy named Megan appears and declares that she will share their apartment. Katherine shows up at the Salvatore house and begs Damon to help her since she is human and defenseless against her adversaries. Matt and Rebekah come back to Mystic Falls in the wake of spending a wild summer in Europe, where they met a puzzling stunner named Nadia. Elena can’t shake the inclination that something isn’t right with Stefan and Silas shows up toward the “Finish of Summer” party in the town square.

Season 6

Four months have passed by since the Other Side separated and Bonnie and Damon were lost. Spiritualist Falls is as yet an extraordinary free region. Everybody is lamenting in their own specific manners and some more regrettable than others.

Knowing she needs to deal with the loss of Damon, Elena goes to Alaric to help her turn on with her life. Enzo persuades Caroline to go along with him as he tracks down a lead to get Damon and Bonnie back, however, Caroline is stunned when they make a surprising alternate route and reveal what Stefan has been doing. In the meantime, Matt stresses over Jeremy who is investing energy with Sarah, a secretive young lady who has as of late landed in Mystic Falls. Somewhere else, Tripp, pioneer of the network insurance program, makes a fascinating admission to Matt about his association with the town. Homecoming is around the bend! There is a gathering in a corn labyrinth yet a staggering mishap turns things around rapidly which causes things to go from enjoyable to awful in a moment.

Since Damon is back, Elena is choosing whether or not to have her recollections of him back. Things go south in all respects rapidly. In the consequence of Jo and Alaric’s wedding, a surprise visitor appears, putting Elena’s life in risk. In spite of Matt’s endeavor to leave town to spare himself, Bonnie brings matters into her very own hands in the wake of winding up on the less than desirable end of a bent arrangement.

Season 7

The entire apostate family circular segment was so exhausting and afterward the Armory and Vault plots were more fascinating, be that as it may, generally, not excellent. Rayna the Vampire Slayer appeared to be a promising set-up until that was messed up pretty quickly. The blaze advances were quite superfluous, as well, and just served to undermine character connections that were set-up in that 3 years as we the gathering of people had no interest in Bonzo, or Alaric and Caroline and Matt and Penny – that last one was truly awful. Nonetheless, I loved the Damon in Hell scene a ton and fiendishness Damon and Enzo appear a superior exchange than what we arrived.

Season 8

As Stefan and Caroline endeavor to restore Bonnie, Bonnie enters the state among life and passing and sees Elena and they rejoin. Elena is stunned to see Bonnie and says that it is too soon. Bonnie wouldn’t fret being dead, saying that she will be with Enzo. Enzo then shows up and comes up to the pair and reveals to Bonnie that it isn’t her time and she comes back to her body. Stefan and Damon come back to the lodging and discover Elena’s casket opened with Elena remaining there. Damon and Elena rejoin and embrace yet she ends up being Katherine. Stefan then wounds Katherine with the blade produced using her bones, yet she returns to Damon later, uncovering that she can leave damnation at whatever point she needs and that Cade had been under her control since her passing. In the meantime, Matt defies Vicki and she uncovers that she needs beyond words the hellfire so she can escape heck, where she has been dwelling in a hopeless reality. Vicki will ring the chime-like clockwork until the hour’s end. In the wake of hearing this, Matt and the police clear the town. Alaric, Caroline, and the twins additionally leave Mystic Falls when Bonnie thinks of an arrangement to utilize her enchantment to turn around the hellfire again into heck, wrecking it and Katherine. Damon remains with Katherine in the passages under the Armory to ensure she is in damnation when Bonnie does this; Stefan approaches to forfeit himself rather, yet Damon propels him to leave. In any case, Stefan was never constrained as there was vervain in his framework. He hustles once more into the passages, where he gives his blood to Damon, making Damon human. Stefan then has Damon’s spot and kicks the bucket close by Katherine. Caroline is found in the vehicle with Alaric, and he discloses to her Stefan’s arrangement. She calls Stefan, in tears, and statements “I will love you perpetually” with Alaric hearing those words. Stefan then visits Elena in their secondary school in the state among life and passing, discloses to her what occurred, and after that joins Lexi and statements “I was feeling epic” and embrace in life following death. At some point later, Bonnie breaks Elena’s resting condemnation and Elena reunites with her, Damon, Caroline, and Alaric. After a passionate farewell to Stefan Salvatore in the graveyard, Elena passes on a message to Caroline which Stefan had advised her. The Salvatore motel is transformed into a school for heavenly youngsters with Jeremy and Dorian among the general population running it and a heavy measure of a gift from Klaus. Vicki, Tyler, Liz, Jo, and others have appeared over the living. Damon and Elena are demonstrated to be hitched. Elena is seen writing in the journal close to Stefan’s grave about how everything resembles a crow flies and sits on a grave (A reference from the pilot of the show). After Damon and Elena’s long lives shared together, Elena discovers harmony in the hereafter and reunites with her folks, John, and Jenna; and Stefan settled opens the way to the motel, to see Damon, who welcomes him with “Hello, brother” and the siblings embrace carrying the arrangement to a finish of discovering harmony after death.

List of Main Characters

*End of Spoiler*

My Simplecious Thoughts About the Series

I loved Stefan from season 1 till the end. I know ladies and teenagers loved Damon as he’s handsome and passionate on screen but I always found Stefan way more appealing. I obviously wanted Stefan and Elena to end up together but obviously, as the plot changed, everything changed too. I adored Caroline, Stefan, and Damon, Elena as a couple too. But Stefan was always my favorite. If you have read the Vampire Diaries book series, you will find many things different from the series and in the novel Elena ends up with Stefan.

I had never been a Twilight movie fan that’s why I thought I will not like this series too but everything was written so well. The people on screen, behind the screen, put the entire thing so good. The entire story was executed pretty well. And I hate to say this, I cried at the last season, the last episode when Stefan sacrificed himself for Damon. I cried when Stefan gave his last message for Caroline to Elena. 

But yes I was happy too, to see that afterlife everyone found peace. Damon and Stefan found each other and Elena reunited with her family. (Me silently sobbing).

Anyways, thank you, people, for reading. Have you seen Vampire Diaries? What are your thoughts on it?  Let me know.

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103 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries TV Series and Book Review”

  1. I remember this series used to be big in its prime time, but I never watched it. I am not really into vampire movies.

  2. I’ve never seen Vampire Diaries before but my teenage daughter loved watching it! Glad to see that you enjoyed it too.

  3. I have never seen this series. It seems you have made a detailed analysis to the season which can be very helpful for viewers and people who like to watch. Great job!!!!!

  4. I have a friend who watches this show… she’s trying to get me to watch it so we can talk about it whenever we get together. Thanks for the break down of each season!

  5. Wow. reviving vampires here hehe. I have watched a few eps and its actually good. quite entertaining.. kinda miss those program vibes around early 2000s

  6. This one I never saw a there were so many vampire shows at the time lol. Too many to keep up with. I can’t even keep up with current shows noe.

  7. Candy Rachelle

    My daughter loved this show. I’ve never been a fan of these type of shows. But it’s obviously good to have so many seasons.
    Also, it’s really hard reading your posts especially because of the darker colors of your background. Just thought I’d let you know…from a reader.

    Candy Rachelle
    Keeping Up With Candy

  8. I am a HUGE vampire lover, but more the traditional ‘Interview with a Vampire’ or ‘Dracula’ style vampires. I HATED the way Twilight shifted the stereotype and due to that, I started this series SUPER skeptical. That being said, I was impressed. I ended up watching it all the way through in its entirety and genuinely enjoying it.

  9. I used to watch vampire movies when I was a teenager and I used to enjoy them a lot. I will keep your post in mind if I feel like to watching Vampire series. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I could TOTALLY go back and watch this show. I think I only watched a season or two but those gents are STUNNERS – haha! So that eye candy is veryyyyyyyyyy alluring!

  11. I haven’t watched Vampire Diaries. Would love to someday…
    Can I suggest you change your background to a lighter colour? It is difficult to read your blog and might deter other readers.

  12. I’ve never really been into Vampire stuff but this actually looks quite interesting. I think I was put off the genre completely when I saw Twilight, but you’ve convinced me to give it another go.

  13. I am like you, not really a Twilight fan. You have my curiosity building on this series. Might need to check it out during this Covid-19 quarantine. All my best,

  14. I have never watched this series before but I always heard this from my niece who is a fan of a vampire series like this. It sounds interesting and since we are still in home quarantine and looking for a new series to watch, I am going to try this right now and hope I will enjoy it too.

  15. I watched this show when it first came out as I am a big fan of the books. Loved the show and my daughter has seen it multiple times. She also love The Originals which is a spin off. I also loved the The Secret Circle which inly lasted a season. That was another book series made into a TV show on the CW. It was pretty good too but was cancelled….. so wish someone would pick it back up! Thanks and I think I am gong to watch The Vampire Diaries with all of this time at home 🙂

  16. I definitely love this series, it will make you move and react to each episode. Great series that will make you hook with it until the end.

  17. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    I had watched many vampire movies. Though they are quite creepy but I still like watching them. I need to check out these vampire series. Thanks for the information.

  18. Hubby and I binged Vampire Diaries last year, then we watched the spin-offs The Originals and the Legacies. There is so much that I missed that we will have to rewatch them. Supernatural shows are definitely our thing.

  19. I love Vampire Diaries but I honestly stopped after Nina was gone. Though with me being stuck at home, I’ve been thinking of re-watching the series and actually finishing it so I can watch the spiin-off series.

  20. My daughter would love this post. She is a huge fan of this show. I will probably share your post with her.

  21. Wow, I have to say I actually had no idea that there were so many series of this!! I think I saw a couple of series one and then never got into it but maybe it’s time to binge watch it

    Laura x

  22. I watched Vampire Diaries, I wish they wouldn’t have ended the show! Loved Stefan first, grow to really like Damon! I may have to start binge watching it again while in isolation from this Coronavirus!

  23. I remember that I tried to get into this show but just didnt stay consistent with it. I had no idea this show had so many seasons. Looking for something good to binge these days so i might have to check this out.

  24. 8 seasons, really? And here I am, haven’t even watched a single episode of the series. I hope the series have ended here cz I really don’t like when the season ends and I have to wait for the next season to know what happens next.

  25. blair villanueva

    I think I watch up to season 2 years ago (coz it was so sexy to watch!), then I haven’t watched the rest. Maybe I should check this from Foxtel and binge the whole season!

  26. Vampire Diaries is very popular here in the Philippines. You have reviewed each season well. MIght rewatch the series since I am not doing anything because of this lockdown lol

  27. blair villanueva

    I watched the first 3 seasons of this series and it was good. Maybe I will continue finishing the rest. I like Damon more 🙂

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