15 thoughts on “5 Books to Help You Social Media Addiction”

  1. These all sound like excellent books. Social media has gone from a fun outlet to an all-consuming beast. I’ve seen it in so many people, including myself!

  2. All of these books sound like something I should read. Would be a good idea to make my New Year’s resolution to break my social media addiction and focus on what is important in my life.

  3. I didn’t think I was addicted to social media – until I gave it some thought, and realised just how much time I spend on it every single day. I need to read some of these books to understand what is going on, and how I need to deal with it!

  4. These are all excellent book recommendations. I feel like everyone is on their phones these days and I totally agree that most of them measure their self worth with the social media engagement they receive.

  5. These are awesome and to be honest, definitely needed! I should be reading all of them and I will for sure. Thank you so much for the recommendation, they’re awesome.

  6. Great reads! I think it would be a wise New Year’s resolution to cut back on app usage…delete some which is what I did and really scale back. You feel so much better in the end when you’re more present in the life you’re living than the life you’re imagining online.

  7. It’s nice to have a little social media. I find myself mindlessly scrolling through it though and walking away with not much but wasted time.

  8. These all appear to be excellent books. I think I’ll read Nicholas Carr’s as I would like to understand better the implications of social media on my thought process.

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