Teen Activist, Hitha, Releases Her New Single ‘Lost’

“I will stand for what you live in
Stand for who you are
We’ll get through the rainfall
We’ll get through scars
We’ll make sense of everything…”

Beautiful lines, aren’t they? These words are from the lyrics of “We Will Last” by Hitha released in October 2020.

Hitha is a teen activist who is a talented songwriter and musical performer. She is American with Indian origins and is based in California. She has been in love with music since she was 4 years old. Hitha had been a kid wonder who had the opportunity to try different things with assorted music styles growing up, going from Indian Classical to Modern Pop.



In January, Hitha made on the cover of Hollywood Weekly where she discussed how she feels music will unite everyone. She also discussed her single “Independent” that hit the Top 40 on Mediabase chart in 2019.


Hitha has performed on various stages in India and was also featured in the print of Billboard’s Magazine last year. She has already released “We Will Last” and her newest single “Lost” is releasing today, on 4th December 2020. Lost is all about acknowledging our struggles and our feelings of being disheartened, not knowing what the future holds, and the struggle of feeling motivated.

I have listened to Hitha’s previous songs: Special, Standing up with Pride, Got me Liking you, and We Will Last, and I feel not only her words are heart-piercing but also the music is beautiful. She is really talented and I am also sure that her new single “Lost” is extremely lovely like her previous songs.

You can also follow Hitha on her profiles given below for updates on her music.

On Instagram @officialhitha


<img src="img_girl.jpg" alt="instagram account of Hitha" width="500" height="600">


On Youtube as Hitha



On Spotify





65 thoughts on “Teen Activist, Hitha, Releases Her New Single ‘Lost’”

  1. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    Talented girl and already performing great. Wish her all luck for future and hope to gift with more and more beautiful music.

  2. very young and talented,,,its the best way of expressing yourself,,rather than protesting on the street and become a part of destruction of your own neighborhood like what happening in some u.s. cities

  3. Interesting, I have not personally heard of Hitha nor heard any of her songs but I am intrigued based on her messages of positivity and hope in a few of the songs like Lost or We Will Last. May have to check out her channel on Youtube.

  4. Teen with so much to say and that too in form of songs is a great way to reach many people. When kid like Hitha change the world’s perspective then we surely know that next generation is looking in right direction.

  5. I am a firm believer in the power of music to unite people around the globe, overcoming barriers like language, culture and religion. She is an inspiration to be recognizing and tapping into her talents already at her age, using her talents to reach out and make a difference in this crazy world that we’re currently living in.

  6. This girl is so talented and I love the messages of her songs. Something to think or reflect on considering the world’s situation right now,

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