Curses or Hexes

I guess this can be a perfect post for Halloween. So coming back to the topic, a curse or a Hex is a pronunciation or a wish made by any supernatural power. The word Hex comes from a German word ‘Hexe’ meaning A Witch. A curse is targeted to a particular person, object or a location. It is also considered as a witchcraft because it has been one of the common practices among the witches.  Unfortunately, to date, it exists. In order to defend yourself, you should know what you are dealing with.

Eventually, there are ways from you can understand that you are cursed.

  • If you are cursed you will suddenly start finding scary objects at your home. This is the most usual tool by dark witches is fear. Because it links people. If you think psychologically when you are convinced that you are cursed you start behaving like that. But no matter what just get rid of the spooky stuff do not keep it with you but do not throw it in a lake.
  • You may find weird symbols in your house. This happens when you are marked by a witch. And it signifies demonic activities. The sigil which you might find can be possibly marked by a knife, which can be a ritual dagger or a paint with magical ink. To protect yourself from it you can erase or remove it and throw Holy Water on it to cleanse it.
  • You might miss photographs especially old ones because it is believed that you might have your aura in them. It acts as a link with you. It can be used for both good and both purposes. Stealing them from your house means it is used for the dark purpose.
  • Missing your very personal items such as underwear, watch, jewelry, etc. As these are very closely connected to you it contents your aura directly which if gets into wrong hands can affect you badly.
  • If you start experiencing random pain. Something which you have never felt before. Go for a medical checkup if your medical reports are alright then you need to beware as someone might have cursed you. You need to monitor the pain that when it had begun during a waning moon or on the night of the full moon. Keep a log with yourself. In this case, you need to clean the shield of your aura.
  • If your plants or trees start dying or get ill. Always remember whenever something evil happens they are the first ones to get affected. Check the soil first.  If required examine the soil. In case you find any unidentified item or liquid cleanse it with Holy Water. If you find any item rather than liquid get rid of it.
  • Pet and animals also start acting weird in these cases liked unusual barking of dogs, unusual spurring of cats. As you might have heard they are more sensitive and can sense things better and more than us humans. In this situation observe their behavior and you need to cleanse your home. Either you can do it yourself with a Holy Water or you can call a priest.

Using Lemon, Salt Water Bath, Use of Selenite and White sages, Rose Water bath can always cure you of any hexes that had been done on you.

Just remember one thing, there is always a way out of every evil thing. Just believe in yourself and do no harm to anyone.

May The Peace Be with You

Stay Blessed

173 thoughts on “Curses or Hexes”

  1. I always like to live by the motto to do no harm to anyone – I think this is an important lesson for everyone to remember.

  2. I don’t believe in curses or hexes. But science says that people that do can become victims of them. It has something to do with the power of the mind and how it can influence the body.

  3. Ann F. Snook-Moreau

    I don’t really believe in curses but it’s good to know how to recognize them. This post definitely put me in a spooky mood for Halloween!

  4. I know there are many people who don’t believe in the supernatural in this way, but I say we just don’t know. It’s better to keep an open mind and know how to protect yourself if you find yourself in a predicament like this, than to be ignorant and/or to turn a blind eye.

  5. I did not know about hexes and glad to learn it in your article. No 1 rule is never curse as I dont want to make it a habit and start behaving like that. Very interesting topic.

  6. Interesting! I love reading about stuff like this. Thank you for sharing this. Someone can really be so powerful to put curses and hexes to others. That’s why you can’t trust anybody. Even friends turn to hexes and curses to bring you misfortune.

  7. This is such a perfect article to read this Halloween it so scary and I really don’t know if I am going to believe it or not.

  8. This was interesting. I personally don’t believe in this stuff, but this is an absolutely great post for halloween! Learned something new- thanks for sharing!

  9. This was a really fascinating read. I didn’t know much about this and not sure how I feel about it but it was fun to read!

  10. A very topical read, and interesting too. I’m always amazed at how many people adamantly say “i don’t believe …”! There is so much in this world that we don’t understand and don’t know, it’s always good to keep an open mind. I enjoyed your “pointers”!

  11. I loved every inch of this article! It’s something you don’t see a lot of people writing about. And I love ‘believe in yourself & do no harm’.

  12. I don’t believe in witches but I do believe in good and evil. I think their are things that we are cursed with but it’s more based on karma. Or God’s will.

  13. I’ve heard so much about curses, and it’s a matter if are we going to believe it or not. But this post is actually interesting and made me believe while reading. Perfect for this Halloween season.

  14. I looove these! I just started reading a book called Basic Witches with everyday spells –– you should take a look! 🙂

  15. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Call me old school but I do believe in curses or hexes. It may be “modernized” now but they do seem to exist. What I usually notice is my dog acting weird and/or my plants wilting or turning yellow for no reason at all. When that happens, I pray for God’s protection.

  16. I sure believe in curses and hexes. My grandmother said we should rub some vinegar on our backs before we head off to a new place. That would keep witches away. But I do believe that God will protect me from evil doers. That is the most important – to have faith and be protected by God’s Divine power.

  17. Very interesting topic, I enjoyed reading it. Also loved the tips on how to get rid of the curse or hex. It is always good to do a self and home cleansing every once in awhile.

  18. Interesting read as Halloween is around the corner. I personally don’t believe in curses though and I think it’s easy to find signs of a curse when you want to convince yourself that they exist

  19. I found those tips really helpful and very important to remember all of those when someone tried to harm. Thanks for sharing this!

  20. I love reading about this sort of thing! I find it extremely interesting! And this was the perfect blog post now we are nearing Halloween 🙂

  21. Didn’t know all these particulars about curses. Thank you for sharing these warning signs. I particularly appreciated how your end statement: “Always remember one thing, there is always a way out of every evil thing. Just believe in yourself and do no harm to anyone.”
    I follow a similar statement: “Be kind. Be brave. Be happier.”

  22. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    Interesting read. Curses or hexes may or may not exist, but who knows? The best thing we can do is to keep our faith in God and ask for his protection. We must also practice kindness towards others.Start a ripple of kindness and be wrapped in a happy bubble. That will keep the evil elements away.

  23. I ususally dont believe in supernatural beings or curses. But still, I cant help getting the goosebumps reading your article. Well I guess we cant say it doesnt exist just because we cants see it!

  24. As much as I don’t want to believe on those curses, I think they exist on earth we don’t really know. But interesting to read very time as Halloween is coming.

  25. I don’t really believe in curses or hexes but this was such a fun post to read for Halloween. Maybe a bit too spooky but I definitely enjoyed it 🙂

  26. This post reminds me a lot of Harry Potter, specially Hermione. Great post about the different of the two words 🙂

  27. I am with Stacy in this one, I don’t believe in curses but I know that it has been proven scientifically that people who are convinced to be curse acted as they were. It is really amazing what the mind can do to us!

  28. Jennifer Prince

    Very interesting! I didn’t realize that a hex and a curse were the same thing. And animals are so much more sensitive than we are for sure!

  29. blair villanueva

    Curses and hexes does exists and I witness it personally (apparently some of the islands in the Philippines still practice this). Spooky but real.

  30. While I don’t particularly believe in curses/hexes, this was a very interesting read! Thanks for breaking down the differences so well!

  31. BAH HA HA HA! Now I am over thinking all our palm trees in pots slightly dying when we moved into our house – I thought it was just because we did not water them as much as the previous owner’s garden (I am sticking with that logic) lol

  32. I love Helloween … I find it so unfortunate that it is not celebrated here as extensively as in America …

    Unfortunately, my plants always die … I think it’s more for me that I have to water them more often. LOL

    But what I do have is that I always have something with numbers … for example, I wake up at 03:33 at night….. or at 1:11 I happen to be watch on the clock … … yesterday with parking my car. .. then I had to pay 4.44 …

    I always notice this …

  33. That’s kind of freaky that they would steal things from your house to get your aura and then make negative contact with you. I know people do all kinds of things, and it’s sad that they do these things to hurt people for whatever the reason.

  34. Yup curses…witchcraft…evil spirits are real. Don’t like it at all. Not a big fan of Halloween either…:/ However your post was enlightening. Enjoy the rest of your week. 🙂

  35. My old house definitely had something strange going on. No plants would live there, we all would avoid the kitchen at night, and our roommates dog would cry all night. Our other roommate kept a ouija board in our house so I still think that that was what affected all of us. Once that roommate moved out it was like the place settled. The weirdest thing was the place was brand new so there shouldn’t have been any issues.

  36. Thankfully, I’ve never been cursed or had a hex put on me. It does sound like scary stuff. I believe that there evil things out there and I also believe in holy water (as you mentioned) or combating the evil with some thing holy. Definitely an interesting post indeed.

  37. I love paranormal topics, so thank you for this post! Understanding your energy as well as your physical, spiritual, and physical self is all that is needed to turn any negativity into a blessing in your life.

  38. What a interesting post to read .This is something scary but its depends if you believe it or not about the witch that can curse you or what ., i like a witch look this halloween specially to the kids .,

  39. This is indeed a good read for Halloween. I don’t really believe in witches or curses, but I know that some people do and it was kind of a thing in the past.

  40. Very timely with Halloween just around the corner! I’d love to believe in magic and that sort of thing, but its scary to think of someone hexing or cursing! I do believe in karma though!

  41. How interesting! and slightly haunting considering the time of year! All the more reason to lead a kind and giving life… so people don’t turn around and curse/hex you!! lol

  42. Very interesting! I was told an only romantic relationship of mine had been cursed and I have a good friend who swears someone put a curse on her. Will be sharing this post with her immediately!

  43. I believe our thoughts impact our behaviors. My faith in God is too strong to believe in such. However, interesting article.

  44. I think I have never had a curse put on me:) At least I hope not. I use sage often to clear the room and my office space. I really enjoyed this post very appropriate this time of year.

  45. This post is perfect for Halloween. I love celebrating the season and even learning about magic and occult practices. You detailed the strange occurrences of hexes and curses so well.

  46. Catherine Santiago Jose

    Now, this is such an interesting post and very timely indeed. Loved this kind of article, it makes me shiver and kinda trilling.

  47. I never knew the difference between the two and thought that they are both the same. Even though we figure out that these are negative energies around us and they are doing harm to us, is there someone legit who can fight this? There are a lot of conmen around.

  48. I never knew the difference between the two and thought that they are both the same. Even though we figure out that these are negative energies around us and they are doing harm to us, is there someone legit who can fight this? There are a lot of conmen around!!!!

  49. This is so interesting. I follow your blog and it is always so soft and allows me to think beyond. Great info…. I feel it is about believer and will power to make things happen

  50. Really interesting!! I do believe that good and bad exist. And that our words are powerful. I’ve always thought that when a lot of bad things happen it’s not a coincidence. There’s bad people out there sending bad vibes and all sorts of bad wishes to us and I do believe that it can effect us if we don’t take care of ourselves. Thank you for sharing!


  51. I am so glad that you talked about plants dying..I have heard about some of what you had mentioned (my stepdad is a shaman) but the plants is new. I have struggled with addiction my entire life (I have 20 months clean…again….yay!!!) but during the time that I was using, all my plants died before they were even really plants. I bought new ones when I got clean and they did well…but when I relapsed one by one they all died. You have my curiosity sparked for sure. Thank you forthe read

  52. I have never really thought about the difference between a curse and a hex. Witchcraft has always been interesting to me- so this post was so fun!

  53. it’s funny i read this post, well not too funny. when i was younger i believed i had this intuition for the supernatural world. my girlfriend and i believed we were witches! how crazy is that?

  54. You are right! Perfect post for Halloween week! Witchcraft, The Occult, Voodoo, all such interesting and intriguing practices to read about!

  55. Well, the old saying is true, you learn something new every day. Had no idea there was a difference between a curse and a hex. Great article and perfect for Halloween.

  56. This are exactly the evidences of the so called “pigliata r’uocchj” in south Italy, as far as my grandfather used to tell me. He was able to get people free of this spell but he had to take it on him for a while (and that’s why in his small village those who knew how to free people from the spell preferred not to tell it around).

  57. What an informative post about something I never knew I had questions about. I assumed they were the same thing. Would have loved to read this like a spooky story to my young kids. Great information.

  58. Well, my family have been through it but weren’t smart enough to identify the signs. It got worst but with God’s grace, we overcame it. Yes, believing in yourself and in the power of good would also help you.

  59. Haha! We believe strongly in curses or “juju” where I come from and it’s so ingrained in our society that it negatively impacts people, unfortunately. E.g. people have maltreated or killed children because they were told by a religious leader that said child was an evil spirit or was sent to curse the family etc. I *somewhat* still believe but I look for logical reasons why something is happening.

  60. This was definitely a perfect post for Halloween! Do I believe? That is a good question–sometimes yes–sometimes no! Have I ever been hexed-not that I know of–and I believe you really have to know about it to have it work.

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