Everything You Should Know About Narcopaths

Imagine combining a psychopath with a narcissist – that’s what people call a “narcopath,” a not-so-pleasant mix of both. They are tricky individuals who share qualities of both sociopaths and narcissists. It’s not a good idea to be around them.

Narcopaths are good at manipulating and fooling others to get what they want. They can act charming and say things you want to hear, but it’s often not genuine. They might make you feel special at first, but they have a way of turning things around and making you doubt yourself.

Here are some signs of a narcopath:

1. They might flirt with you, but then claim you were just a friend.
2. They will impress you and say flattering things, but it often feels rehearsed.
3. They compare you to others when giving compliments.
4. In a relationship, they can make you feel really excited and special.
5. They have an intense gaze that can be unsettling.
6. They always make conversations about themselves.
7. They tend to blame others for failed relationships.
8. They seem smart and sophisticated, but it’s often just a facade.
9. They act like they’re generous and tell everyone about it.
10. When upset, they use silence to control and hurt you.

It’s important to stay away from narcopaths as they can cause a lot of harm and make you feel confused. Just remember, their behavior is not normal or healthy.

99 thoughts on “Everything You Should Know About Narcopaths”

  1. Wow, I have never heard of this before but I am sure that I know a few people in my life that suffer from this. At least I know now that it has a name.

  2. Nice post! First time to hear about it and I loved how you’ve shared this thing in a very detailed explanation. Now we know what it is and how we are going to interact in this kind of people.

  3. This was something i did not know about an interesting name of a combination of the two. This article has opened my eye !!!

  4. Aaaahhhh….narcopaths are very interesting creatures. If there is something that is for sure, it is that they will cross every line human to get what they want and thereafter, pull away the carpet on which you are standing.

  5. While reading this, I could relate those points with one of the people I knew. I used to think that person is narcissist . But , after reading this I can term it as nacropath.

  6. I have come across a person who’s so much like a narcopath and he was the worst! I’m so glad we were able to move on from that person because he was just so toxic to be around.

  7. I have heard of these terms being thrown here and there, but I have never taken time to get the really meaning. Your post, provides the simple explanation, and am sure everyone will be satisfied with the meaning of this term.

  8. Oooh. I’ve known people like this before. I can’t recall ever dating anyone like this, thank goodness. This type of person drives me nuts and are extremely toxic. What an interesting post!

  9. the psychological problems become more and more wide in the modern society, it is the lack in communication and the daily stress which are responsible

  10. This was a very interesting read. I’s definitely come across a few people with a majority of these characteristics.

  11. I seriously think my friend’s boyfriend is a narcopath! It makes so much sense! I’ll have to read into them as a couple a little more before I start accusing! Thanks for enlightening me!

  12. This kind of people is not so rare, they’ll just differ in their levels of narcopath attitudes. I think I already encounter few of them.

  13. Princess Quinn

    This is pretty informative to read. It is actually the first time I have heard about this. I really find the post pretty helpful.

  14. Geraline Batarra

    Oh I didn’t know bout this kind of people or that they have a labels. But I think I already met one.

  15. Hmm.. would this be considered another mental condition? The characteristic seems disturbing, I wonder what psychologist and psychiatrists would say about this behavior and treatment.

  16. I keep coming back to this post and checking to see if the people in my life are narcopaths, sadly, there seem to be quite a few in my life who are. I wish I get to have the courage to cut ties with them so that my life will be better.

  17. I’ve never heard of the term Narcopath before, but I’ve definitely met them. There isn’t much difference between them and a sociopath. Both manipulate and make you feel like your to blame and can easily turn any positive into a negative.

  18. I have never heard of this before but thank you for the information. I feel like I have met a few of these types of people in my life — fortunately not in a relationship though. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  19. I’ve met this kind of man and he totally ruined me. He is so committed to himself that he will never commit to anyone and truly played with my feelings. Good thing, I was able to break free. Never again!

  20. Sounds like a scary kind of person! I’m pretty sure I’ve dated one, but I’m not a doctor so what do I know? XD

  21. i haven’t heard this term “narcopath” before. I found the post very enlightening. These sound like such toxic people. remove from your life immediately!!! I have come across some but i never continue to engage when I see inital signs. trust your gut. those small things you see at first is them showing their true personality but you think its small and let it go.

  22. I have never read or heard this term before today but it sure makes a lot of sense! I’m sharing this with the ones I know have encountered this type of special monster.

  23. I’ve never heard the term word before. but I’ve already encounter this kind of people. This is so interesting to read Moni thanks for sharing.

  24. Well, this is super creepy. Sounds like something you would see in one of those psychological thrillers. How does someone become a narcopath? It really makes you wonder if it is nature or nuture.

  25. Very informative read, something to think about. I have never heard of the term naropath so this was highly interesting. Thanks for the clarification.

  26. It’s almost sad to say a few people come to mind while reading this post. I wonder if a narcopath even realizes they are one. In my family, we call narcopaths “me-monsters”, aka someone who only truly cares about their own feelings and manipulates every situation to be focused on them. Great post, very informational and fun to read. Thanks or sharing!

  27. Narcopaths are definitely hidden in disguise. I love this because it is bringing light and attention to people that may need help.

  28. I think there’s a tell tale signs that you would see along the way dealing with different people. It’ll be scary to associate yourself with either a sociopath or a narcopath!

  29. Wow I’ve never heard this term before and this made me a little uneasy. Could be quite the scary situation. How sad.

  30. Samantha Flores

    How very interesting and scary, actually! I had not been aware of this at all before reviewing your post. I appreciate the sharing of this information. More people should be aware!

  31. blair villanueva

    Thanks for enlightening us with this narcopaths. Where I meet someone with these traits, I know that means I need to escape 😀

  32. I have never heard of this term but once I read the description I now know that I have had many in my life. Thanks for giving me a name for those few that made a mark on my life.

  33. this is so informative post and give lots of information about the subject. thanks for spreading all the necessary information about them.

  34. Great post. You have hit the nail on the head in your descriptions. We all have people like this in our lives. Your article will make it easier to recognize them!

  35. I have never heard this term before – is it an actual diagnosis? I can definitely think of a few people I have known that meet some of these characteristics.

  36. Sheena Moncatar

    OMG, they’re a hazardous breed. But how does one really, really identify them? I may have a difficulty in trying to figure out if one is a narcopath! I mean in today’s social media age, almost everybody’s into selfies and all. Thanks for sharing. I learned something new today!

  37. An interesting crossbreed of two different personality disorders. I think the hard thing with each and every one of these disorders is that they have elements where they connect and others where they are different. But the differences are more subtle. Like the BPD and the Narcissist, both focus on the self and turn things around to them somehow. But the BPD sufferer feels severely deficient while the Narcissist will always think highly of themselves. And yet both cannot escape their own feelings about themselves and the world out there they demand to reflect those feelings back to them.

  38. Oh my gosh! Still reeling with the realization about my mother’s NPD and now we have the narcopath? But honestly, I have a feeling that my mother can become that if she doesn’t get what she wants. We have given her what she liked and wanted through the years. Now that we are sort of “rebelling”, she making trouble everywhere she goes. 🙁

  39. Jennifer Prince

    I am dealing with one of these RIGHT NOW. It’s so difficult, and I appreciate you spelling out the difference/similarities. Thank you!

  40. Omg! I was reading this with my mouth wide open! I think I just met one, he fits perfectly with this description and I can’t help but be so thankful that my relationship with him Is over. Thanks for clarifying this for me.

  41. Thanks for that. I’ve never heard that term before. It’s quite scary that we need to deal with narcopaths

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